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Predator on the move (Travel/Vodarara/Imu-Reim)

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A small vessel would head away from Imuchakk, there had been many issues spreading around and dungeon’s at least here again weren’t going to be in Vodarara’s plan’s, he had adventured them before but there were some effects that would leave one with much to think before assaulting one again and without a partner you could trust to have your back when the battles come there was no point in assaulting one.

Vodarara had however left some notes behind there were many travellers around whom had been set to work as part of some placement like thing it seems like that had been perfect timing for them with the dungeon discovery, maybe he should have silenced the shepard whom he had been working with so its location wouldn’t be leaked.

He was strong however so a battle would be rather intense but Vodarara would at least have the territory advantage.

The local plains had become desolate and many of his cache’s heavily buried or spread from there location, with the lack of supplies it is the best option to head to the peaks of Reim, hunt there animals and have them sent back salted to Imuchakk at least that even though it’s a long journey the hunt should be easier and safer with the trade routes to move things around as well as more barter options to possibly work with, as a hunter maybe there was some deals he could reach by trading off some of the items he still had that weren’t lost to the wastes.

Vodarara hoped the notes he had left would help the lost caches be found and thus at least those supplies could go to the people at least he hoped, it could be a rather large chance that some would steal these supplies if they discovered them, people where desperate for now.



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