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On The North Winds (Travel, Reim to Imuchakk, Vodarara)

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It was time to leave this burning land, time to return to the icy nest which is one’s home, a home which is far more suitable that this hot place.

The North Winds would take us there, fill are sails and help us treverse the perils of the sea’s back to the ice plains and the journey was something that would relieve the hunter, with its cool breeze.

Most of the ship board work was handled by the Imuchakk whom had the strength to service their vessel than any normal human could handle.

The sea salt filled winds and waves would lap against the vessel on its journey back to its home, hunts would occur on low wind journey’s by hunters wanting to collect prey from the sea, this was something a humble hunter couldn’t do swimming in the deep blue, unlike the giant’s that surrounded him, Vodarara wasn’t going to out match these fully grown swimmers and even then it was a draining experience if you had to include tracing something then slaying it and then hauling it back to the new location of the vessel.

All without getting lost, as they journeyed deeper back towards there snow dome the weather began to shift.

WC 205/400


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