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The Miracle Crusades Set Out To Reim! Heaven's Raid Upon Us! [Balbadd to Reim Travel]

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Trently awoke to his last day in the great nation of trade, Balbadd, and would sit up to find the sun coming over the land. The young man had made large efforts in defeating his knight emissaries whom had come from lands far, but would be continuing his efforts elsewhere now. Trently fought out many knights from eastern countries such as Balbadd and the vast Kou Empire, but now it was the time to journey further west to meet his armored opponents. Trently had got a report finally from his men in Reim of the situation with the knights there and it were to seem that most of them were there. Perhaps it is where their kingdom lies or where a dungeon currently is. Trently did not know the intricacies of their plans, but he would challenge the crusades with his very own and usher in peace for the world. He could not let the kingdom continue to disturb the peace.

"General, please organize our men for sailing out to Reim. Our supplies are packed and the ship is ready for the departure, we set out in some hours."

Said the young Trently as he took apart his tent and prepared for travel to the docks where he and his men would set out for the great mighty nation of Reim. His general would organize the men with the reporting officer, and get the guildsmen military prepared for travel. Once everyone was ready, they walked to the docks two miles far and boarded a sailing vessel led by experienced sailors. The guildsmen of Miracle would sail forth for Reim, cheering and dancing. These men had garnered some good experience from Balbadd, and were coming to be great guildsmen of Miracle. They still had much to learn however as young Trently once did when he first arrived in Reim. Trently celebrated with his men on a job well done in Balbadd.

"I am content in you all, but we still have more to be done. You all are taking the route that I did when I first went on my first journey into the world. There will be further challenges we must conquer, but with a strong will, we can do it!" Roared the guild leader, sailing to the vast land of Reim with his guildsmen. The adventures continued on, with bright smiles, and a guild of strong wills.

Trently and his men braving the harsh ocean waters for weeks, would finally arrive in Reim one sunny afternoon.


The Miracle Crusades Set Out To Reim! Heaven's Raid Upon Us! [Balbadd to Reim Travel] 35360610

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