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Siririn Tenebre

Siririn Tenebre

Siririn stood in the room of the small inn he had found as he wound his way towards the coast of his homeland nation of Immuchakk. He held all items he treasured within arms reach of his person, his sword on his back and a bag of clothes sitting beside a small wooden chest filled with trinkets he had picked up while doing jobs or travelling. Siririn had been in the small town before or at least some town within the area, but before he was lost and just travelling now he had a destination and that changed everything for him. He could feel his heart pounding against his chest in a steady thump-thump-thump, a sound he would often times hear when he lay silent in his bed, but it was different this time he was not alone in the dark of night the town bustled with people and could be heard clearly through the walls that surrounded him. He took a deep breathe to try and calm himself, he thought of why he was going on his journey. Days back when he was stilling travelling, he had heard a man speaking of the the grandeur of the coliseums of country called Reim, Siririn had read about the country a few times before but never really looked into it, the man told Siririn of how warriors would fight for glory and honor on the battlegrounds and Siririn knew that his best chance of making a change was to go and show himself what he was made of. Then there came his plight..if he left he would possibly be written off as a traitor to the only place he had known to be a home, but if he went he could gain the chance to move forward in his life to bring honor to his memory of a family. His hands grabbed his bag and chest and he set out from his room his footfalls moving in time to the beat of his heart.
The port was busier than most places Siririn had seen before in his life the great ships would carry him to his destination of Reim, but first he had to find one to bring him there. Hours had past by the time Siririn had found a captain travelling to Reim and a couple more to find a deal to let him travel on the ship for as small a cost as he could get. The captain finally agreed that he would need to help out on the ship and help them obtain food from the waters they were sailing which Siririn readily accepted as he was no stranger to each hard work or fishing in the sea. Siririn had been assigned to a cabin below the deck with a small bed and a singular round window above the bed, he set his chest and bag by the bed and sat and the small bed wondering how well he would sleep in small quarters over his next travels.

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