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Vodarara's Stash 22-86
Name: Vodarara (Imuchakk Name), Kynan (Real-Name)
Country Affiliation: Imuchakk
Race: Human
Tier: A
Class: Ranger
Age + Birthdate: Mid/Late Twenties (Birth Date Unknown)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Vodarara is a rather quiet person most of the time, though this isn’t down to him being mute or not wishing to talk but rather he observes and listens and only tends to talk when something is directed to him or to pass along information when he believes is necessary.

Vodarara is very willing to talk on anything as he doesn’t find anything to be taboo and tends to also be very blunt and blind towards things that others may not like due to his heavy amount of isolation from other beings.

The huntsman doesn’t trust others easily, trust must be earned and forged with each other, he tends to avoid letting his guard down as it leaves, him open to show weak spots that leave him vulnerable to attack, Vodarara however does have a tendency however to regard people by his respect of their traits, for example Asisiak, his respect for her is high due to the many positive traits she shows, her ability to lead her pack and the incredible power and strength, she displays.

Though Vodarara isolates himself from others, he does believe there is strength in the pack as well as in the wolf, thus Vodarara sees himself as a lone wolf, one that has no pack, though he doesn’t actively seek to join a pack, in addition to not actively pursuing those ends, he doesn’t actively avoid being moved towards that though due to his caution in trusting others it is a hard end to reach.

As a person Vodarara does not seek revenge against creatures but only wishes to carry on with his aspiration of being at one with the wilds and hunting what is necessary, he doesn’t seek power over other things and doesn’t see other creatures as beneath him and views everything else as equal within a greater sphere.

The Wilds: Vodarara prefers being within and at one with the wilds and nature, preferring to me immersed around the plains, the forests and mountains, being able to hear the sounds of many creatures around him, it is the place he makes his homes and finds himself feeling more capable.

Not Being Wasteful: Vodarara likes to observe others and himself not being wasteful, he views it as a disgrace to see people wasting things that could be used for it only to be thrown out to rot, though in places close to the wild something rotting wouldn't phase him, in the cities of Reim for example it was more prevalent for something to be wasted especially by the wealthy on his one occasion there.
Hot Weather: Vodarara (Kynan) is more acclimatised to cold locations, he detests hot places they are rather uncomfortable for him and also force you to don less clothing which causes him to feel slightly odd though it releases him from some restrictions caused by the weight of furs.

Cities: Vodarara (Kynan) also has problems with towns but cities are a major dislike for him the bustle of people cramped shoulder to shoulder, you have no space to yourself, the air’s stench lacks the beautiful scents of the wilds.
Vodarara's main issue is with high population density, which causes him far less issues when passing through the villages of Imuchakk.

Aspirations:-Maintaining the Balance of Imuchakk, Becoming one with nature
Vodarara doesn’t have ambitions for himself, rather he seeks to maintain the balance between the flora and fauna, that are native to Imuchakk, he aims to hunt down a eliminate within reason creatures that pose damage to the ecosystem, while hunting to keep himself alive carefully, aiming to take only what he can make use of and any extra is normally given away or stored for long term use.

Vodarara seeks to become at one with nature, feeling its pains and its growth and understanding the route, it takes it having it guide his fate.

Phobias/fears: Women Especially the Red haired variety:
Vodarara’s fear is primarily generated of the Fanalis, this fear however is generated towards their females, though it doesn’t cause him to flee or panic in terror, it puts him further on edge, thus it causes him to prefer to keep his distance from them, likewise it makes him somewhat misbalanced from unknown humanoid females tending for him to keep some distance, depending on the situation.

This phobia has its roots in his early history in old memories in his subconscious relating to the power of physical strength, he once observed the raw power of a female fanalis, their ability to demolish creatures with ease and become stronger even when wounded.
Though Vodarara himself didn’t make contact with the Fanalis themselves, he fears the risk of making contact and the hidden power that some females seem to have, such proof is seen by him in humanoids like Asisiak, Chieftain of the Imuchakk, her ability to dislocate his shoulder with ease after his capture and the power of old memories shown in a dream of another Fanalis female.

Face-Claim: (Unknown)
Hair Color:Grey/Silver (Formerly Black/Dark Brown)
Eye Color: Grey (outer) and Hazel (inner)
Height: 155.7528 (5,11)
Weight: 66kg
Rukh Alignment: White Ruhk
Special Features: His Eye colouration which seems to become more grey when cold and more hazel when in hot temperatures
Early Life - Prior to Roleplaying:

Since these times, Vodarara has been involved with a number of things.

He was in one way forced into the Imuchakk, a Clan of Large Blue Haired Humanoids, though he doesn't show them any hostility but rather respect their leader brought him into their number with the offer to join or be ejected after his capture during a hunt of a creature known as a Rampaging Unicorn, though he was happy that they indulged in all the items of the creature, he also gained his bow from this event, slowly chiselled from the horn of the creature he killed, In addition to gaining his name, "Vodarara".

He also became involved in the appearance of two large towers that appeared in Imuchakk, one which forged a large storm around it which he ventured within an Imuchakk-Human halfblood named Tai, though he never discovered the end of it, falling in a crevasse and managing to escape it sometime late.
In addition to this, he aided with the discovery of another dungeon that had rose in Imuchakk after the triggering of a massive avalanche.

He also at this time seeked to gather information on supplies that could assist the Imuchakk on avoiding the hunting of there standard ground prey, passing this along to Asisiak, though the situation stabilised before it was needed, he has since felt that he is being regularly tracked and observed.

Vodarara has also gained an ally, a unique rabbit wolf hybrid though Vodarara doesn't understand how it came into existence, the creature seems to have now taken him as its mother and stubbornly refuses to leave.

The Huntsman also had an encounter with a creature far more ancient that anything he had ever seen before, the creature had stirred up creatures that should have been left to rest and aimed to level everything that stood in its way, it couldn't be reasoned with and met its death at the hands of Vodarara, Tai and Lili alongside the assistance in the event by other Imuchakk, before Vodarara dissipated into the wilds once again.

Role-Play Sample:
A blizzard blew, this was the type of weather you didn’t travel or go out in, the snap of the cold and the weight of the snow would slowly sap your strength and drain you down in till you collapsed to your knees, the creatures would find shelter anywhere they could.

Kynan had acquired himself a small cave enough to get out of the gusts of wind and the snow. The cave was rather dry, better than being in a moist cave. The rocky outcrops from where rocks had sat on each other to make such a shelter, but a shelter was a shelter as long as it kept you from the worst of the weather it did its job.

Enough space to keep a small fire to provide some warmth.

All you could do here was check and maintain your equipment. Be it repairing your boots with leather from animals, or sharpening your knife.

You would deal with anything you could while you couldn’t be outside. Kynan found himself preparing more arrows using feathers, branches and flints to make makeshift arrows as long as they were sharp they could puncture hide that’s how you lived in these parts.

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Primary: Ranger - A tier
Secondary: Assassin - B tier
Tertiary: Beast Tamer - C Tier

Racial Traits

Human Physiology:

Traits - 13/13

Nimble Fingers:
Perfect Balance:
Eagle Eye:
Exceptional Speed:
Exceptional Strength:
Cold Tolerant:
Family Of Companions:


Primary Profession
Related Specialization: Ranger
Profession Title: Wilder
Description: A wilder tends to be focused on survival in their native environment, for Vodarara that environment is Imuchakk, The Key to Wilders is their Survival Techniques, knowing their environment as if it was an extension of themselves.
Profession Perks:

  • Environment Knowledge - Vodarara's knowledge of the land and environment of Imuchakk is one of his key attributes, he knows routes that many others don't know as well as the dangers that are prevalent in areas.
  • Environmental Sleeper - It is possible for the Wilder to rest in their preferred area (Imuchakk) as if they had C tier Resting equipment.
  • Survival Repatriation - The Wilder may spend time to repair non-magical equipment in their possession bringing them up to usable condition but breakable under D tier damage during a thread (It will still need to be repaired after the thread).

Secondary Profession
Profession Title: Hunter Gatherer
Description: Hunter Gatherers use their abilities track down fauna effectively or to gather and find suitable flora for themselves to consume and make use of.
Profession Perks:

  • Hunting and Gathering - The hunter gatherer is able to procure food supplies either through hunting of prey or flora and prepare that into D Tier Food (Word count of 250 required per portion)
  • Predator - The Hunter Gatherer is a proficient tracker and hunter, making use of their environment to hunt their prey and to keep on its track over great distances and frames of time (weather permitting) while making their presence hard to detect and discover. PLOT USE ONLY

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Ranger Techniques and Arrows

Legacy Technique & Arrow Designs (A tier):

B Tier Techniques & Arrows:

C Tier Techniques & Arrows:

D Tier Arrows & Techniques:

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Assassin Bomblets, Strikes & Mobility




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Dom abiltiies

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A Rangers Arsenal
Siyah (Bow):
A Hunter Knife - Knife (Hunting Knife):

Not All That Mundane Weaponry
Kukri - Knife/Bladed Weaponry:

Clawed Gauntlet:

Improvised Weaponry - Thrown Weapons:

The Pack


Accursed Magic Items
A Frozen Tear:

Shimmer Scale Cloak:


Howling Lantern:

Burning Queen:

The Mundane and Other Things

The Quiver, Not so Mundane:

Health Potion x 1

Vodarara's Stash Gs8PicE

Vodarara's Stash LvuyjAO
x2 (See 2016 and 2017)

Vodarara's Stash HREQtj1
Description: A shard of crystallized fate. When broken, it allows the will of the user to somehow influence their fate. Please see the Shard Systems Page for more information.
Amount: 1

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Additional Slot History New (Restructure)


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Vodarara's Topics

Active Topics




Colour Listings:

  • Plot/Special
  • Dungeon Content
  • Jobs
  • Travel
  • Social/Other
  • Training

Thread Archive
All Content in presumed order of occurrence. Presume events noted in Full Voda-Canon to be correct.

Full Voda-Canon Content
The Storm Front Chronicles

  1. The Predator Becomes The Prey (Rampaging Unicorn Battle)
  2. The Wanderer (Becoming a Imuchakk)
  3. A Test of Swimming
  4. Creating An Arsenal
  5. Red Snow
  6. The Storms Gate
  7. Within The Storm Front
  8. Lost to the Storm

The Sent Afar Chronicles

  1. Imuchakk Assets
  2. White Coat
  3. Bear Hunt
  4. A Port Battle
  5. Imuchakk Childcare
  6. Escort Duty
  7. The Return Home

The Snowfall Chronicles

  1. The Return
  2. The Clean Up Afterwards
  3. Pathfinding
  4. Scarlet Hunter
  5. The Wolves that Hunt
  6. Scars and Pups
  7. What Lurks under the Ice
  8. Recovery and Survival

Chronicles : In Search of Aid

  1. Those that Set out
  2. Contracts : That of the Past, That of the Future
  3. Beast Hunt
  4. Seeking Favour
  5. The Arts beyond the Bow
  6. Against Bandits
  7. Note of Intent
  8. The Return
  9. That Which Goes Unspoken

Chronicles : A Hunt Master

  1. 1: The Balance of the Wilds
  2. 2: The Balance of the Wilds
  3. 3: The Balance of the Wilds
  4. 4: The Balance of the Wilds
  5. Smokes and Poisons

Chronicles : The First Legacies

  1. Legacy : Covering
  2. Legacy : Webbing
  3. Legacy : Pin-Point


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Abilities needing adding to the lists:

Volt Step
Tier: A
Class: Household Ability
Type: Offensive/Supplementary Movement
Range: Short/Medium 1m to 40 metres
The household vessel must be invoked/active.
Vodarara is unable to attack or use other abilities while within the bolt between its start and end points, with exception to Storm Powers centred on himself.
Vodarara must be in some form of motion (stepping, jumping etc) and the endpoint must have at least one point of contact with something that isn’t air.
Ineffective against active Guison Household Members
Scaling: Amount/Number of Volt Jumps
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4
Cost: 20 Magoi
    Becoming enveloped in the charged, energetic winds of the storm that picks up debris and other local environmental features in the swirling turmoil around the hunter. Crackling energy coursing across the tunnel of winds. The huntsman is carried like a passenger towards his destination whereupon the tunnel of winds rapidly collapses.Upon its collapse the storm tunnel releases a 2.5 metre pulse on all sides of its entire length, as a cascade of storm infused rukh that cling to uncharged (entities without active Storm Djinn Household/King Vessel’s). This varying charge afflicts those clung to may be afflicted with the Paralysis of a single limb, the Disorientation and Numbness of the body (all effects for 1 post) as they are then flung five metres from the column of winds.When these effects end, the user feels themselves suddenly discharged by the energy of the rukh suffering D rank damage. (Damage as Shock)Fast Summary of Effects:B Rank - Movement Ability covering a range between 1 to 40 metresD Rank - Paralyzation (Single Limb) - The closest limb to the storm rukh at the time the tunnel collapses - 1 postD Rank - Disorientation - Causes those under the effect to react slower in character or have trouble performing actions as efficiently as a charge travels throughout their body. - 1 postD Rank - Numb - For the duration, the user is unable to feel anything or sense anything through touch as a charge travels throughout their body. - 1 postPassive Effect - Storm Magic - Those affected suffer from a five metre knockback/knockdownD Rank - Shock Effect the turn that the Paralyzation, Disorientation and Numbness come to an end (dealing D rank damage)

Storm’s Call
Tier: C
Class: Household Ability
Type: Supplementary - Single Target
Range: Long (100m)
The Household Object must have been Invoked/Active
A whisper/twisting storm must be drawn/generated from the quiver as a rukh base projectile/ammunition (Household Object) and blown/thrown/propelled in some form in the rough direction of it’s target
Scaling: Empower - Knock Effect Increases by 5m for each Scaling
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 10 Magoi
    Drawn from the quiver of the huntsman, these tumbling winds carry only a little amount of the vigour of the storm infused into the rukh towards its target as a tiny whistling stormy mass of bristling storm enveloped winds travel chases their target for up to 100metres. Though when Empowered the forces are significantly more violent.These winds accelerate an individual, object or limb to move up in a given direction up to 15 metres (5 from passive knockback/10 from ability)

What Lies Unseen
Tier: A
Class: Ranger
Type: Supplementary/Offensive
Range: Short
Must be in Vodarara's favoured terrain, Imuchakk
Scaling: N/A
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4
Cost: 40 Stamina
    The huntsman is adapt at drawing targets into positions that they can identify with risk of collapse. From tangled masses of unstable or rotted roots, fresh snow that could slip away in a small avalanche or collapse into part of a crevasse.This could be triggered by an action the huntsman does just beforehand or from the creatures own weight etc.Creating opportunity for the Huntsman to flee or attack off the back of the situation that had either formed naturally or been set up by the hunter themselves.The Stamina usage covers him baiting the opponentProvides B Tier Slow, C tier Weaken and C tier Damage to the affected target. Status effects last 4 Posts


Tier: C
Class: Assassin
Type: Defence/Supplementary
Range: Close
Requires Clawed Gauntlet to be worn
Scaling: Defence/Supplementary Power
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 Stamina
    The huntsman strikes out defensively with his clawed gauntlet, the gauntlets reverberating properties transfer its power effectively to the object it clashes (see weapon trick) and helps mitigate the offensive power of the strike. D Limb Paralysis (Single Post effecting limb the weapon is held in/is limb of) and D defensive power


Tier: B
Class: Assassin
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: Snow, Dirt, Sand or another lose substance that can be kicked up into the air or thrown in the targets face.
Not missing relevant limbs
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30 Stamina
    The character kicks-up with either their feet or hands, debris to interfere with the sight of an target. The area of debris is cloud of between 1 to 3 metres.Causing B-tier Blindness for up to 3 post in Duration, time may be shorter if the individuals eyes aren't directly effected but may lose line of sight due to debris


Intoxicating Powder-Bomblet
Tier: A
Class: Assassin
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
This bomblet must be prepared before combat and can be thrown as a normal throw or as part of a quick-throw.
The bomblet must break/explode
Scaling: Hits/Number Produced
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4
Cost: 40 Stamina
    Releasing a cloud of sleep inducing spores into the air in a two metre burst, this bomblet quietly disgorges its contents sending the target into a stupor.A tier Sleep, AoE of 2m


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