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Plot: Overview

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Magi World RP Plot Overview

Magi World takes place in an AU(Alternate Universe) based heavily on canon Magi. Much of the world is the same however canon characters such as Sinbad and Aladdin never existed in this world.

The plot of the forum is a mix between a set pre-planned string of events and player driven styles. Sometimes events taking place have outcomes that are decided before the event ends for the sake of pushing the world plot forward. Sometimes events taking place are open ended and have varying results depending on player actions or choices. Sometimes players are encouraged to define and run their own plot events which can have real consequences that affect the entire rp world.

Here are some key things about the general setting for the world every rper should be aware of:

Technology ~ The rp world is currently at a level of technology roughly equivalent to the Classical Era. Metal working and other crafts are almost to the height of mastery however things like guns, steam engines, and electronics do not exist. Even the magician's city of Magnostatd does not have technology exceeding these limitations even if their magic tools makes it seem like they do.

Magic ~ Instead of technology, the wonder which advances people towards progress is magic. It's been several months since dungeons were conquered and magic tools have just begun to spread across the world. Before magic tools, everyone knew of magic but only Magician's(people with the "Intelligence" Specialization) really understood how to use it. Now, even a fool who knows nothing of the ruhk can use magic if they get their hands on a magic tool.

Rukh ~ There are countless types of rukh in the world and it can be considered as a kind of spiritual counterpart to all phenomenon in the world. However there are two special types of rukh, white and black. When someone is cherishing their fate and believing in hope for the future white rukh is gathered. When someone is cursing their fate and trying to twist the future based on selfish desires black rukh is gathered. The more powerful the emotions, the more the rukh will gather. The balance between the two is a bit more complex than simply "good" and "evil" and few know it even exists aside from Magician's as only they can see it.

Nations and Wars ~ Currently there are no major wars, but the world is far from at peace. The Imuchakk to the north side with no one and attack trade vessels which enter their water regardless of nationality. Zou to the far east is spending extensive military efforts towards subjugating surrounding barbarians and nomad tribes to extend their borders. Reim to the Northwest and Heliohapt to the Southwest have been bumping heads for decades and tensions between them are high. But not everyone is hostile as Balbadd remains a neutral center of trade and Magnostadt enjoys an isolationist approach to foreign affairs.

Dungeons ~ At this point, everyone has at least heard of the dungeons. It's mostly rumor and hearsay but even the common folk know that those who conquer a dungeon are supposed to obtain great riches. Rulers and high ranking officials in most countries are aware that great power dwells within the dungeons as well but aside from that little is known about these dangerous places.

Magi ~ Only a few people in the world know that there are Magi and even fewer know what a "Magi" even really is. Rulers and high ranking officials know that Magi are the ones raising the dungeons but aside from that they an enigma. Only a few shamans and spiritual leaders of nomadic tribes know that Magi are great magician's of creation sent to guide "Kings" to power.

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