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The Predator Returns (Travel, Vodarara, Reim Arrival)

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Vodarara would find himself slowly heading towards slightly different areas, he hadn’t been in the mountains of Reim when he was there before he had been stuck hunting the plains and working his way around there, as such it had been hot and sticky a horrible time at least these mountains should be great picking grounds for good prey with thick and warm pelts which it seemed for their difficulty of some pelts they may well come with more value.

The more he could provide and sell the more assets he would have and the more he could do.

First duty would be to deal with speaking to people if he was an 8ft giant, he could intimidate them however being human may at least give him the advantage of not instantly scaring the unknowing people away from him.

It also gives a completely different start being able to get in and close with people is far better than them starting business first, the closer you weasel the better deals you could acquire, though Vodarara would say he was rather jealous of the shepard seemingly getting a far better reception than he could ever get.

Vodarara soon landed in a more snowy part of Reim it seemed this would be as close as he could get to home, though it wasn’t the same…….

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