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Port Battle (Vodara + Garret/Job)

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Job Name: Imuchakk Assets III/III End The Attacks
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 200 xp 15,000 huang
Job Overview:
After taking out the smaller group, it would seem as though all is well. However they were only a part of the main group plotting the attack. Three days have passed since the ambush on the bandits and this time was spent preparing a stronger force. The bandits attack again during the night using a ship of their own! The Imuchakk guards can handle most of the attackers from the water with their superior swimming, but some bandits are also attacking from the port by land. While your Imuchakk companions hold off the seafaring bandits, watch their backs and protect the ship from the land party.

Enemy Name: Hired Thug x 3
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: C
Each Thug has a base movements speed of 6m/s and a sprinting speed of 9m/s. They carry crude weapons such as clubs and daggers capable of dealing D-tier damage.

Desperate Strike - When faced with sure defeat, these thugs will lash out with their weapon striking at 10m/s dealing D-tier damage.

Enemy Name: Thug Leader
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
The thug leader can move at a base speed of 6m/s and sprints at 10m/s. He wields a proper sword, a gladius, capable of dealing C-tier damage.

Makeshift Explosive - A small pot filled with explosive material. The pot can be lit and thrown at 15m/s up to 15m away and creates a 5m radius blast on impact capable of dealing C-tier damage in the form of burns and shrapnel.

Raiding Charge - To open up the assault, this thug shouts at the top of his lungs and rushes forward clearing 10m of ground at 15m/s allowing him to close a gap with surprising speed.

Enemy Name: Mastermind
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Has a base speed of 7m/s and can spring at 12m/s. He carries a pair of weapons both C-tier in quality. One is a straight sword, the other is an axe.

Dual Strike - The Mastermind performs an X shaped sash with both of his weapons at 20m/s. Each blow deals C-tier damage individually and B-tier damage if both land.

Twin Parry - The Mastermind moves at 15m/s to block an incoming attack with his sword parrying up to 1 D-tier worth of damage. He then pins the attacking weapon to his sword using his axe causing D-tier immobilization so long as the attacker keeps hold of the sword.


It had been 3 days since the elimination of some of the plotter’s group, the port side seemed tense it seemed over the last few days the type of people milling around the port had also changed less people who were here to spend their money and more people observing who was around.

The Captain was as usual downing ridiculous levels of ale’s, as I kept up my 18 hour cycle on sitting on top of our mast and watching what was going on around us, it always seemed the Imuchakk couldn’t really care what happened and just dealt with everything with pure brute force.

I’m sure any intelligent merchant could easily have got the goods we had brought here for a super low rate.

Day began to shift towards Afternoon.

As it grew later and later into the day more and more birds flew in from the sea and went inland.

The sun shimmered across the clear ocean waters turning them orange as well as the skies as they were illuminated by the descending sun.

It seemed that a storm was brewing and making its way inland, the birds moving inland was always a sign of that, it would most likely be a tough night, as such it would be doubtable to be able to get any sleep especially when they all decide to have a party inside as per usual.

It seemed awkward the Captain clearly didn’t have any worries after a few of the thugs men were killed off by myself, there had been a bit more guard activity but that activity seemed to completely die off this evening, maybe it was due to the coming storm or maybe something else was at work in regards to it.

I tried to get some shut eye in the down pour and rocking and creaking boat before the morning but I would be rudely awakened…….




Garret found himself in the primary Port City of Reim. The first of the merchant ships with supplies had come around, and they were ready to do trading and load up on raw materials for the Imuchakk lands. One of the jobs of the organization Garret was a part of was to see through with the treaty; the Emperor, while approving the takeover of Reim, was not particularly thrilled to hear the conditions they had obtained it on. Garret had been working hard to make sure that the details were handled for the treaties that were signed. They had lost a significant portion of funding from the homeland, and he had to supplement it with various side-jobs, such as the underwater treasure they had found and Sejarl Kolan's personal riches.

The treaty they held with Chief Asisiak was also something he felt particularly important. He could not imagine that the Chief had a high opinion of how the entire exchange of events took place. Normally he would not care much for what others thought of the methods; strictly business, Garret had often taken the fastest approach that got the results he wanted. He had developed much since then, though, in both combat ability and the wisdom behind his thinking. While Garret did not believe himself to be capable of leading a nation, he still knew that he would need wisdom in order to lead in the position he had obtained.

As such, it was now partially a matter of Pride and Honor that had brought him to where he was now. It was not yet afternoon, and Garret was sitting in a chair just outside of a warehouse, next to another guard. The warehouse was not his, but the owner of the place allowed him to sit outside it due to the official documents Garret had provided. National security was at stake here, as the treaty between the Imuchakk and the Empire could not be taken lightly. He sat in the chair, his left hand holding onto Kuroi Shimo and sustaining the spell Sound Sphere, which would give him information on any sounds made within 7.5 meters of him. His eyes, half closed in false sleep, took stock of the weapons he held on his person. The Prismatic Dagger was strapped to his left waist, and his Royal Dragon Fan was in one of his pockets. Not that he really considered the fan a weapon at this point; he hadn't used much of it insofar as that was concerned, and didn't believe it to be a reliable weapon to use in the first place.

It was getting to be time when the sun started to set. Garret's vigilance increased at this point, as he knew that attacks during the day were much less likely to occur than attacks under the cover of night. He watched carefully; this was why he had come personally. To ensure the delivery of goods and to keep his word and the word of his organization that was made between Kou and the Imuchakk Chief, Asisiak. It was this point where Garret saw the first sign of trouble. Across the street there was a torch that suddenly flickered out and a very light grunt, a sound that reminded Garret of the sound an opponent makes when being strangled to death, to him.

Simultaneously his Sound Sphere picked up the sound of a man moving extremely quietly through the darkness and approaching Garret. Garret suddenly stood up when the man got behind him. Pivoting on his left foot, he performed River Styx Style: Crescent Whirlpool, a crescent kick, to the Hired Thug's face. The speed of the technique, combined with the strength behind the technique, sent the man down to the ground as the blunt damage was enough to kill him. Garret put his wand away, hidden in his sleeve, before he took his hands out of the sleeves and let them rest at his side. Successfully hiding the fact that he was a Magician, he turned out to the darkness while still being under the cover of light. Garret grasped the torch in his left hand and walked forward, slowly, towards the center of the street.

The Mastermind showed just why he was the 'brains' of the operation. Quickly assessing the threat level of this new opponent, he shouted out to the rest of the thugs. "Quickly! I'll hold him off, you lot get the ship!" The Thug Leader and several other Hired Thugs rushed to the ship. A quiet run was out of the question at this point, and they would need to do a 'smash and grab'. The Mastermind turned to Garret, looking him up and down. "Kou dog, you won't be able to stop us from taking the goods on board..."

Garret simply raised an eyebrow at the man while entering a fighting stance, though his left hand was preoccupied with a torch, and slowly approached the Mastermind...


Defeated: Hired Thug x1
875/1500 Word Count
240/300 Magoi/Stamina remaining


Name: Kuroi Shimo (Black Frost)
Material: Oak (D Tier)
Appearance: The wand itself has engraved arcane symbols, with a black finish. It is 30.5 cm, or 1 ft, long. The end of the wand is pointed.

Name: Prismatic Dagger
Tier: C
Type: Dagger
Magic Type: Crystal [Strength + Heat]
Appearance: A 30cm long dagger carved from a pale crystal ore and polished down to a smoot surface. The dagger has a one handed grip and is engraved with a magic circle at its pommel.

   Allows the user to use parry abilities on light magic spells, regardless of their size or area of effect at a cost of 5 magoi. The cost is paid on top of the stamina cost of the parry ability.
   By paying 20 magoi, the wielder can stab the dagger into the ground and raise a 10mx10m wall in front of themselves that is 1m thick. The wall requires C-tier damage to destroy and is capable of reflecting up to 1 B-tier light spell back at its source.

*This does not take up any of your item/weapon slots

Name: Royal Dragon Fan
Tier: B
Type: Fan
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: This fan is 25 cm in height, 5 cm in width and 2.5 cm in length when folded, and opens up to a 175 degree angle. Both sides contain the design of a gold dragon flying in the sky. Though made of wood and charmeuse silk cloth(16 momme), the craftsmanship is superb and on par with the deadliness of a weapon and can be used as a blunt stabbing tool or as a blunt club to dish out damage. Enhanced through the opal magical gem that is at the base of the fan and functions as a hinge, this item is fairly sturdy. This fan doubles as a seal of Kou high nobility, with this particular dragon being registered as the Takegawa household's seal.


Name: Sound Sphere
Tier: B
Cost: 30|15
Element: Sound
Class: Supplementary
Range: 30m
Duration: Sustain
Cool-Down:5 posts or sustain+1
The caster creates a 15m diameter sphere that detects and relays all sound data that occurs within it back to the caster. This includes direction, strength, tone, depth and any other variables a sound may be measured by. This information is provided in two ways: through synesthesia, in the form of 'sight', in which the user can see the sounds and their movements with or without their eyes open, as well as in the form of hearing. The user may choose to limit what kind of data is returned at the time of casting. This information travels at a speed of 20m/s in front of whatever sound has entered the sphere. If an ability of higher speed passes through the sphere, the information trails behind the ability.

Name: Crescent Whirlpool (River Styx Style)
Tier: B
Cost: 30 Stamina
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 5
Description: The user strikes out at the target at a speed of 20m/s with a crescent kick, backed by a large amount of force, dealing B-Tier damage to the target.




A mixture of explosions happened outside, loud noise erupted from left, right, above….

It’s like it is completely impossible for there ever to be a break for me, next thing is meeting the floor as the other sleeping imuchakk, launch themselves up knocking things over without care to get out into a possible fray with their horns or fists.

The hammock revolved as a large blue haired head bolted upright, flipping the hammock over, with a satisfying crunch, Vodara hit the floor.

Followed by the loud words, “Mornin, Midget get the up and get out there” as the door leading towards the deck of the vessel was ran through.

Blood trickled from Vodara’s nose most likely caused by the rather rapid fall face first onto the floor after being thrown out of his hammock.

The boat rocked and rolled heavily in the storm, it would most likely be enough to make you sick if you hadn’t had to put up with such rocking every single night aboard an Imuchakk vessel, maybe that was because the Captain was nearly never sober.

Vodara took his Quiver strapping it around his waist as quickly as possible, next was to string the bow, it was always the rule of a bow user that one could never leave there bow strung leaving your bow strung could cause a huge amount of damage to it for it being like that for too long admittedly this was a horn of a pretty powerful beast.

Compared to the Imuchakk Fighters, Vodara wasn’t the fastest to get ready, he wasn’t one to wonder around will bulking hammers and the such.

He rushed his way to the ship’s deck, as he rushed through the final door to the deck into the open, clipping a Thermos type arrow into the string the fuse began to tick the chemicals began to mix soon it would explode its pot….

A blade came in rapidly towards his face, revolving over on his feet, one hand hitting the ground as the blade sat far far too close to his face, the arrow dropped.

This was a time to run and run away fast, the big leader type of a thug, Another joined the fray as his arrow hit the ships deck.

As the another blade moved towards Vodara he launched himself from the floor air born as per say, as he tumbled into a roll on the ships deck.

He came face to face with the one person blocking his escape from the soon to happen explosion.

Blade met bow as Vodara was forced to deflect the attack using his treasure, tipping away as much momentum as possible from his bow, rolling himself with the absorbed momentum to be behind the man.

Now this guy was big enough to make a good body shield, as such Vodara upright chokehold the thug to hold him still as he hid himself as the pot detonated…

"Sorry man"


130/150 Stamina

10/10 Standard Arrows

(D rank damage on bow)

Name: Thermos
Tier: C
Cost: 20 s
Weapon Type: Shortbow
Class Offensive (Fire)
Range: 30 m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 posts
-Speed 20 m/s
-10 Metre’s Radius
-2nd degree burns - C tier damage
A high speed ejection of burning hot paste is blasted out in a cloud of liquid paste should this make contact with flesh it can cause 2nd degree burns.



As Garret approached the Mastermind he considered how much strength he would need to conserve for the forces that boarded the boat. They had the cover of darkness, and the ship itself was a good twenty or so meters away from where he was at that time... Were he in the shoes of these assailants, he would have chosen enough men to take on the forces of the strong Imuchakk and escape with the goods. As such, Garret believed that the best bet would be to finish this early with a strong attack.

If he allowed the fight to carry on for too long he would not have the stamina to continue on board the ship. And truthfully, it was there that he was needed most. This Mastermind before him was able to determine that in just a moments time, and was thus delaying his arrival to the ship for as long as he could. The sense of haste that this generated within Garret, however, caused that line of thinking to backfire.

Magoi gathered about Garret's right arm, twisting and turning, pumping through his veins and reinforcing tissue, muscles, bones and joints. The level of danger that radiated from this technique was high, and the Mastermind before him understood the strength immediately. "Heh. What rotten luck. The scum we ran into is a monster. I won't let you kill my mates so easily, kid. I'll be taking you with me." Understanding the strength that Garret had at his disposal from the use of Magoi Manipulation, the Mastermind knew that his underlings wouldn't stand a chance. With sword in right hand and axe in left, the man threw his arms open widely, giving Garret a slight pause. Even as their fight began, Garret could hear a clash of a battle take place on deck of the Imuchakk's ship. There seemed to have been explosions, which only pushed forth the urgency needed to handle this situation.

That stance... Garret immediately recognized the stance of a sacrificial technique. The technique invited Garret to approach the man and land a clean blow straight through his body, however the repercussions would normally be immense. The reason for that man's outstretched arms was not to invite Garret, but to prepare him for the strongest attack his dual wielding style could afford him; the more distance the weapon had to accelerate, the more speed and destruction it could build up and deliver to his opponent. And the level that the man's weapons were held made it apparent that his attack would aim for the head. The fact that he had to wind back to do this provided an 'opening' that 'invited' opponents to attack. This was a product of the technique itself, and not necessarily an intended function. In this case, however, it would seem to work in the man's favor.

"Heh. Afraid? I don't blame you. Let's see exactly who is faster... Your arm? Or my weapons?" The man stayed standing there, awaiting Garret's movement. The truth was, the Mastermind was fine just wasting Garret's time. If Garret never came, he would never have to test whose attack would be faster, and thus satisfy the goal he made of delaying the Magician.

Unfortunately for the Mastermind he was mistaken about the reason why Garret had paused. Garret had paused because of what he 'heard' the man say. His actions spoke volumes of what type of person he was. To be prepared to die in order to take out an opponent his subordinates were ill equipped to handle was the markings of a dedicated leader. Furthermore, his use of the tactic to force Garret to think twice of approaching him was commendable. The only downfall of this technique was that it showed Garret that the man believed himself to be outmatched, and that he believed his attack would remove Garret's head from his body.

Garret's decision to hide the fact that he was a Magician worked in his favor. After having paused for just a moment, he continued to walk forward. The man did not move, and did not flinch. When Garret was close to the man he jumped forward, shooting out his right arm that was saturated with Magoi, using River Styx Style: Ikken Hissatsu: Deep Sea Harpoon. Simultaneously, the Mastermind's attack was released, Dual Strike, both Long Sword and Axe aiming to cut at his neck in an 'x' motion in the hopes of decapitation.

The superior reach of the weapons made up for their slightly slower speed, and the two struck each other simultaneously. Garret's hand pierced through the flesh of the man and went straight into the body... However the man's attacks bounced off of Garret's Borg, the protection of the Rukh nullifying all hope that the Mastermind had. "You... Bastard.. Yo.u.. W..were. A" The words were the last that had come out of his mouth. Garret's hand had made its way through the man's body and grasped the Mastermind's heart, crushing it. Extracting the hand from the man, Garret turned to the ship that was off a ways away even as the opponent he had been fighting just moments before crumpled into a heap. Garret moved his hand in a downward chop through the air, removing some blood from his arm as he did so. It was time to see what was happening on the ship itself.

Running to the ship, Garret noted that the men had placed a boarding plank onto the ship in order to get aboard the deck, and quickly followed that up to view the sight on board deck. Just as he reached the peak and got to the edge of the ship an explosion took place. Garret kept himself on high alert, awaiting for everything to settle so he could gauge the scene before him...


991+875 = 1866/1500 Word Count
Total Enemies Defeated: Mastermind x1, Hired Thug x1
200/300 Magoi/Stamina remaining

Abilities used:

Name: Ikken Hissatsu: Deep Sea Harpoon (River Styx Style)
Tier: A
Cost: 40|20
Weapon Type: Body (Magoi Manipulation)
Class: Offensive
Range: Close
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 14 posts
The user's arm becomes enforced by magoi, making it into a powerful weapon. The strength of this magoi supports every aspect of the arm, from the shoulder all the way to the tips of the fingers. The user of this technique shoots their hand through an opponent at 25 m/s, dealing A tier damage, and can potentially remove any 1 organ if the technique is not disrupted. Sustaining the technique continues the manipulation of the magoi, allowing another strike.




An eruption of Blazing paste spat into the air coating what was around its close proximity, As Vodara peered out from behind his body shield, he could here a long agonising scream, peering in its direction he saw a body slump forwards.

Behind the thug was his leader it seemed he had picked up on the fact, Vodara had taken a body shield and used one of his own minions to protect himself from the blast.

The thug’s body crumpled to the floor.

Next Vodara felt movement in his grip…..

“O crap your still alive” this was not part of the plan it seemed he was out of the area of explosive effect maybe the storm had effected his paste.

Two threats left and one dead, Vodara wasn’t one for close combat fighting, distance was the best thing for an archer it was enough impossible to shoot on the move or while airborn, so you had to always try to escape.

“um bye”, Vodara pushed the thug he had in a hold towards the Leader and scarpered across the slippery deck of the ship.

It wasn’t long before both of the remaining thugs were pursing him across deck.

The issue with deck’s was the fact that water puddled up on them sliding around as the ship rocked and rolled in the kicking sea as the rain beat down.

Around it seemed other thugs were being beaten down and rounded up by the Imuchakk forces, well clearly any of them that thought it was a remotely smart idea to attempt to fight an Imuchakk hand to hand had worse things coming to them, even a small smack on the shoulder could cause dislocation of limbs, Vodara had suffered that at the hands of the Chief, maybe she was an exception far far more powerful than the average Imuchakk or maybe she was average but far more intelligent, Vodara hadn’t seen much of her combat ability but he for some reason doubted the intelligence, It seemed when he mentioned about wanting to use the Rampaging Unicorn for a year to fed himself rather stumped her, but then she did have a crazy appetite like many Imuchakk.

Vodara’s aim was to survive in any way he could be that at the expense of others, Survival of the fittest as you could say, he did sometimes hold grudges but most weren’t in his mind the type that would mean the backstabbing of someone, more like silently and sneakily out match them.

Vodara had been cooking a plan for a while to get back at the Chief and……

A blade swung in the leader had attempted to close him, It wasn’t the time to be running an innermonolgue of your evil plans. Vodara bolted his way up on of the masts scrambling across it while the Thugs attempted to cut away at the rigging to cause him to fall.

He leapt to the Next Mast, he heard a crunch from below, the Mast was collapsing and cracking…….

The Captain…. Drunk again this time smashing someones body into the mast.

As it came down on itself, Vodara came to the far end of the deck with a graceful faceplant…….

533 words

130/150 Stamina

10/10 Standard Arrows

(D rank damage on bow)




Garret gritted his teeth at what was occurring before him. The battle itself was pure chaos and grated on his nerves. The explosion was one thing; a fire, on deck of a ship? At least nothing caught on fire, as it seemed it was abated by the water from the storm. Garret caught sight of something curious; a human on the ship that was fighting the men who attacked it. This human climbed up the rigging, and those following him were attempting to cut it down. Garret chuckled to himself, amused that they believed that to be the best way to get the man down.

Looking back on deck, Garret noted the battle's flow. The Imuchakk definitely had an upper hand in the fight, though some of them seemed... Intoxicated? One such Imuchakk slammed a man straight into the mast. Sucking in a surprised breath, Garret watched as the mast fell, split from the efforts of the Imuchakk. Garret glanced upwards and watched as the human who had ran up there earlier was slowly falling with it. Garret winced as the man landed onto the deck of the ship.

Not too long after this, some of those who were on the boat noticed his presence on the boarding plank. One of the thugs yelled out. "Our escape route! It's been cut off! Get him!" Garret's torch, while it had an oil that made it incredibly difficult to douse the flame, had finally died out on him shortly after the statement was made.

Grunting, Garret tossed the torch to the ground, discarding the useless thing. The storm, however, was a mixed blessing for the Blue Magician. Pulling out Kuroi Shimo in his left hand and Royal Dragon Fan in his right hand, Garret looked about as two thugs came towards him. The first of which he dispatched with a jab of his fan into the man's gut. The force of the blow was such that it broke the man's ribs. The man, with the last bit of strength he had, attempted to hit Garret with his Desperate Strike. Sadly, it bounced off of Garret's Borg uselessly and the man fell into the water.

The second man died in a similar manner, though was unable to attack with a last ditch effort; his morale was already dead due to how useless the previous attempt to harm Garret had been.

Those of the intruders who were still on the deck began to realize that their ability to successfully leave the ship had greatly diminished. A few of the men began jumping overboard, and the Thug Leader shouted out to them. "NO! You fools! Not overboard!" The man was correct about the danger of going overboard. Forget about the storm; fighting in the water was the forte of the Imuchakk people. A few Imuchakk followed the men overboard, and would likely make quick work of the humans who jumped over.

The leader, having spoken out, made himself a target to Garret. He leveled his wand towards the man and spoke the commands to the Rukh for the Jet Stream. The dual streams, .2 meters in diameter a piece, shot straight out and covered the distance between himself and the Thug Leader. Preoccupied with attempting to talk reason into those who remained on the ship, the man did not see the dual pressurized streams of water strike him in the back and penetrate his body, breaking his spine. A clean kill, as far as Garret was concerned.

His actions, and those of the thugs, made it apparent that Garret was there to help the Imuchakk out. Without any leadership, while being out numbered and outmatched, the group would soon be taken care of.

Word Count: 615+1866 = 2481/1500
Total Enemies Defeated by Garret: Mastermind x1, Thug Leader x1, Hired Thug x3
Damage taken: Borg 1B, 1D
Magoi|Stamina: 170/300

Weapons used:

Name: Royal Dragon Fan
Tier: B
Type: Fan
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: This fan is 25 cm in height, 5 cm in width and 2.5 cm in length when folded, and opens up to a 175 degree angle. Both sides contain the design of a gold dragon flying in the sky. Though made of wood and charmeuse silk cloth(16 momme), the craftsmanship is superb and on par with the deadliness of a weapon and can be used as a blunt stabbing tool or as a blunt club to dish out damage. Enhanced through the opal magical gem that is at the base of the fan and functions as a hinge, this item is fairly sturdy. This fan doubles as a seal of Kou high nobility, with this particular dragon being registered as the Takegawa household's seal.

Abilities used:
Name: Jet Stream
Tier: B
Cost: 30 Magoi
Element: Water
Class: Offensive
Range: 30 meters
Duration: 1 Post
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Two .1m spheres of water gather at a point within 1m of the caster. These two spheres quickly expand at a rate of 20m/s to the size of anywhere between .025m to 1m in diameter, shortly thereafter firing off a highly pressurized stream of water from each sphere that deals C-Tier damage in the form of cuts at a speed of 20m/s. If both streams hit the same target, it deals B-Tier damage. Each beam can be fired with it's own unique trajectory according the the caster's will.

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Vodarara found himself covered in rigging, something moved as if it was a wraith of sorts, across the ship, the bandit forces had begun to route there morale broken it seemed something had caused them to bolt maybe related to the thing that was moving like a ghost.

Blood ran from Vodarara’s nose it seemed he had hit the floor to bloody himself, a hand took hold of him by the back of his hide armour, it was the captain as per usual drunk….

“Midgit You can go get me some more ale”

He proceeded to drag one down the ship, as a figure seemed to be finishing the last of the enemies he had been previously fighting, as well as Imuchakk fighters jumping into the sea to pursue after fleeing bandits whom would never out match them in the water.

It wasn’t long before Vodarara was thrown into the hold to sort out a “celebration” as per usual getting the dirty work

He was sure there would most likely be some sort of "punishment" for not being at the bottom of the capture, kill or incapacitate list.....

(Vodarara exit)


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