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Trouble in the sea [Travel from Imuchakk -> Reim]

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Today was the day! She was packing up and leaving. She said her last goodbyes to her father after getting rid of some ice slugs. It was now time for the girl to move on before she started second guessing her decisions. The village elder insisted that the girl stay, since the sea benefitted her more than the land but the girl was quite curious and wanted to experience the outside world for herself. No one would be able to change her mind. Koko packed only the essentials and prepared to board a boat leaving for the main land. The villagers all came to see the girl off as she left. Before Koko boarded her elder approached her and assured the girl the very house she grew up in would be rendered untouched and unmoved so the little immuchak girl would always have a place to return to. Koko smiled and looked back to her friends. “Goodbye, thank you for everything!” She said with a large grin as the ship sailed off. The villagers became smaller and smaller the farther away they moved from her homeland. It would be a while before she reached the next city so she decided to sleep below deck.

She awoke in the dark, with a splitting headache. “Ugh, I wasn’t drinking was I?” She couldn’t remember. She tried to rub her head but her arms wouldn’t move. It was more like they were bound by a rope of sorts. She inch wormed forward and used what felt like the stairs to help her stand up straight. The ropes that bound her hands were not that strong. She broke out of them easily. Now able to freely move she saw a light moving towards her and instinct told her to hide. Which thank goodness she followed. Two men walked down from the stairs and she ducked behind what looked like crates.  And barrels. She sniffed the barrels and knew what it was immediately. Gunpowder! Her eye’s grew wide but she kept quiet as they talked.
‘I’m quite glad the mutiny worked. All the passengers except the girl are dead. Aside from us and the rest of the crew who rose up against the captain.’
‘Yeah, we’re taking this ship and making a name for ourselves. Raien Kaiba will surely pay us greatly.’
So a Mutiny happened….wonderful! She thought eyeing the guy with the torch. I need to get off this boat and keep these people from hurting anyone else. She’d do what would have to be done. She dashed out from behind the barrels of gunpowder and launched a kick in one guys stomach. He doubled over in pain and stumbled onto the floor. She turned to the other guy with the torch and kicked him into the Barrels of gun powder. Bad Idea. She made a mad dash for the opposite wall but  the explosion still reached her and the ship exploded with debris flying everywhere. The ship was now taking in water and Koko was sent flying in the direction she ran. She fell in the water and grabbed a nearby plank wearily ash she looked back at the now burning ship in the water. She slowly closed her eyes and would not open them until morning.

She drifted a while that night. Koko was at the mercy of the currents that was until a local fisherman spotted the girl and dragged her upon his ship. The girl awoke in his house with a start. She looked at the man with vicious eyes and grabbed the nearest sharp thing that she could find. “WHERE AM I? WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?” ‘Oh, me….uh, your in Reim. I did nothing to you except take care of your wounds. You’ve been asleep for quite a bit.’ Koko examined the man. He didn’t seem to be lying. She was covered in bandages she apologized at once and thanked the man. Now Koko didn’t want to impose upon the kind lad so she left his house to enter the city of Reim.

word count: 676


 Trouble in the sea [Travel from Imuchakk -> Reim] R7UWixC

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