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Note of Intent (Vodarara, Travel 2)

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The lands where odd you would leave the north even though it was colder its temperature was completely different from that of Imuchakk, people there wrapped up but it felt rather hot wrapped in full outfits of pelts that he used in Imuchakk to keep from freezing to death in the standard weather it was interesting how the Imuchakk seemed impervious to the cold, though he suspected if they were wet and in a blizzard they would most likely freeze as well if they were wounded.

It most likely had to do with their crazy appetites which felt never ending.

Salt water crashed around, the seas where odd in this reason kicking up occasionally swirling, it was of key importance to step carefully in the sea, this environment isn’t yours at least for a human, if something wanted you for dinner then you were most likely going to be dinner.

Vodarara thought the best of action was to just leave a note for the Chief, with information he had gathered as well as a note of the contact in case she wished for more supplies or trade contacts at some point though it would most likely pass over their heads, the imuchakk didn’t use strategy more brute force.

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