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Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur

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2Zubaidah's Vault Empty Character App 30/05/17, 04:02 pm

Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur

Zubaidah's Vault Heaven10

Zubaidah's Vault Parvat11

Name: Zubaidah Mansur

Country Affiliation: Wanderer

Race: Human

Tier: Royal

Class: Warrior

Age + Birthdate: 34 years old, born 23rd  July

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: Flippant and light hearted, Zubaidah speaks in a playful tone fitting for her haughty and sultry attitude. However her haughtiness, while quite annoying at times, is not completely unfounded. Everything she has achieved thus far has been from her own hands, through her efforts, through her own hard work. She gets carried away when she is working towards something she is extremely fixated on but, when those goals are on the backburner, she is quite relaxed. Too relaxed one might say for someone like her.

    She is also, perhaps contrary to that relaxed attitude, very skilled with her words. Her oratory skills and verbal manipulations are unmatched. She is so well versed in the human emotional drive and psyche, that she knows exactly how she should go about approaching other people. And, of course, how she should go about exploiting them as well.

    Whichever way, the combination of her blunt flippancy and raw intelligence makes for an unpredictable character, both in battle and outside. She also has a bad habit of casually breaking down people's plans in front of them - picking them apart and pointing out all of their flaws. This trait has been called by those unfamiliar with her blunt ways as sadistic.

Likes: Games - such as tables (similar to backgammon) or chess, and other strategic board games.
Alcohol - having grown up in an upper class background, she was prevented from tasting alcohol, a fact that has changed since her childhood.
Performance - her earliest memories are of playing the pipes and dancing, a pastime she has transformed into an occupation.

Dislikes: Predictability -  she enjoys being made to think quickly.
Pointless Violence - while she does enjoy the thrill of a good tactical battle, she does not partake in the ‘perversions of bloodlust’ as she calls it.

Aspirations: Her greatest goal is guiding those who have strayed from the straight and narrow towards the path of good. This extends into her imminent goal of finding the corrupt individuals who manipulated the people of Parthevia into conflict - the same conflict which tore apart her home and family - and punish them for their actions. She wants to completely rid the world of their corruption, no matter how deep it is buried or how far it extends. Her personal goal stemming from this is to disseminate Parthevia's fractured culture to a wider audience, be it through performance or literature.

    Her eyes have recently been opened to the troubles facing the larger world by the Dungeons, with their Djinni informing her of the corruptive darkness that will blind those on the path of good. As such, she wishes to both discover the origins of this darkness, hidden in the memories of the Djinni’s lost world, and pursue the rare artefacts that might help prevent her own world's destruction.

Phobias/fears: Athazagoraphobia, or specifically, the fear of forgetting those who have died who were close to her, and being forgotten by those who are currently close to her. This may come from the experience of losing her family and servants or it may come from her fierce desire to right the wrongs that were dealt to her and her household. Either way, it also means that she has the fear of losing those close to her.

Face-Claim: Sakurafaces [Fate/TypeMoon]

Hair Color: Plum

Eye Color: Amber

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Appearance: Zubaidah is a youthful woman, her cheeks always red with energetic vigour. Having grown up in rugged Parthevia and spending some time in Maurenia’s heat, her porcelain skin is prone to turning a gorgeous tan colour. Her body is also well-endowed in certain other aspects, adding to her feminine allure as a whole. She has plum coloured hair that used to flow down in curls to her hips but is now pulled up in a wavy ponytail. She sports a side bang covering the left side of her face including one of her amber eyes - a trait from her heritage.

    Typically, she wears pastel-coloured dresses, tied above her knee on one side to allow ease of movement. She pairs them with black and gold hair-ribbons, matching bracelets and anklets, and a gold-embroidered lilac sash round her waist. This elegant fashion betrays her flamboyant gestures - a cover for her scheming mind.

Rukh Alignment: White, balancing with black.

Special Features: Disability of right leg (recovered)

History: Zubaidah was born into the noble Mansur family, a highly-renowned line in the conquered Reiman province of Parthevia. She was taught all about how to act properly for a person of her station, as well as in the art of spear fighting. She was allowed the liberty to venture into the city if she wanted to, to play with the common children. She had a family who truly cared for her, and she loved them. Her early childhood was something truly wonderful. But all good things must come to an end.

    Following her twelfth birthday, there was a complex and troubling situation in their region, both financially and politically. The lower class had grown tired of being abused by the noblemen; of being made to toil for them with little pay; of being sent off to war with small hope of success. They had decided to argue against the upper classes, but the outcome became something greater than a simple protest.

    With little warning, the capital and the Mansur household in particular were set upon by angry workmen, stirred into a frenzied riot. Although the Mansur were skilled with the spear, the sheer force of their numbers and weapons overpowered the Mansur family. They marched through their estate, killing every person they came across until a small band of armed men came across Zubaidah, locked away in the sparring hall. They broke through the door and made for that hiding place, forcing her into the open. While she managed to bravely fight against her attackers, her leg was sliced open by one of their swords - ripping through the skin and severing a few muscles. Hearing her cries, a few of the servants who had escaped the earlier slaughter came to her rescue and fled with her away from the city. The rest of her family and household were not as lucky. Nobody there was spared from the steel of the soldiers’ blades.

    Having journeyed across the country, staying a time in Reim’s capital, Zubaidah and her new household came to a southern port town. There, they boarded a ship bound for Maurenia and left their home continent for good. However, her wound had taken a toll on her - she could no longer walk unimpeded. She would always have that wound as a reminder of her past but, in spite of this, she perseveres on her path to the future.

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3Zubaidah's Vault Empty Classes, Traits and Professions 30/05/17, 04:08 pm

Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur


  • Primary - Warrior
  • Secondary - Assassin
  • Tertiary - None


Enhanced Stamina:

Enhanced Magoi:

Blessing of the Rukh:

Graceful Airs:

Stage Management:

Nimble Fingers:

Sugar and Spice:

Foolish Wisdom:

Solomon’s Hymn Stance:

Solomon's Empathy:

Lingering Will of Yakuroro:


Primary Profession:

Secondary Profession:

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4Zubaidah's Vault Empty Abilities 30/05/17, 04:11 pm

Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur

D Tier Abilities
Silver Slide:

Pehri Barrier:

Abrupt Thrust:

Sweeping Strike:

C Tier Abilities

Dulcet Bound:

Izenportis Guard:

Henam Guard:


Slanted Slash:

Stunning Show / Jin Hua:

Lurid Lightning / Jin Hua:

Rushing Tides / Suiryu:

Frozen Talons / Dancer's Sail:

Frost Bite / Dancer's Sail:

B Tier Abilities

Fluid Evasion:

Mayir Guard:

Innocent Ballet:

Criminal Ballet:

Nebenhut Stance:

Ochs Stance:

Asherah Form:

Bahli Form:

El’him Form:

Terea's Wedding Veil / Fork of Terea:

Bridal Train / Fork of Terea:

Daylight Break / Luna Heels:

Full-On Stilettos / Luna Heels:

Twin-Raid Blade / Dual Solitude:

A Tier Abilities

Gamigin Form:

Furcas Stance:

High Hara / Anahita’s Reliquary:

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5Zubaidah's Vault Empty Weapons and Items 30/05/17, 04:15 pm

Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur

Weapons and Items

Magic Items:

Magic Polearms:

Magic Weapons:

Magic Finery:

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6Zubaidah's Vault Empty Extended Curios 18/06/20, 07:49 pm

Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur

Dungeon Beasts

Water Nymph:




Mundane Weapons:

Mundane Particles:

Mundane Poisons:


Merry Cookies x 2:

Simple Tent:

Octopus Armour:

Job Reward Coupons:

Ability Vouchers:

Magic Tool Vouchers:

Marax's Vessel:

Shards of Solomon:


Sonsuz Öğrenmenin Ahtapotu:

Zub's Ship:

Zub's Land:


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7Zubaidah's Vault Empty Plot Timeline 12/03/22, 07:55 pm

Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur

Act One: A Dark Hand Upon His Crimson Sword

Scene One: Heliohapt Arc

Religious Learnings

Free Sales

Amorous Three

Love Affairs

Scene Two: Dark Hand Arc

When the Sky Falls

Slavers and Informants

Searching out a Slaver

A Devil Emerges

Scene Three: Dancing Arc

Dancing Downtown

A Clash of Talons

Scene Four: Slaver Arc

Dawning Resolution

Shining Courage

Setting Revenge

Scene Five: Gamigin's Arc

Invariable Support

Gamigin's Gate

Grand Delusions

Gamigin's Necropolis

Gamigin's Chamber

Act Two: A Scarlet Crusade Across Verdant Plains

Scene One: Sasan Arc

That Mortal is a Fool

Talking Sense to a Fool

Scene Two: Reim Arc

Playing Folly Then

Enjoying Pleasantries Now

Adversity in Genius

Prosperity for Wit

Innocence Declared

Scene Three: Furcas' Arc

Furcas' Gate

Gleaming Metal

Millenia Ball

Furcas' Necropolis

Furcas' Chamber

Act Three: Fairy-Tales From Another World

Scene One: Torran Arc

The Copper Women

A City Filled with Metal

The Soaring Horse

The Queen Reclining

Scene Two: Ipos' Arc

Blood Tyrants’ Siege

Ipos' Gate

Ipos' Hall

Solo Moment

Ipos' Necropolis

A Shared Existence

Scene Three: Natan’s Arc

A Prophet Forgotten

A Tale of Old

The Future Coming

A Worldly Herd

Act Four: A Home Coloured With Clouded Skies

Scene One: Constantine’s Arc

A Fool Sees Not the Same Tree

O Foolish Struggles

A Fool Opens his Eyes

Scene Two: Parthevia Arc

Is This Home?

Are We There Yet?

It Is Yet to Come

Yes, We Are There

Halfway Down

Scene Three: Factions Arc

Night of Sand and Suspense

Vacuum to be Filled

Wine-Dark Sea Theatre

Scene Four: Asmoday Arc

Outside Asmoday

Inside Asmoday

Act Five: Upon A Black Widow’s Web

Scene One: Spiders’ Part I

Guilty Until Proven

Proof in the Pulling

Proof of Guilt

Encore, Encore

A Dancer's Retreat

A Party with the Senate

Scene Two: Spiders’ Part II

An Enemy Without

Buzzing Doubt

The Silver Skein

An Enemy Within

Scene Three: Society Arc

Paper and Dungeons

Filed into Obscurity

Writing Down the Records

Act Six: An Oasis Thrives In Desert Sands

Scene One: Ambition Arc

A Twist in the Tassles

Osterian Chimney-Stacks

A Luddite's Mind

Scene Two: Jedidiah's Arc

Jedidiah's Gate

Jedidiah the Living

Scene Three: Hashashin Arc

A Lightning-Quick Arrow

Weeds About The Flower

Scene Four: Fashion Arc

The Curtains Rise

On the World-Stage

Where Fashion Reigns

Act Seven: Into the Ruins of Faded Dreams

Scene One: Chivalry Arc

Heaven Sent

Blades in the Sunlight

A Demon in Disguise

Hell Bent

Scene Two: Achaemenes' Arc

Important Discussions

Scene Three: Kosrow's Arc

A Fading Legacy

The Sandstone King

Must We All Fade Away?

Scene Four: Excavation Arc

At the Heart of the Kavir Desert

Controlling the Heavens

Act Eight: Where The Sky Blooms Purple

Scene One: Zubaidah's Arc

A Good Blade Never Rusts

To the Light

Through the Night

Paralogues: A Bright Burst of Activity

Paralogue One: Music Arc

Music has Charm

Exotic Dancing

A Simple Song and Dance

Paralogue Two: Silas' Arc

A Picture of War

A Fragment of Peace

Paralogue Three: Fun and Friends Arc

Strange Sun-Singeing Days

Paralogue Four: Zion's Arc

Spear x Sword

Two is Better than One

A Profitable Meeting

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Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur







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