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Leathery Wings (Vodarara, Profession, Solo)

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The plan to get the wyvern to appear was to bait it to the ground, the veteran bison corpse as bait, it should attract big animals from all around in to scavenge on prey, big animals that can see far and that are in the sky should spot it with more ease that ones on the ground that will follow its scent trail, though he imagined the wolves would be the first to the corpse to pick at it as well as other scavengers in the nearby area.

One thing that confused Vodarara was why the creature had decided to leave its roost and travel further than normal it had been acting erratic since the avalanche and had been getting progressively worse, Vodarara had suspicions it was maybe some sort of affliction from the weird aura that emanated from the towers he had seen, he wondered if it was them that slowly spreaded affliction and disturbance through the roots and the ground, maybe they afflicted the plants and slowly over time as smaller animals picked up traces of the affliction it could then be passed up the chain into bigger and bigger animals and then finally the major predators were affected as it built up heavily in the top echelons of the animal kingdom.

Though this could only be a theory to the creepy aura that the dungeons gave him, he could well be wrong but the unnaturalness of the towers that could suddenly rise and just as suddenly fall, this could explain disturbance however Vodarara couldn’t know the other effects that these creations caused, there existence and their reasons for coming into being was something completely alien to him, that he couldn’t explain and doubted he would ever discover, who knows how many other of these things have risen in the past or will rise in the future.

If he could he wanted to stop them ever rising in Imuchakk again but that would be a grand struggle with nothing to go on and he doubted that anyone else had a decent idea about what was going on with them, he had no plans to question or ask the people he had seen that had odd aura’s from when he was last near them.

Vodarara’s stake outs were more just contemplation you kept your eyes open, sat perfectly still if anything you could be there for days, he surveyed the area from a distance watching the corpse, the rich fat of the bison would have been great for burning and making tallow and oils but there would be other chances he hoped.

Vodarara would sit in position without eating or drink, maintaining more of a state of hibernation, crowded in snow warped around him and his clothing to help maintain a stable body temperature at a slightly decreased temperature, he aimed to reduce his presence before part of the land scape.

The Bison would be inspected by creatures through the day the small predator coming in taking a bite to eat from the bison and fleeing towards suitable cover from the open plain, it was risky to stay in the open other predators could spot you and hunt you down with ease.

However it needed to be in an open area due to wanting to draw the wyvern into landing and if it didn’t have enough space to get airborn again it wouldn’t waste time landing on flat ground, it either needed momentum to take off or a big enough drop to pick up the wind streams under its wings.

It would take more than a day of waiting before anything interesting happened.

WC: 604





A full moon glinted in the sky filling the landscape with its light, everything was quite well eliminated by the light, wolves had begun to prowl and encircle slowly working their way towards the fat and flesh of the bison, the first to close was most likely a beta, it would be expected the alpha’s stayed in the rear, sending one of their more expendable members up to the front to check the corpse and draw anything out that may be lurking, however the beta wouldn’t be the first to feed.

The rights of first feed commonly would belong to the alpha’s, after the beta had backed off the alpha’s approached to begin feeding there targets would be to take the best parts for themselves, this was how the survival of groups worked the biggest and most highly ranked would take the best for themselves and leave the lesser parts for lower ranking members, you could say this helped prevent any uniquely able animals gaining enough strength and build up from the high quality feeds as they had to keep themselves alive on scraps, it was a shame sometimes such potential would be completely lost, but there was always a chance they may get lucky and expand, this was the way of the wilds, very few animals could survive without a group, many worked together to take down larger prey and as a group there was safety in numbers and strength in numbers.

The Alpha Male began working itself into the flesh of the bison, dragging out organs, as it began to feast into the liver of the bison, it was picked up in one fell swoop, a shadow shifted through the moonlight as it once stooped it suddenly rose, with a loud thunk a body hit the ground from above, it seemed the wolf had met its end picked up then dropped to the ground as the wyvern circled dropping to the ground.

It was a creature with large leathery wings as white as ice, these wings made up its forelimbs using the knuckles of the wings to move forwards, its hide scaled and plated across its body before at the end of its body there was a long whip like tail that had numerous spikes along it, it worked its way over the body.

Its head craning around keeping an eye on the wolves which had begun to back off, though the wolves would finally flee when one of their number attempted to attack the wyvern from behind only to find its skull and most of its body caved in by the muscles and impaled by the spikes of the wyverns tail.

The Wyvern moved in to begin its ravenous feast on the body of the bison, bearing its teeth and digging into the belly of the bison, it was gouging itself as quick as possible as if rushing, Wyverns were powerful predators and it would be exceedingly rare for any animal even other top end predators to bother fighting over food against it.

WC: 506





Vodarara slowly began his approach working his way to bring himself into a good position, he needed to align himself out of the creature’s field of view and would slowly creep around working his position.

It took him a while, it was like playing chicken as you moved you focused on your target moving between when it looked away and then freezing when it began to scan around in the region where you were.

It was easier to spot movement.

Vodarara came to position, waiting for his chance he slowly drew an Arrow from his quiver, bringing it into his bow, he slowly drew it back in his bow taking aim at his target, he planned to aim for the upper shoulder with the aim to restrict as much movement as possible from the creatures wings, it would be best to prevent it getting airborn, Wyvern’s couldn’t fly for long periods but once it was in the air it could make use of its quick movement.

The arrow flew through the air but before it could make impact the creature swung its tail swiping the arrow with its spikes shattering it.

It seems the creature had good senses as it began to turn and started to move quickly to pick up speed to get itself airborn.

An Arrow had gone to waste and he was now detect, he needed to act fast, Vodarara drew a Maw from his quiver and drew it back in his bow a red hue showing through its snow white wrapping as it leaned on the snowy white string.

He drew back firing as the creature began to head airborn, the arrow lodged in the side of the creatures tail, he was off aim, it seemed to air movement had possibly affected the arrows line and lead it to not land where he had wanted to, now the wyvern was in its domain, however it was wounded, but now it was at its own advantage as the creature began to circle.

The creature made some mock dives and stoops but withdrew before it got close enough for a decent shot.

Vodarara sat another arrow in his bow and kept an eye on the creature, it was a game of fox and hare and at this point Vodarara was feeling like he was playing the hare in this situation.

The wyvern stooped down as it reached the ground it swiped its tail through the ground tearing and scattering snow and chunks of ice through the air, before it got any closer Vodarara was forced to Tumble out of its trail, to avoid the impaling spikes of the tail.

The wyvern picked up air again heading back upwards into the sky as Vodarara quickly worked on regaining his footing and regaining sight on the creature, though the mist of snow that filled the air made it difficult to see anything.

Vodarara listen hoping for any sign of sound, though it would be close to impossible to hear its wing beats, much like an owl its flight was near impossible to hear.

The creature may be wounded but one bite or strike could well kill him.

Vodarara heard a rapid whistle a plummeting, as he drew back his bowstring and Arrow a large gust of movement and pressure tore open the mist, the Wyvern had stooped its mouth wide open, Vodarara released the arrow.

The arrow made contact with the creature imbedding into it, as Vodarara dropped to the ground and spun himself onto his back as the creature howled straight overhead, not to distance from Vodarara the creature hit the ground, its tail sailing up into the air before coming straight back down.

Vodarara quickly expanded his legs as the spiked tail crashed down between his legs.
As he quickly sat up and looked how close it came to his manhood, before he quickly dashed to his feet and made sure the creature was dispatched by running a blade into the creature’s spinal cord at its neck.

It seemed another grand beast had been felled.

WC: 677


Wyvern: Dead

Voda: Manhood intact

Arrows: 2 Arrows used of pool

Tech's Used: Maw, Tumble

Stamina: 210/250

Name: Maw
Tier: B
Cost: 30 s
Weapon Type: Shortbow
Class: Offensive
Range: 40 m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 5 posts
-Speed 25 m/s
-B tier damage
This arrow head can easily penetrate armour due to its material composition.

Name: Tumble
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Stamina
Weapon Type: Body
Class Supplementary
Range: Self
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 Posts
The Hunter vaults into a roll at 15m/s to put up to 5 meters between him and an opponent.


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