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The Grand Wyrm (Job, Vodarara, Solo)

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Vodarara had been looking for various things to keep him occupied while things where decided and worked out while he was in Reim as well as in his downtime, he needed to pay for everything he would use and the costs of this trip as well it would help act as a way to keep his mind entertained as well as keep his senses in prime condition.

Vodarara had picked up a bounty for acquiring a Mountain Wyrm’s Skull of a specifically large hard hidded wyrm, it seemed Wyrm’s where like snakes you could say they had no legs but some of the species could burrow, they had large maws and 4 pincers they used to dismember their prey when they attack and feed.

It would be interesting to see a creature he hadn’t seen before well at least you could kind of say it was like the Rampaging Unicorn but more bony like from what the description was like and without a massive horn jutting from its head.

Vodarara headed up into the hills and mountains of Northern Reim, in search of the creature, it wasn’t as cold as imuchakk but their where far more peaks here, which could obviously carry a far higher chance of causing an avalanche, Vodarara would have to head deep into the mountains to try to find the location of this creature, Vodarara had been avoiding harvesting from creatures here mostly leaving them to the wilds to deal with, it wasn’t worth the risk trying what was here at least while he was only here for a short while if things went to plan, there was high risk without his contacts and supplies nearby if anything happen to be poisoned it could well kill him.

Wind rolled over the Mountains and there was a light dribble of snowfall every once in a while, this day it was rather over clouded and in the distance, it was possible to hear sounds of animals as well as a rare crash of an avalanche as snow slid down a mountain with a large momentum.

It took him a good day to get near to where he wanted to be to search for the creature, he was looking for it wouldn’t be smart to be on top of their nest and camp, that would be a great way to ask to be attack in the night and torn to shreds before you could even be ready.

Vodarara dug out a snow hole and set up for a cold camp for the night he would hole up there in till first dawn after which he would set off towards the nest to hunt down the prey he was in search of to fulfil the bounty.

The Night would pass uneventfully with a slow hum off wind warping its way around the mountain’s as it worked its way through the valley’s.

The next morning would be a sharp clear day, a day that would be quite good for hunting unknown prey.

501/1500 WC




Vodarara got up just before first dawn break it was like clockwork for him to awaken at a certain time and prepare for the day, first would be to suit up checking his equipment and equipping it and double checking everything was in place securely.

Secondly would be consuming the first meal of the day, a meal consisting of a porridge like mixture that would be heated up over a light fire which would be done just as dawn was breaking to as best as he could hide his position from anything’s prying eyes. Into this porridge he would add snow which he would heat up in till it bubbled to help remove any impurities from the water that it would turn into.

It was better to be safe than sorry, the meal wasn’t the best tasting thing in the world but it kept you going for a good chunk of the day enough to normally carry you on if you had the occasional dryed or smoked food snack all the way up in till the sun began to set.

After disabling his alarm traps and traps he had set coming up to the snow hole he had made he removed its presence as best as he could before heading off into the mountains.

It took him a few hours but as he crested a curved ridge line he could look down into a bowl like shape in the mountains that was surrounded on all sides by ridges making its bowl shape, there seemed to be the occasional shimmer down deep into the bowl.

Vodarara set about stringing his bow it would not be very useful to be caught without your weapon ready here this was another beasts land, you had to play it safe after it was strung he slowly worked his way down into the bowl.

As he moved deeper there was an occasional bone jutting out from the snow, whatever these creatures where feasting on maybe a wandering creature, maybe human or maybe each other.

Though underground no matter how carefully and slowly he moved small tiny tremors would still move through it through the snow and ice, the slow pulse of tremors.

Not far away something began stirring, as it warped the snow as it began moving.

Vodarara found this place creepy, in the distance cracking and clicking of ice could be heard, Vodarara prepared an arrow in his bow in case anything showed signs of emerging from the snow.

Something suddenly at around 10 metres began to spit snow to left and right as it charged towards his position.

“Basic Attack” 9/10 Standard Arrow C tier Damage

Vodarara drew back his arrow, the creature turned into a spinning spiral as it flew passed Vodarara squirming around in what probley would be agony, though Vodarara’s arrow couldn’t be seen on it.

Though it hadn’t been alone with a sudden crack something emerged below Vodarara, he found himself, as 4 fangs dug into his leg and he found the creature trying to rapidly coil around him as they crashed to into the snow, some form of constrictor it seemed these wyrm where.

(Wyrmling 1 down)

Vodarara would have a limited pull distance to hit this thing and would need to use his “Harpoon”

As the creature moved to reposition its jaw and go for the Hunters throat, it seemed to creature needed to pin and dispatch a foe, though with two at once it would most likely have been a quick kill for the creature.

As it moved its jaw the harpoon would go through the top of its maw into where most creatures skulls would be towards there spine which should in theory eliminate or at least restrict the creatures ability to attack.

(Wyrm 2 down)

As Vodarara dropped his bow changing to his Knife to make sure the creature even if had gone slightly limp was dispatched by hacking into the side of its head, this one’s hide wasn’t very thick however, was the bounty wrong.

Vodarara made sure the other one was dispatched that he had shot earlyier, it seemed the arrow had passed into the creatures body cavity and most likely wreaked havoc with its internals.

No wonder it was writhing.

WC: 708

Name: Harpoon
Tier: B
Cost: 30 s
Weapon Type: Shortbow
Class Offensive/Supplementry
Range: 40 m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 5 posts
-Speed 25 m/s
-10 metre rope
-C tier damage
-Rope remains in till cut away or is removed (hair is made of rampaging unicorn hair)
This strong latching arrow head is designed to pierce into the body or a structure with a rope this could be used to climb a structure or possibly even grapple or track an opponent it has lodged into.

C tier damage sustained
Standard Arrow 9/10
Harpoon Used - On Cooldown
Stamina 220/250

2* Wyrmlings dead




Vodarara had to quickly set about bandaging his leg, most likely anything else could well have detected him by scent of his blood though the wound didn’t really phase the hunter he had, had to deal with worse wounds before.

Though hopefully the wyrm blood that was leaking into the snow would help deter other wyrm’s that couldn’t nessassarily be said to deter other creatures which may smell the scent to come in and pick up on things they can scavenge in the bowl.

Vodarara reacquired his bow and slowly worked down deeper into the bowl towards what looked more like a flat icefield.

At its centre there was a small circular mound.

Though as Vodarara got closer it was less of a mound and more of a spinal structure that sat on top of the ice, this seemed like it would be a far too easy kill a creature sitting completely still without any sign of movement.

(Standard Arrow 8/10)
Vodarara drew back a ”Arrow”, launching it towards the mid point of the vertebra like structures that made up its body between them, it seemed to be the location that many creatures had a fleshy cord passing through.

As the arrow flew and impacted in the gap, there was a crack and smash as the hardened bone arrow head shatter as shards of bone exploded from the gap.

This tickle seemed to raise the creature as it began to uncoil its self.

Vodarara quickly moved onto a “Thermos” he fired it in the direction of the creature the cloud of paste exploded and scattered over the creatures body, but as it began to untangle more the paste smashed and shattered into its harden pieces and yet again proved to have little to no effect, this things hide was strong it would most likely made fine equipment.

The Creature spun its self out of its coil launching its large maw in Vodarara’s direction, Vodarara a “Tumble” to avoid the creatures path as it crashed down onto the ice behind him as he went down to his knees to gain grip on the ice.

The creature had left a rather large dent in the ice it had landed on it seemed its icy like hide had made it too hard to cleanly cut ice like the wyrmlings.

The creature reared round to attack again, if its hide was to strong them Vodarara would have to destroy it from the inside.

Vodarara prepared a “Maw” as the creature charged when it dived to attack Vodarara launched his shot into the creatures own maw as late as he could.

Before bringing his bow up between its Fangs, quickly after he found himself recoiled back as his bow clacked into the ground and the Wyrm, crashed and smashed its way around the Ice.

It took a while to subside it wouldn’t be possible to safely dispatch this it was only left to waiting for the thing to keel over.

Vodarara had the creatures skull and had harvested bits and pieces from the creature including its tail fragment, you knew know what might turn out to be useful anyway.

Though now it was the challenge of get back!

WC: 533

C tier damage sustained
Bow light damage
Standard Arrow 8/10
Name: Thermos
Tier: C
Cost: 20 s
Weapon Type: Shortbow
Class Offensive (Fire)
Range: 30 m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 posts
-Speed 20 m/s
-10 Metre’s Radius
-2nd degree burns - C tier damage
A high speed ejection of burning hot paste is blasted out in a cloud of liquid paste should this make contact with flesh it can cause 2nd degree burns.
Name: Tumble
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Stamina
Weapon Type: Body
Class Supplementary
Range: Self
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 Posts
The Hunter vaults into a roll at 15m/s to put up to 5 meters between him and an opponent.
Name: Maw
Tier: B
Cost: 30 s
Weapon Type: Shortbow
Class Offensive
Range: 40 m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 5 posts
-Speed 25 m/s
-B tier damage
This arrow head can easily penetrate armour due to its material composition
Stamina 160/250

All enemies dead


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