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Innocence Declared

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Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur

Job Name: Innocence Declared
Job Rank: B Tier
Job Location: Trepolis Country House
Job Reward: C Tier Reward
Job Prerequisites: Daring from Victory
Job Overview: With her solution having resolved the current Sassanid difficulties, Zubaidah is invited to Flavrian’s country house to discuss her future plans. She must persuade him to listen to her ideals, encouraged by a woman met at the country house. Since Flavrian has presumed her intentions to be less than savoury, Zubaidah must prove her innocence - in any way.


    'Indeed, I am the woman who fostered the bay of Pesuoli’s growth and decline - the so-called poisoner of Pesuoli.'

    ‘The entire town blames me. Their suspicions are hardly hidden and their contempt for me has been out in the open for so long that I’m used to it. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt, but it’s something I brought upon myself. I can hardly blame the citizens for their coldness. At least they’re honest in their contempt - unlike the nobles in Trepolis pretending to be friends. They speak honeyed words into my ears, but who knows what foul things they say behind my back. They’ve certainly mastered the art of acting - presumably from those curly-haired they so enjoy watching.

    ‘I despise my friends more than you.
I would have known myself, but they stood before the mirrors
And painted on them images of the virtues I craved
You came with sharpest chisel, scraping away the false paint.
Then I knew and detested myself, but not you:
For glimpses of you in the glasses you uncovered
Showed me the virtues whose images you destroy.

    ‘A stanza from Mectator’s ‘The Innocent’, the play he wrote after being falsely accused of murder by his wife…

    ‘As well-read a lady as I’d hoped, that was indeed from Mectator’s famous play. But it rings true for me, just as much as his protagonist. The suspicions of the citizens reminds me of those mistakes I’ve made - the mistakes which ensure that I’ll always strive towards bettering myself. Tomorrow, perhaps, I may have bettered myself enough that they might accept me but, today, I must work hard to earn that reward. I’m sure you understand.

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