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Grand Bison (Voda/ProffJob/Solo)

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Not long after the slaying of the Wolf that lurked the fields causing travesty, Vodarara had moved on to a new target, the creature was a rather ancient and majestic bison a creature that one could say only appears once every one hundred years with the power and strength it had, it was a shame such a brilliant creature had turned up and during its life span a unnatural event occurred causing damage to the ecosystem which was far from natural, the creature would have to be put down it should with its death be useful for baiting out other creatures that Vodarara was in the means of targeting, from the four he was hunting he had eliminated one so far.

The pesky wolf at least with that dead, it aided in eliminating the chances of him being ambushed during this hunt and the corpse of the bison with its grand size should aid with eliminating his next prey.

The bison had gained many new mates since the avalanche controlling a large herd, this would start to cause issues in the long run with such an aged animal it seemed that some young can turn out weird it could be well related to animals being closely related but of course vodarara was not one to understand genetics in the way of science but understood it in the terms of effects on the ecosystem.

He would move out with the same type of equipment as last time, keeping himself heavily camouflaged and use that to try to get the best vantage point of the animal to then allow him to put the creature down though he would most likely need the advantage by surprise to win the fight, bison could run fast when they needed too and you wouldn’t want to be on the other side of the beasts horns when it was barrelling towards you, an imuchakk or a red head would likely be fine.

But he wasn’t taking any bets with a risk like that, he fancied his body intact and able to be used.

The thick fatty hide was strong and even he had the idea that the arrows wouldn’t be able to penetrate deep enough for a heart shot, which of course would also affect the value of the creatures hide.

Though he did think it would be a good idea to present it as a gift but it wasn’t the best in the world a worn hide from years of experience if he was planning to kiss the chief’s backside to gain favour he would look at something better at the end of the day.

He still obviously had the option of the odd tool he had acquired himself but its presence was something he preferred not to use it was unnatural and was only in his opinion to be used at the needest of circumstances when there was no other options left.

After this was done, Vodarara wondered what other hunts would come along to him, there were rumours of beasts but Vodarara would need to become quite possibly more social to discover more.

WC: 519




Vodarara headed across the Ice Plains, using forests as he went as often as he could they were commonly far easier to traverse and provided cover against the elements rather than just marching through the ice fields, these places in the world of course could be sometimes more dangerous though a light step and careful acknowledgement of the creatures normally aided with avoiding getting into scraps it wasn’t worth anything while to risk fighting other armed creatures and risk major or critical injuries to each other it would just be a waste of effort for little meal for both sides.
These forests could be rather beautiful though it would be only travellers that acknowledged that Vodarara saw the true meaning in his eye’s of the world he somewhat enjoyed its pain and hardship it gave.

Vodarara had to live this lonely life it was the only life that he had, though he may have had a little contact with people that wasn’t just to trade or by torture, other beings that had taken his interest though they themselves like anything with fade and wither with time as the Hunter moves on with his life, he had dreamed maybe teaching someone else his way’s a youngling that could take his post once he died though that would be so very far away the hunter would likely not see that day with the turn this world was suffering, he had seen things that weren’t of this world something that even gave him a shudder, he could stand without freezing in front of the beings that where scariest for him in this world but those towers that stood into the sky was something far far far to distant and extreme to ever exist as a natural structure it was something that could cause great travesty in the world.

Though it wasn’t a freeze of fear but a freeze of overload his brain was far to confused back then to understand, but ever since then odd scents and odd presences lurked in the world he had seen been near a few of them before, now that he thought about it, on that boat in reim, around that tavern and tai in reim as well and also back here in imuchakk an odd glow and warp existed, he wondered what he would have seen if he had reached the end of the tower before and hadn’t fallen from that field but maybe he would one day discover it.

One day, he would die and that would be it, everything one day remerges with the soil just like the bison he was hunting would, it was something that happened in life and existence and he did not fear it, when it came one must accept it, you can fight and battle but when your string is cut it will end and you will never know.

The fields of ice stretched before him now, the hunt would begin soon it was time to bring down another beast which was such a shame to kill but had due to the “fate” as some would put it caused it to become nessassary.


WC: 1042/1500




The fields had pods of Bison, it would take time to position one’s self downwind to avoid being detected by scent as well as finding a suitable position to ambush the creature.

This bison was far bulkier than the rest with a scarred hide that showed its veterancy for anyone who would at least be able to acknowledge or notice these signs, Vodarara was a hunter he had to notice these signs to manage and live in a wilderness without damaging it you had to recognise any issues within it.

Vodarara would skulk along his trail keeping distance and keeping a low profile, it would be easier to get close to the creature for an easy shot to its side to get a better line of sight on its heart to allow for him to be able to try to get the best shot possible and maintain as much of the creatures hide as possible.

His bow was wrapped, though he didn’t plan to stain the bow unless he had requested to he had seen asisiak’s wroth one to many times and he rather preferred to have his shoulders intact for once.

Vodarara slowly removed a tipped arrow from his quiver which was mounted across the back of his hips, avoiding any quick movements he slowly brought the arrow up and notched it in his bow.

Vodarara sat waited, slowly cycling the cold air through his lungs, he kept his eyes fixed and his ears open, drawing back his bowstring, he released his arrow through the air.

As he moved to draw a second arrow with the arrow closing on its target through the air as he went to draw for another shot, another bison crossed over into his line preventing his next attempt to make an aim, he would need to wait though this would likely stuff up this position, Vodarara began repositioning to try to change his line.

Though he would phase something even different a large torrent of snow and ice being churned up as the Large Horned Bull Bison had turned on its self and started barrelling its way down towards the hunter, horns down closing rapidly at speed, even when wounded it was amazing the speed the animal was able to pick up.

As the bull closed Vodarara couldn’t really afford to be dashing around, he had to be swift the bull would react and it would be a shame to put the arrow into anywhere but around its heart, damaging it too much would be a shame even though he planned to use it as bait.

He would tactical reposition keeping himself in close range of the creature but putting himself on the animals right side, he would draw fire another arrow at close range into the flank of the creature.

As it sailed past the creature finally subsided going horns down into the ground and wheeling its way over onto its back, it was rather flashy way of spraying snow everywhere as it died, though at least this was another one of his targets removed from the equation, he just hoped the bison would prove suitable bait…….

WC: 524

WC: 1566/1500

Arrows: 13/15 remaining

Stamina: 230/250

Tactical Reposition:
Name: Tactical Reposition
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Stamina
Weapon Type: Dodge
Class Dodge
Range: Self
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 Posts
Speed: 20 m/s
Description: The Hunter repositions himself at 15m/s up to ten meters away.


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