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Land of Ice and Snow (Travel, Imuchakk Arrival, Vodarara

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The icy weather closed in one evening, a slow low lying shifting fog of ice the coldness vibrating through the ship, the Imuchakk of course didn’t mind the temperate but it was bitter, looking like the odd one out draped and wrapped in animal hide to conserve body warmth.

As day broke ice could be seen increasing in chunks in the water, the bow of the ship was designed to ride up on top of the chunks of ice and with its mass crush the ice allowing the ship to continue on, this was really the only reliable quick method for traveling.

The Ship continued onwards through rain and snow working its way back to our homes back to where we really belong in the land of snow and ice.

It was rather beautiful to watch the sky at night the sky was clear here, even in the icy grip of this land there was a beautiful tranquil feeling to this land the beauty of it that was only visible really too the people who could live and accept this land.

The ship found itself arriving at the icecap the next day, the journey was over it was nice to have a home to return too.

Well I guess you could call it a home.


WC: 215/195

Vodarara arrives in Imuchakk


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