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Howls under the Moon (Vodarara, Job, Chain, Solo, B)

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Vodarara and the others had rationed roasted squrriel that night well rationed in terms of portions, Vodarara’s portion was the smallest and the other all had increasing sized portion, however this was logically Vodarara had other food supplies that he carried with himself that he could consume and also the others would need more food than him due to their size.

Through the night there were discussions with the locals and the other arrivals about what we could do and issues to address in the morning, the food supplies had been somewhat saved but they were still damaged by the squirrel horde that had decided to go about consuming them all.

Discussions finally lead to things other than home and rebuilding of stockpiles to other needs of the village, for long distance travel over glacier trails it was quite necessary to use sled dogs to move large supplies across the ice fields, with the avalanche many had been injured enough to put them out of action permanently making them as good as food, many others had just been outright killed.

The sled dogs used by the Imuchakk were wolves these would be tamed from wolf pups that had just about been weaned off of their mother’s milk, so that they could be kept alive and then trained into being prepared for their uses.

There was still risk in this method it was far better to use young from the sled wolves that had been there for generations, they were far less likely to rebel and attack people by instinct.

This time of year wolves would likely be feeding there pups up to bring them out for the start of the season were the hunts were more bountiful to help cover the hungry mouths to feed.

This would be a fairly dangerous operation, first you have to deal with well they have a whole pack, then there is likely to be at least the mother guarding the pups, now a mother that’s threatened is going to try its damned hardest to tear your throat out.

It would require a lot of teamwork and even then you would only take a limited number of pups, would you pull their nest apart or try to crawl into it and pluck out the young.

You needed someone small to get into their dens.

It would definitely need to be a team job, the imuchakk may be distracting the pack and they should have no problem with them and maybe me being small and sneaky going for the pups.

(Weapon Upgrade B tier)
Vodarara however needed a better arsenal if he was planning to take on an Alpha Female, his arrow heads at the moment weren’t going to cut it against that type of beast.

The arrow heads should be changed to a strong more treated type of bone, the issue with using primarily unicorn horn headed arrows was that they had the habit of causing more wear on the bowstring so Vodarara had started using dulled heads for now to help reduce the wear on the strings.

He decided the best bet would be to adjust it and start using sharpened heads, bone heads would come at a later date.
He used his bone knife to sharpen the tips of his arrows, arrows designed to stun or knock out would prove little use when fighting a creature flooded with blood rage, they won’t stop even without a the beat of their blood, you had to put them out of the fight movement wise was the only safe way to go about it.

The next change would be to improve the survivability of the twined rampaging unicorn hair, Vodarara used as his bow strings if it was tighter it would decrease the width of the string but then in theory you could possibly bulk it with a protective coil of sorts around the contact point with the arrow and then just have to maintain that and the connections with the bow.

Vodarara set about working with ways to tighten the strands of hair together.

It would be a sleepless night phase while Vodarara tried to devise plans of action and improve his bow and its armourments that he could deploy to the fight.

WC: 704




Vodarara had worked through the night to come up with a scheme of what could be done.

Just before sunrise the group convened on planning a complete plan of action.

A map showed a rough territory area of the wolves it was situated around a main woodland and expanded out in the ice plains around it before it reached area’s which were more contested by the numerous aggressive animals that lived in the ice fields.

The plan would be to bait the main pack away drawing the away and then a splinter to go deeper into the forest, the splinter group would find the den and the majority would draw away the defenders, this should leave only the mother due to her likeliness of being inside the den.

With this the Hunter (Vodarara) can deal with the hound and collect the young from the den before withdrawing to the village by that distance the wolves should give up their pursuit it would be risky for them to attempt an assault into area’s which would pass through territory of other packs and other creatures, that would pose significant risk to their able adults and they still would need to care for there remain pups, it logically would not be worth the risk for the creatures overall survival.

Wolves were an animal that fought for the sake of their pack and the pack was of top importance over the individual.

If this plan worked a number of the pups would be taken, these would most likely not be the strongest but around the mid ground in terms of the pups, the strongest could be more likely to rebel in some ideas of wolves as they would be at a less reliant stage and thus be less likely to require more needs fulfilled by a imuchakk carer.

The plan was decided, if it went off without a hitch they would have some pups that could be trained for use as sled dogs.

That’s if it went off without a hitch.

WC: 337




We split into two groups, two of the smaller lighter Imuchakk and Vodarara headed off a bit later than the first group.

The first groups needed to draw of the majority of the pack, these would be a major threat if they were able to flank and attack the smaller second group, a large number of hostiles was more likely to overrun a small group who wouldn’t be able to repel such large numbers.

The second group observed from over into yonder, watching the events unfold as the large group baited the wolf pack into a large brawl, the Imuchakk were most likely having fun batting the wolves around with their staves, it would be interesting to see how injured both sides would end up but infiltration was the next job.

The 3 man second group penetrated into the forest, following any trail they could find that could be wolf, following trails of droppings and scent markings as well as animal passages in the undergrowth was the bet on locating the rough area of were the pack could be living.

It would still be sometime for them to locate the wolves den but the first group should have no issues with dealing with their enemy, they were experienced fighters with a few novices, so if they lost against just wolves then it would be a great shame on their ability.


Sometime later that day


We came across the Den it seemed there was still some wolves nearby protecting it, all the wolves hadn’t left there Den to protect it from the Raiders whom were a diversion.

This is where the other two would come to their uses, they would attempt to draw the other wolves away from the Den and then it should be easier for myself to acquire the pups.

The others set about their duties using their weapons and rushing in grabbing the wolves attention one by one, a number followed the first one as they struck one of the wolves and darted off at their slow pace into the forest allowing the wolves to keep up combat with them at the same time.

It seemed oddly quite now, empty and alone, of course that wouldn’t be the case it would be most likely even though Vodarara had tried his best to hide his scent the enclosed woodland wouldn’t draw a scent away and it would be likely that what remained would at least be able to detect them, the wolves weren’t stupid and were smart enough to relax when getting struck by the Imuchakk so as not to take as much damage from a blow.

Vodarara slowly crept towards the den preparing a ”Maw” Headed Arrow, approaching the decent to the Den slowly, if the wolf was in the dark it should be possible to see there glow of their eyes, that was one of the advantages of Humans and the other species at Night there eyes were not visible are eye sight is far worse but we can’t be detected as easily if we tread carefully.

Vodarara lurked towards the Den’s entrance looking into the Den, no big eyes only small eyes with whining below.

Vodarara kicked away to the side, kicking up a shrowd of ground debris to his left side as he drew back his arrow.

As the large wolf made an attempt to turn this was likely the alpha female, Vodarara had passed through many wolves territories and woodlands in the past, any den needed at least another exit what if one got blocked up, it seemed the female had a stronger sense of smell than expected, though that was rather entertaining, though rushing someone at an early stage was its main error in judgement, if it had attack once any blind spot checks had been performed and the enemy entered the den or at least disarmed it would have likely had won or at least had the upperhand.

Vodarara released the arrow, it took little time to hit dead in the back legs of the wolf, it crumpled over breathing heavily, Vodarara needed to move quickly it wasn’t a killing shot, if it let out a call it could draw more back which would be much of an issue to deal with.

Vodarara dropped his bow and closed on the Female rapidly with his Knife and some twine, it made no sense to eliminate the mother, it may help sometime if the pups of the pack at least are scentable and by some rare luck pass safely deep in a territory if the parent’s at least had some dominance.

Vodarara quickly wrapped the twine around its muzzle, hacking off the shaft of the arrow.

Vodarara quickly shifted back to his weapon, he needed to move quickly.

As he reached for his bow, a slam struck his side.





Vodarara rolled himself as he let his right flank collapse rolling himself over the roots of the local trees using the momentum he had been propelled by, though in the process his knife had been thrown from his hand as he used in to arc himself over onto his back.

A rather large wolf began its attack, pouncing the hunter, as he brought his legs up placing his knees in its belly as it ripped its claws across his face once dragging its claws over the top of his forehead and the left side of his face and nose.

It next tried to take the throat, the throat was the most common place to attack for predator animals it would cause heavy blood lose and incapacitate and slay the target.

Vodarara used his hands to grapple with the wolf’s jaws as he used its lurching momentum to roll it off the top of him, sliding his knees to just below its forelimbs and following by kicking it away from him with both of his feet.

As the wolf was pushed away it ran backwards to reposition for another charge against the hunter as Vodarara acquired his bow and drew an arrow.

The wolf made its charge closing its distance towards the hunter, Vodarara released his arrow (Normal) as the wolf hurtled toward the hunt Vodarara shifted sideways.

The wolf tumbled across the floor as it sailed past the hunter ending in a curled up heap.

Vodarara wouldn’t have much time now that was far too noisy as he quickly and lightly wrapped his face in cloth and made a quick grab into the den of the wolves for a number of the pups.

Vodarara took a bundle of the pups from the number in the den and made a dash away with his bow awkwardly slung over him which would not be preferable for the bow.

Vodarara hauled ass to get out of the forest.

By time he had escaped the grasps of the forest, he finally had a chance to look down at his collection.

A number of rather small pups where in his arms and there was one odd one among there number.

A weird one it didn’t have normal ears they were more like rabbit ears but of an odd colour.

Vodarara’s somehow let out, “What’s your mother been mating” it wasn’t like the animal would understand him.


By time Vodarara regrouped with the others, he had packed away the five pups. Into pouches to give his hands more freedom.

Where they would proceed with a discussion in regards to the pups and the oddity as well as who the hell was the scumbag who let a wolf break away from combat.

That wolf should have not be able to escape if the fighters were doing their job in Vodarara’s mind.

This battle would leave Vodarara with a facial scar for his work……….

WC: 486

Techs Used:
Maw (5)

Normal Arrows:

Stamina: 220/250

Name: Maw
Tier: B
Cost: 30 s
Weapon Type: Shortbow
Class Offensive
Range: 40 m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 5 posts
-Speed 25 m/s
-B tier damage
This arrow head can easily penetrate armour due to its material composition


Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

When Vodarara returned to the village with the pups, the Chieftain of the village would grunt in approval, looking gruffly through what had been brought to them for sled dogs. Most of the pups looked to be in good health and were a sturdy size. One, however, seemed smaller and weaker than the others. With another grunt, the pup would be shoved to Vodarara.

“Here, this one is tiny and weak, like you, Runt. Keep it!”

Shevika the Runt:
Howls under the Moon (Vodarara, Job, Chain, Solo, B) CwLXugV
Name: Shevika
Type: Non-Combat Pet
Appearance and personality: Shevika appears to be a small wolf/rabbit hybrid with multiple tails. Shevika is still a puppy and stands about 1 foot tall.
This is a non-combat pet and cannot be used in any type of combat or as a mount!

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