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News and Announcements

This is where we'll post site updates. That can involve anything from upcoming events to reminders or rule changes.

14769Spinning Wheel Magic Tool Tick...
30/01/23, 04:47 pm
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Rules and Systems

This forum include a list of topics which have to do with information on Rules, Dungeons, Djinns, and Magic as a whole! Make sure to read them so you don't get confused!

Beginner Systems, Intermediate Systems, Advanced Systems
2540Metal Vessel & Household Syste...
20/05/22, 09:58 am
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Book of Solomon

This is the site's Encyclopedia. Find all plot, statistics, and other fact-based information here.

Plot, Countries, Dungeons, Tomb of Spells, Enemies, Chamber of Legacies
59292The 25th Dungeon, Malphas
11/06/22, 08:31 pm
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Arrivals and Departures

Are you new? Post an introduction topic here! Also make sure to tell us when you're leaving if you plan on departing or going on vacation. You'll always be part of the community no matter what!

Vacation List
3341972Alas, I am returned. To be gra...
02/01/23, 12:22 pm
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Questions and Suggestions

Have a question or suggestion? Well post it right here. Our eyes and ears are open, and we're always looking for ways to help and make the site better.

Tutorials, Staff Notifications, Solved Questions, Suggestions In Progress
2531762What's the dealio with these d...
02/01/23, 11:05 am
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Creation Center

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Create your character here! You can't roleplay without one.

Balbadd, Reim, Kou, Heliohapt, Imuchakk, Magnostadt, Wanderers, Sasan, Kina, Meridia, Magi, Work In Progress, NPCs
274744Cornelia "Aisnunu" Fortuna
17/01/23, 09:20 am
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You can register all of your techniques, spells, and other abilities here.

Approved For Training, Trained Abilities, Approved Traits, Classes, Djinn Registration
15299008New Trait + Body Manip abiliti...
04/02/23, 04:20 pm
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Create or join a faction here! This is where you can find information on them as well.

Approved Factions, Faction Vault, Bank
59175Black Mage Institution (NPC Fa...
03/02/23, 11:26 pm
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Character Vault

This is where you'll create a new topic highlighting everything about your character. Include histories, topics, items you've acquired, and more!

122674Zion's Vault
17/01/23, 12:31 pm
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Job Center

Here you can create your own jobs which both you and other people on the site can then pursue!

Poignant Professions, Approved Assignments, Approved Jobs, XP Rewards
10984913Yoku-Mori Initiation. [Chain/P...
06/02/23, 04:30 pm
Gilles View latest post

The Bazaar

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Merchant's Alley

Beggars, Looters, and the most treacherous of Merchants roam the pathways of the Bazaar. One can find all of their item-based needs right here.

Hakim's Smithy, Old Wizard's Arcane Shop, Ivan's Animal Emporium, Mysteria's Magic Concoctions, Fate's Fortune, The Marketplace
8875089Mizugumo's Prey
Yesterday at 03:52 pm
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The Mainland

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Also known as the City of Magic. Magnostadt is the Magical Capital of the entire world, home to thousands of Magicians and Wizards. At it's heart is The Academy, an institute training new Magicians in the arcane arts.

Magnostadt Academy, Library of Merlin, Ephraim's Labyrinth, Job Board
3241435The Lapis Judge: Ezekiel [5 Ki...
06/02/23, 03:18 pm
Gilles View latest post
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The Plains

One of the few unclaimed territories. The Plains are a massive amount of grass, dirt, and empty space. Windmills and farms may be seen here and there, but for the most part the land is kept empty, for many fear that armies will march on its soil very soon.

2611232The Grand Auction: A Tale of G...
Yesterday at 04:37 pm
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The North West

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Home to the Age of Industrialization. Reim is by far the most advanced city. Their armies use bombs and great constructs meant for war. The city itself is flourishing with thousands of people seen wandering about the streets.

Palace of Kings, The Coliseum, Portsmouth, The Western Front, Job Board
16019664Imperial Symphonia | Chapter V...
06/02/23, 06:20 pm
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The land of Knights and precious metals. Their people are quiet and reserved, living peaceful lives in worship. Many people work within the mines or spend their day's training near the castle ground. A simple country hidden away in the mountains, protected by their tall walls and the surrounding geography.

The Azure Castle, The Streets, The Mines, Job Board
1634The Prodigal Son's Return [Job...
09/05/22, 02:42 am
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The East

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Kou Empire

The capital of the entire Kou Empire. Like Reim they are quickly advancing in warfare, but at a slightly slower pace. The city is always under high security, with soldiers spread throughout every street.

Imperial Palace, Ju Hua Lake, The Jade Dragon Mountains, Job Board
9205105Aseo's Wishes VI[Chain][Job]...
17/01/23, 03:09 am
Neppy View latest post
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In the lands farthest to the East rests a series of Islands connected into one culture. The lands of and people of Kina rise first with the Sun. The only things as diverse as it lands is its clans and climates from the snow-kissed north, the central islands blessed with cherry blossoms, and the seas of the tropical south. Kina is a land of change and turmoil.

Hinamoto Palace, Mt. Raiji, Bosutawa Islands, Job Board
1721004Yokuzawa Initiation chain (8)...
06/02/23, 04:33 pm
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The South East

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The Fledgling nation of Meridia in which the capital city shares a name with. A sprawling center made from united tribes and refugee the growing population cherishes nature and knowledge alike as they start to form a unique, united identity.

Firdaus Garden Palace, The Violet Gardens, The Forest of Three Rings, The Siren City, Siren Bay, Job Board
53284Home Damages[Private|Ustadd]...
Yesterday at 05:16 pm
Ustad View latest post

The South

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Balbadd, a small country, barely touching the southern hemisphere. It has very few soldiers but contains a flourishing economy revolving around fishing.

The Crown, Casino, The Docks, The Tropics, Job Board
2561208The Leviathans Bond (NoM/Job)...
07/05/22, 09:55 pm
Diligence View latest post

The South West

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The City of Heliohapt is in the heart of the Desert of Forgotten Souls. Despite the name of the latter, the structure itself is dazzling, it's golden buildings shining in the rays of the sun.

The Desert of Forgotten Souls, Job Board
6533303Another Visit [FoT]
29/01/23, 03:05 pm
Zuzu Mansur View latest post
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The old capital of Heliohapt now a hearth for dungeon beasts. A city in partial ruin, flourishing under a new rule. Crazed beasts scour the outskirts while those more civilized take refuge within its walls.

The Golden Palace, Janaat Eadn, Job Board
30143Diplomacy Jobs [FOT/Private/Ar...
19/01/22, 01:45 am
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The North

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Imuchakk Village

Far in the North, due to the Workforce Initiative, the Imuchakk are temporarily tolerating the presence of outsiders, but their isolationist outlook makes them cold, detached and distrustful of outsiders The village is situated on a fairly large polar icecap.

Chieftain's Tent, The Tundra, Job Board
2321115The Salmon Chieftain: Cucupun ...
09/01/23, 11:59 am
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The Open Seas

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The Open Seas

The Open Seas

North Seas, Trade Sea, Southern Seas, Job Board, Jedidiah, The 73rd Dungeon
13221Jedidiah The Great Living City...
07/07/22, 02:55 pm
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The Tavern

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If you have any strange RP ideas that wouldn't make sense with the regular plot, make up some completely new Roleplay Topics here!.

72367Pandemonium Blueprints
06/07/22, 09:13 pm
Angelus View latest post
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Want to be partners with our site or just advertise your own? Post in this section!

Affiliate Requests, Approved Affiliates, Advertisements
772854Dragon Ball DX! [AU RP] [Beta]...
27/01/23, 06:15 am
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Here you can talk about anything other than the site! Or if you wish to open up your own "business", make a player shop.

Thread Tracker, Entertainment, Player Shops, Find An RP Partner
2251598Merrze's Workshop [Personal Cr...
25/01/23, 09:11 pm
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Archived Activity Checks, Archived Announcements, Archived Events, Archived Assignments, Archived Characters Information, Archived Jobs, Dungeon Archives, Shop Archives, Archived Systems
182113482Odd Jobs Pt. 1[Chain|Ustad]
11/01/23, 06:42 pm
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