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By The Scruff Of The Neck (Job,Chain,Solo, P3, Vodarara)

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After their road crafting journey the front clearing group arrived in the not too distant village, It however seemed this place may be in even worse condition than are own, it was rather quite around other than for skittering of shadows across rooftops and down little coves.

There was little bustle around this town, the group headed into it, its quietness added to a weariness to the place and oddity and something that felt incredibly dark and odd.

Slow steps were taken as the group slowly penetrated deeper into the village.

Slow light wind made a light howl through the village, this type of scenario was the type that could make hair stand on end for those whom were not prepared for the danger of just pure silence.

Silence could cause some to relax would of course not be the best thing in this situation.

Slowly approaching the main tavern, as the lead big blue Imuchakk opened the doors, a large group seem crowded into the building in a sober silence, a silence that would feel like death in an imuchakk village.

Vodarara’s head span with messages such as ID LOVE TO LIVE HERE!

The big guy lead out with “why are you all in here and not dealing with the disaster”

A response came back with “Look in the middle of the floor, that’s all we have left of are supplies”

A small pile filled the room most likely not even enough if you rationed it for the Imuchakk.

“The squirrels, it’s like there’s an army of those things, they been looting the stores, they protect the mass stashes they have been making”

The big guy responded with “you’re a sorry lot, calling yourselves imuchakk at that just smash the little buggers, the little human could do better than what you lot have done so far”

Vodarara found himself yet again treated like child, being held up by the scruff of the neck by the giant Imuchakk, as usual there was no respect for a poacher.

The big guy looked Vodarara in the eyes and said “Go kill me some of these squirrels they clearly haven’t got any food, so we want something to eat”





Vodarara was released by his work colleague and was off to do his thing.

Vodarara found himself stalking through the village, the main area of target would be there nest, the majority of them would be located there maybe along the way there would be a way to pick some up that where not back at the nest as of yet, hopefully meaning that they wouldn’t get a chance to massively scatter.

There was one of the little buggers, perched on a roof, nibbling away at a type of nut, gorging its face on it in the desolate winter, as if it was deliberately trying to rub it in your face, it was most likely his imagination but it felt like these creatures were deliberately eating everything just to show off or something along the lines.

Vodarara felt like he was going insane, thinking about all these crazy things, he had decided to use headless arrows, these creatures didn’t look to strong a hefty hit should knock them out and then with a quick snap of the neck it would be easy to dispatch them.

If you shot them with a headed arrow you could end up destroying organs and ruining the meat and thus your meal would be ruined because the meat would end up going rancid.

Vodarara gripped his bow as he quietly strung it as the squirrel continued going through its sample of different type of nuts as if it was trying to be as wasteful as it could possibly be.

He took an arrow between his bow its string and his middle finger and forefinger drew back, as he breathed in, his chest expanding, he took hold of his breath and aimed. (Normal Arrow Used)

With a sudden release the creature took a satisfying blow to the head, as it spiralled down to the floor from the roof.

Vodarara rapidly approached the creature, looked around checking his quarters making sure a hoard of the little buggers wasn’t about to rush him from the shadows.

Took the creatures scrawny neck in his hands and broke its neck in one swift twist before placing it in one of his pouches and packing it with snow to help sap its body temperature and to keep it nice and fresh while he wrapped up with dealing with 4 more which if he hit the main nest should be good enough to estimate that it could well cause them to scatter back to their forest.

To avoid any more loses, a big explosion should would well with making the blitters scatter far.

WC: 428

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Vodarara stalked further towards the main stockpile silo of the village.

Around in the distance and on the roof there was the occasional click click click, as the claws of the squirrels clicked there way over the wood in moderate sized groups, it seemed like they were patrolling what they were trying to make into their territory.

Maybe it was safer than the woods, or maybe they were just trying to rebuild food stocks from the damage caused by the avalanche.

When the patrols came Vodarara would freeze solid and not move an inch slowly siphoning his breath to try to make as few movements or resonations as possible.

To prevent any fog from his breath, he had pact some snow into his mouth this would help stop the fog thus having one less thing that could help them by some chance detect him as they gorged themselves.

Vodarara slowly approached there nest it seemed they were darting in and out bringing supplies into it stocking it up, now taking this in one piece would be preferable, a well place burning goo arrow could well block up some of their entrance points as well as burn them alive, it wasn’t going to cause a fire well in theory it shouldn’t…..

Vodarara drew back a thermos tip, with a sleek glide it exploded in a spray of hot goo, coating a moderate group of squirrels and causing them rapid burning a good number at least 8 were caught in the explosion as others scattered away from there guard posts.

It looked like today would be filled with roast and gooey squirrel, well the others can have the gooey squirrels……..

WC: 278

230/250 Stamina
9/10 Normal Arrows

Name: Thermos
Tier: C
Cost: 20 s
Weapon Type: Shortbow
Class Offensive (Fire)
Range: 30 m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 posts
-Speed 20 m/s
-10 Metre’s Radius
-2nd degree burns - C tier damage
A high speed ejection of burning hot paste is blasted out in a cloud of liquid paste should this make contact with flesh it can cause 2nd degree burns.


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