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Innocence Declared

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Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur


Job Name: Innocence Declared
Job Rank: A Tier
Job Location: Trepolis Country House
Job Reward: A Tier Reward
Chain Reward: Plot Opportunities, Introduction to Flavrian
Job Prerequisites: Daring from Victory
Job Overview: With her solution having resolved the current Sassanid difficulties, Zubaidah is invited to Flavrian’s country house to discuss her future plans. She must persuade him to listen to her ideals, encouraged by a woman met at the country house. Since Flavrian has presumed her intentions to be less than savoury, Zubaidah must prove her innocence - in any way.

Reiman Soldiers:
Enemy Name: Reiman Soldiers x 4
Enemy Tier: B Tier
Damage Required to Defeat: B Tier
Description: Flavrian’s household guards, employed for emergency disruptions. They are ex-soldiers bearing standard Reiman equipment such as national-issued armour along with medium-sized gladii.


  • Swipe: The soldier slashes away at a target with their weapon dealing B-tier damage.

  • Lunge: The soldier lunges two metres forward swinging their weapon to deal B-tier damage to whoever they hit.

A flock of white-winged birds were covering the Sun, hung lazily in the sky. Draped over the cloudy sky, it looked and sighed over Reim, letting breezes loose over the Western front. Under the sunlit sky, one woman was enjoying the winds, her purple hair free and flying. Yes, it was Zubaidah traveling to Trepolis, home to Flavrian, with commendation in hand. If things went her way, she would have his support within the next few days.

I am afraid that the master is quite busy, and his next free slot is three weeks away.

With those words, things became much longer than anticipated. She was not dissuaded, however, and made her lodging at the Trepolis estate. Ready and waiting, she prepared for a long-haul stay, making herself familiar with the staff and guests. As such, she found that it was not difficult to pass the time, since her fellow guests were more than happy to entertain a new face. In little time, she had mastered bridge, introduced pole-dancing and taken a liking to bowls. In little time, she had dined with centurions, danced for legates and played merchants at their own games. A week or so had passed, and she had not missed a beat in this social operetta.

    In the second week, however, she found herself strolling in the estate’s grounds, admiring the view and flowers. Her mind elsewhere, she strayed from the garden-path and found herself before a white-walled gazebo. She felt her curiosity piqued and decided that she should investigate this gazebo, since it had been hidden from public view. If it was not meant for public eyes, what could be hidden within? For Zubaidah, it was a potential treasure-trove of secrets!

How might I help you, my dear?'

She was not greeted with a skeleton in the closet, a mound of jewels or a hostage kept locked-up.

Or should I say, sweet Zubaidah?'

She was greeted by Flavrian’s wife.

I was not expecting a woman of such talents, lady Anna Pompeia of Pesuoli.' A smile flickered upon the fair lips of this dark-haired lady. 'Or should I say...'


Ah, I've missed you, my darling! How fares your training? I'd heard you were introducing that dancing of yours in the estate, but I trust that you have not forgotten my mantra, right?'

'What was it? Oh, yes, practice what you don't like, before trying what you do like. I've never forgotten, Anna, despite the years.'

'You always were my star pupil, were you not! Word has even reached me here that you have formed your own Company!

'Indeed, I thought that I should surpass your Company, for it is time that my generation show our talents are worthy of your praise.'

''How delightful! It seems that your skill with words has come to match your skill at dancing. Ah, how I've missed you.'

'How have you fared since I left? I have only heard rumours, but...'

'Ah, you've heard the stories then? Zubaidah nodded slowly, picking up a faint sigh from the red-lipped Anna. 'Well, I'm not surprised. It was quite the news, since a female governor allowed her Reiman city to suffer a series of poisonings, including to her private enemies.' Zubaidah's gaze lowered slightly, waiting for Anna to continue at her own pace.

Oh, my situation has gotten better.' She smiled half-heartedly, a melancholic expression painting her lips, 'Well, yes, the entire town blames me. Their suspicions are hardly hidden, but their contempt for me has been out in the open for so long that I’m used to it. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt, but it’s something I brought upon myself, so I can hardly blame them for their coldness. At least they’re honest in their contempt, unlike those Trepolian nobles pretending to be my friends. They speak sweet words into my ears, but who knows what they say behind my back. They’ve certainly mastered the art of acting, presumably from watching those curly-haired men they enjoy.

Anna paused for an eternity and a second, before passing liquid gold through her lips; she spoke and it was like a cup of the finest wine:

    ‘I despise my friends more than you.
I would have known myself, but they stood before the mirrors
And painted on them images of the virtues I craved
You came with sharpest chisel, scraping away the false paint.
Then I knew and detested myself, but not you:
For glimpses of you in the glasses you uncovered
Showed me the virtues whose images you destroy.

A stanza from Mectator’s ‘The Innocent’, the play he wrote after being falsely accused of murder by his wife…

As well-read a lady as I’d hoped you would become, that was indeed from Mectator’s famous play. But it rings true for me, just as much as his protagonist. The suspicions of the citizens reminds me of those mistakes I’ve made - the mistakes which ensure that I’ll always strive towards bettering myself. Tomorrow, perhaps, I may have bettered myself enough that they might accept me but, today, I must work hard to earn that reward. I’m sure you understand.

'And Flaviran...'

I was required to marry him, so that I could salvage my social reputation... Well, what's left of it, anyways. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love him! He has built me private villas and places like this, where I can read and dance alone, but... I miss my freedom. He might love me, and I too love him, but marriage has only chained me down. I know it and he knows it, and we cannot do anything for fear of the Senate's disapproval.'

'For one cannot escape their mistakes.'
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Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur

Since that occasion, she would visit her teacher Anna every day, training in dance and conversing over tea. It was Anna who suggested, however, that Zubaidah ingratiate herself with the guests further, so that she was recognised by Flavrian. As such, over the coming weeks, she got herself acquainted with the Trepolis estate and its workings, eager that she did not waste her newly-given opportunities. Indeed, she was soon so accustomed that she thought it best if she kept notes on the routine, compiling them into a journal of sorts:

In the morning, he keeps his couch, resting as the Reiman custom is. At the second hour, he calls for his shoes and walks a few miles, delighting in his estate and talking with clients. If he has friends with him, he relegates his clients to later hours, passing the time in conversation instead. He is quite well-versed in foreign literature, preferring even my native Parthevian verse, and he will have a servant read his chosen book sometimes -  and he may do this when his friends are present as well.

In the late morning, he will retire and shut himself in his study, refusing friends and clients both. I have assumed that this practice ensures he gets his paperwork done, since he has much to do as a Reiman governor. After his household has entertained his guests for a short while, he will join them for garden games. I have acquired a particular taste for the game known as bowls, but I will not bore you with its rules.

In any case, at high noon, he enters his carriage, taking with him either his steward or one of his friends, a distinction I recently enjoyed. How delightful, how charming that privacy is! What glimpses of old times one gets! What noble deeds and noble men he tells! He is quite the distinguished man, if I have not made that clear. At the same time, however, it is his custom that he blends his learning with such modesty that he never seems to be playing the schoolmaster.

After riding some miles, he will take residence at his
theatra, a beautiful gazebo-like structure, where he has his luncheon privately. After he has finished, he again resumes his seat or betakes himself to his room and his pen. He writes prose and verse with equal prowess, having a wonderful grace, wonderful sweetness, and wonderful humour in his writing. If he were born a century before, he would have been counted among the famed Reiman lyricists. It seems his greatest pleasure, and we have often been given the chance of listening to them read aloud.

In the evening, he receives the most visitors, clients and friends alike, and entertains them in his many facilities. I have heard that his male clients have enjoyed his bathing-rooms while discussing their boring politics. Needless to say, that was not something I had to endure. Instead, I have challenged him at chess and other board-games, taking pride in showing my skill to the less-experienced men who presume themselves better.

After this, he commences an estate-wide competition of bowls, throwing himself heartily into the game. For he has a peculiar rule in this evening game: servant and visitor may partake alike, with the highest score being given a position on his own couch at dinnertime. Is that not unusual?

After this game, he will soak in his bathing-rooms alone, leaving his guests to mingle amongst themselves. I cannot say that this is my favourite time, since the estate becomes crowded with sour-faced gentlemen. It is safe to say that I have mastered the art of the poker-face in these situations.

After a while, a servant comes to usher the guests into the dining-room, where we are seated according to our importance to the host. He arrives late, which I have interpreted as a sign of his power, before he lies down and asks for the food to come. It is brought in several waves, with small dishes, rather than all at once. At this time, the Reiman custom of talking business over food is not applied, and the guests are at perfect liberty to imitate his example of reading or do anything else they prefer.

Then the main course is served, the table being as bright as it is modest, and the silver plain and old-fashioned. He has an eclectic taste, decorating his tables with Heliohaptian pottery, for which he has a taste though not a mania. It is the main course when business begins anew, and politics becomes the prime seasoning. Even in the summer, the meal lasts well into the night for this, but no one finds it long, since it is kept up with such good humour and charm.

The consequence is that our host ensures that his visitors feel satisfied in both business and pleasure. He is a talented man without a doubt, and has use in spades!
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Zuzu Mansur

Zuzu Mansur

As she enjoyed his hospitality, Zubaidah came ever closer to her meeting with the legate Flavrian. In the morning, she would greet him warmly before he retreated into his personal quarters. In the evening, she would face him at their chosen board-game, losing and winning in equal parts. Indeed, taking each day as it came, Zubaidah was rather surprised when the day of her meeting arrived.

Where have the guests gone, mister Tiro?’ As she walked into the hall, she noticed that she was quite alone with her only company being the household manservant. It was a strange feeling, since the estate was usually bustling with all manner of clients.

I am afraid that the master has asked them to leave today, lady Zubaidah.

What should I read into that, if anything?

I cannot answer that, not that I do not want to answer, but I have no answer myself.

Yes, what an unusual situation, isn’t it?

Anna?!’ / ‘Mistress?!

    Arriving within the high-vaulted hall was Anna, her red lips pursed. It seemed that she was joining the odd-looking pair of Tiro and Zubaidah as well.

'Milady, I thought the master and yourself had agreed that you remain on the grounds?!

Well, I thought that too, but my darling husband sent me word that I should be here today?

Hmm, I wonder what Flavrian has planned…

Wonder no more then.’ Atop the staircase to his study stood Flavrian, decked in red and gold. He was putting his status as legate on full display, a ceremonial sword at his waist. He held a refined smile that did not match his messy hair, however, as if he had just woken up.

That has cleared nothing, my dear.

Let me make things clearer, Anna.’ He waved his hand curtly and four soldiers streamed down the steps towards Zubaidah. They were decked in full gear, but their eyes held no murderous intent. Instead, they had the poise and grace of men trained to a higher level than the average soldier. She did not know their reason for being here, but Zubaidah was certain that these men were stronger than even the centurion Lukios.

I knew you were a sore loser, Flavrian, but this?

Yes, you beat me at chess one too many times.

The punishment… is your head.

    After a brief silence, all three attendees began laughing. It was sudden and continued for several moments, until Zubaidah gathered her composure again.

Ugh, you were sounding so serious then.

You were never one for jokes…

I almost had you, did I not? I would say that counts as a successful joke, no?

That’s not how jokes… Ah, forget it!

I presume that this is not entirely fun and games, though, is it?

Correct. I have tested your wit and intellect, but I have not seen your skill in battle. True, I have been informed that the centurion Lukios Ragnis praises your prowess, of strategy and spearmanship, but I must test them myself. I can only trust you if I have seen your skill with my own eyes, would you not agree?

What a banal idea…

On the contrary, I think that this should be fun!

I have been looking forward to testing out some real-time strategies myself after all, and who better to have as my sparring-partners than a legate’s personal guard!

Excellent. Show me what you have learnt on the battlefield then, Zubaidah!

    In one moment, Zubaidah snatched up her spear and rushed towards the oncoming guards. She leapt above the first guard, pole-vaulting towards another one behind him. As she twisted in midair, her leg shot out like a spring and knocked that guard to the floor, thrusting her spear into the wooden floor, before responding to an incoming swipe with some [ Teasing Swerves ].

    One guard down and another disarmed, she let the other two come closer since she saw time was no threat. As they came into range, however, she snaked around her spear, diverting their attention before she dealt a [ Sinner’s Twist ]. With three down, she gave the last guard no mercy and leapt from her pole with a [ Guilty Pivot ].

    As she finished, she could hear applause echoing from the stairwell. Looking up, she saw that Anna and Flavrian were both clapping at her performance, smiles upon their faces. If this was his trial, she had given them a show worthy of the best stage in Reim.

You are even better than my fellows give you credit!

I had to put on a special performance, did I not? After all, you are rather more than your fellows. It would not suit to show you the same as I had shown them.

I assume you mean to shift this conversation into business then? Fine, speak your bit - you have earned it.

I seek but an innocent sponsorship, Flavrian.

I had no doubt that you sought that, Zubaidah. I can only guess, however, what you wish in return.

I want the support of a man who has his fingers in politics and the military. Such a man would be useful in any future endeavours, would he not?

Aha, yes, he would. Well, I think that you have proven competency in both spheres yourself. It would be rather remiss of me to refuse your help, particularly if you wish to support me financially in my campaigns on the Council and in the Senate.

It would be my pleasure, Flavrian.

Then please join me in my office, Zubaidah. We have much to discuss.

As she ascended the stairs, Flavrian made some remarks to his wife Anna,

She is quite sharp, is she not? Well, as they say, 'like mother, like daughter', eh?


That one is much more trouble.
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Notes and inventory:

Teasing Swerves:

Teasing Swerves (Bahli Form)

Tier: B tier

Class: Warrior

Type: Defensive

Range: Short

Requirements/Drawbacks: The character must have a pole arm, such as a sort of spear. The character must be able to thrust their spear into the a stable position in the ground. As they are gathering up momentum, there is a period of vulnerability. It can only be performed on a blade or shaft larger than the length of her feet, as such certain small weapons may not be affected.

Scaling: Guard

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 3 posts

Cost: 30 stamina


    The character thrusts their spear into the ground, bladeside down, and takes ahold of it with both hands. Using their brachial strength to haul themselves onto the spear’s shaft, they use their momentum to twist around the spear at B tier speeds, inviting a foe to attack, at which point the character seizes the foe’s weapon between their feet and twists it out of their grasp.

Sinner’s Twist:

Sinner’s Twist (Asherah Form)

Tier: B tier

Class: Warrior

Type: Offensive

Range: Short

Requirements/Drawbacks: The character must have a pole arm, such as a sort of spear. The character must be able to thrust their spear into the a stable position in the ground. As they are gathering up momentum, there is a period of vulnerability.

Scaling: Hits

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 3 posts

Cost: 30 stamina


    The character thrusts their spear into the ground, bladeside down, and takes ahold of it with both hands. Using their brachial strength to haul themselves onto the spear’s shaft, they use their momentum to twist around the spear at B tier speeds while stretching out their strong leg to deal B tier damage, their weaker leg looped around the pole to provide stability.

Guilty Pivot:

Guilty Pivot (El’him Form)

Tier: B tier

Class: Warrior

Type: Offensive/Supplementary

Range: Short

Requirements/Drawbacks: The character must have a pole arm, such as a sort of spear. The character must be able to thrust their spear into the a stable position in the ground. As they are gathering up momentum, there is a period of vulnerability.

Scaling: Damage

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 3 posts

Cost: 30 stamina


    The character thrusts their spear into the ground, bladeside down, and takes ahold of it with both hands. Using their brachial strength to haul themselves onto the spear’s shaft, they use their momentum to twist around the spear at B tier speeds, waiting for the foe to strike. At the last moment, they switch position so the incoming strike hit the shaft of the spear and them use the excess momentum to vault off of the shaft and knock down the opponent for C tier damage.


Name: Bezrid

Tier: B tier

Type: Spear

Material: Consists of a steel blade with an applewood shaft.

Appearance: Bezrid has a 54cm long worn down feathered-style blade with an average width of around 20cm for the usable cutting edges, newly replaced with a fresh blade. The applewood shaft it is attached to extends for 164cm, wrapped in dark leather and joined to a steel butt.

Midnight Heels:

Innocence Declared FxtrXQV
Name: Luna Heels

Tier: B-Tier

Type: Magic Weapon

Magic Type: Pierce Magic

Appearance: A pair of long, dark blue boots that goes slightly past the knee. They are made of elastic and lined inside with cotton fabric for comfort. Each boot is separated into two pieces for flexibility. They have a joint at the knee-cap to allow the user to bend their legs. When activated, a 150cm stiletto forms on the bottom of the shoe. The magic circle is carved into the knee guard. Feeding magoi into the heels causes the engraving to glow a pale blue.


  • [ Moonlight Shine ] The stiletto gathers light waves and particles around in a spiraling fashion before releasing the light in a 13m diameter flash from the user's boots. Deals C-Tier damage and causes anyone caught in the flash (excluding the user) to see large, bright spots that interfere with their vision for two posts. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain

  • [ Midnight Flight ] The stilettos may use the energy of the light around them as propulsion to fly at B-Tier speeds. Requires further sustainment to keep flying after the initial activation. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain


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