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Starting Over [Travel Thread Imuchakk to Reim]

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The large unnamed Imuchakk sat in his makeshift hut one quiet night. The man sighed as he watched his fish cooking next to the fire that he made. Hmph. I wonder how long I will be able to rough it like this? Those other villages are nice... but they're not home. He thought to himself as he remembered his home tribe. How he was exiled from the tribe until he was able to defeat the Rampaging Unicorn. If onlyhe took it seriously the last time. He would be in his warm village instead of being forced to be a loner. "Now I have to wait..."

"That's true. But I have a feeling you'll improve and grow so much before then. At least, for your sake. The large Imuchakk turned as the voice intruded his silence. The sight before him was a bit of a surprise, though. It was his father. A mountain of an Imuchakk. One of the few that actually stood taller than he did. "D-dad..." The son seemed a bit meek in the shadow of his sire. Who could blame him though? A man made of pure muscle, standing at three hundred thirty-five centimeters suddenly standing over you? You'd have to be inside NOT to be intimidated by such a figure.

"I really wish you would have put your best foot forward son. As the chief, I have to have a higher standard for my bloodline. I hope you understand why I exiled you. I love you son. I truly do, but I hate seeing you waste your potential like you are here. I sent a letter to the other chieftans today. If you do not enter their tribe with a sign of having slain the Rampaging Unicorn, they have been asked to turn you away as well." The son's eyes widened. He didn't understand. Did his failure embarass his father that badly?! "Son... Go to Reim. Grow as a man. Grow as a warrior. Then come back, and reclaim your place as my heir." The large Imuchakk chief hugged his son and left a sack for him, full of Huang.

The unnamed Imuchakk let his father's words ring in his mind. Even until the next day when he boarded the next trade ship to Reim. Over the next three months, the Imuchakk worked helping the people aboard the ship. He was surprised that there were no Imuchakk present other than himself. He fought off territorial sea creatures and swam under the ship a few times to help with repairs. It didn't take long for the crew members to start calling the man "Poseidon" due to his affinity with the water and his calmness on the seas.

Poseidon, as he was now called, stood calmly on the deck of the ship with his arms crossed, seeing the port for one of the Reimian towns starting to come in to view. I guess this is my new start... He thought to himself as he picked up his family's spear and helped unload the ship.
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Starting Over [Travel Thread Imuchakk to Reim] TPzUQGA

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