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A Fool Sees Not The Same Tree | With Constantine [Plot/Open]

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Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur
Job Description:

Job Name: Making a connection
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Reim
Job Reward: 15,000 Huang | 200 XP
Job Prerequisites: Have Constantine With You, Zub
[b]Job Overview: After the dungeon Constantine's faith in his country, and master has wavered. While his conviction still hold in his heart, he's seen more from the world, and the only love he made with his master was learned through fear, respect, warmth and worth were connected to fear in him. Start the path of healing, help teach him there is no love there, show him a moment of true kindness, and connect.


The watchful eye of the Sun glanced downwards upon the streets of Reim, so captivated by those winding roads that he forgot how to blink. Under this harsh sunlight walked a purple-haired woman, a man shading her beautiful skin with a parasol. But the man holding that parasol was no ordinary one, not at all. His naked chest shone bright, as if wrought from bronze - well, that might have been because he was actually formed out of living metal. His hair strands of finely-woven gold and his eyes gleaming silver, he was the breathing representation of luxury.

    With his impressive physique, gleaming in the sunlight, he looked as though he should have been running victory laps in the Reiman games. Instead he followed this purple-haired woman, shading her head with a parasol,

    ‘Milady, must I suffer these fools’ stares? It is bad enough that I must act like some manservant for you - such do I bear out of my honour as a bested knight - but that these lazy asses watch me with their amused eyes is too much.

    ‘Oh, Conny, get over it. Anyways, with your intimidating and outlandish appearance, none of them could possibly mistake you for a manservant. More likely, they’d think you some hired brawn.

    ‘Is that any better, milady?!

200/200 | word/1000 | 315/315


A Fool Sees Not The Same Tree | With Constantine [Plot/Open] Xaj4qc7

Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis

While sitting down having some tea and planning his next move along with his apprentice Hana, the glare from a shiny shirtless man shined in his eyes. This would force the magician to shut them briefly as he could hear the two of them talking as they walked past him.  Julius couldn't help himself.
"They'd likely stop staring if your body wasn't reflecting light from the sun sir.  Instead of shading just the lady perhaps you should carry something to shade the both of you or even perhaps wear some clothing. Though I guess it would be rude of me to suggest such a thing while the Fanalis corps runs around with gold plated armor and accessories."

Hana would quickly look at her master with a fit of rage. "Master Julius! That is no way to speak to such a beautiful woman and her manservant!  It was only after she spoke that she realized she was just as rude with her comment towards the man and quickly brought her hand to her mouth covering it out of embarrassment.

Julius' eyes which were crimson read would look over to Hana then back to the couple in the street.
"Apologies for the rudeness, please allow me to pay for a cup of tea for the both of you to make up for it. said the suited man. With his stave, he'd push the empty seat across from his wave, while Hana sat to his right.


Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus
being back in reim was a blessing. to be around her family had been something she did not know she had missed. while they had not been so excited with her return, things seemed to have calmed down.

today, she decided to take some of the little ones on a walk around the city. they had been enjoying her company and had given pluto enough of a headache. pleased, they skipped and hopped alongside her, shouting childish conversation among themselves. she never had to do or say much, they never left her side. until today—

“look! look! a shiny man!” one of them calls out.

another runs forward, hanging over their shoulder. “do you think he’s strong?”

“i don’t know! let’s go get ‘im!”

all three of them would run off towards the bronze man, jumping onto his large frame. “hey, hey! are you strong?” asks one. “he feels strong!” another shouts, squeezing his arm. “alpha! come look!” they continue to banter and giggle between themselves as they explore his foreign body.

with a couple of little lions climbing over him, she hoped the man was kind enough to forgive them. they were easily excitable and to see them so entertained, she was reluctant to stop them. an airy laugh leaves her lips and a small smile follows behind as she walks over.

“come,” she commands, her voice holding a tinge of authority to it. “leave him alone.” reluctantly, they hop off of him, running back over to diana who runs her fingers through their hair. they cling to her sides, ogling the metallized man and his companion.

she gives an apologetic look, bowing her head slightly— a habit she had picked up from kou. “i apologize if they caused you distress.” not even she had seen someone so unique.




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