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Scarlet Hunter (Training, Solo, Vodarara)

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The Hunter had returned to his home, as he traversed the forests lurking within it was a beautiful place to observe and meditate, as one observes and become one with the environment, shifting and merging with it.

You learn to feel the wind, feel the world itself.

The Hunter would work on his practice improving his strength, for a bow requires much strength to draw, the use of such a weapon uses up much strength and stamina of the wielder, thus one can spend years practicing and training with it.

As you draw back the bows string between your middle and forefinger, the arrow drawing back between the bow and its string, slowly gaining tension as the string was drawn back.

As the string is drawn back one inhales the air of the outside, taking it within their body.

Dropping your heart rate allowing your body to calm and steady, you take your aim and you release the arrow into its flight, gauging for estimates of distance and subtle signs of movement around, being accurate at long range is a special thing about telling the world around you, a moving target is near impossible to hit at range.

Thus a hunter doesn’t focus singly on their aim, they focus on their ability to hide their scent and to work with their environment.

This is the environment and the world that suits the lonely and the isolated, a role fulfilled by those whom have sacrificed the care of being around others and having support only being relied on by yourself and not having to focus on others.

It may feel like a great existence to them to only have to look after yourself, but could it really be called living the fact that you are only looking after yourself and that you have to be alone for your life, with little affection or love from others or those around you, motivated only by your own survival and maybe other factors such as revenge, greed, gluttony and adventure.

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Arrows flew following the air splitting it as it flew, they would find their heads imbedding into lumps of wood, one by one you continue onwards focusing your target drawing back and letting them fly.

The Deeper the imbed the greater you are, though it is impossible to reach perfection with a bow, you can spend your lifetime training and your will never reach the very very top, you will either become too old and your body begins to fail from constant work thus you becoming worse and worse.

Or meet an end on the field either to other creatures be they Bipedal or Beast.

There are other skills are profession uses, we are hoarders of items of sort if we don’t pick up and preserve what we find when we find it, we can’t guarantee it will be around or available when we need it.

Be it salting meats or freezing and storing them in the snow or ice for when a time comes when you are in desperate need of supplies.

Being able to hide them well enough that predators won’t find them or at least won’t find them all as there is never a certain way to prevent your stashes from not at least losing something.

Noticing subtle signs and finding the plants and berries which you can eat to keep you going.

Wood which isn’t sodden with water that can be used to create a fire when the cold closes in.

Keeping the tools you use intact so that you can dig snow caves to protect yourself from the elements.

This is the life of a human in this world, you fight to survive unlike the Imuchakk whom as you could say like any animal in a specific region they are adapted to survive it, they are strong and hardy.

They have great strength and even though they have no capability with weapons such as bows and slings, they have the great ability to throw there grand spears and can slay great beasts.

If anything it would be impossible for himself to bring down a Imuchakk in this environment face to face.

Creatures such as Humans like himself, the Imuchakk and the Red Haired creatures all had their traits but unlike animals creatures such as himself and the others were unpredictable, unless you have surprise not being perfect for your environment would most likely put you on the losing foot.

For you never want to face a creature in its true territory for it will slay you.

Nights would pass on as Vodarara would contemplate his existence and his role in his lifetime.
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Vodarara had thought slowly work his way through his mind each night of his stay away from the Village tonight was most likely his most isolated one of all.

Vodarara could only really say his only true ally was himself, his scarlet red bow the horn of the great beast he had defeated by luck and most likely its own shear over estimation of itself being able to defeat a creature when it was out of its territory.

Vodarara moved on deeper into the forests of the ice plains, you find your hide and you settle down absorbing yourself into the environment, you sit downwind this helps hide your scent and you watch into the wind waiting for creatures to appear.

Once they appear they become reliant on their eyes and hearing, most focus on scent and if they can’t smell you then they have to focus on lesser scenes to detect you.

Vodarara watched small mammals move around searching around finding food in the lush environment.

A small meal in the eyes of those in the cities of the world would most likely eat such a thing in a day, if you rationed the food it could last you a few days before it had to have been consumed to avoid it going off.

Hunting was something to be careful about you had to make clean kills, aiming for the heart, if you destroyed their stomach or intestines it would leak into the meat causing the meat to spoil and be impossible to eat.

You would commonly aim just below their forelimb, adjust your tension for its distance and size.

Vodarara drew back watching a large prey, with any prey it was important, never pick pregnant creatures, never take from something which population is shrinking.

You managed the environment, if you overworked it, it would fail and you would die.

This Buck was one of many at the moment with more young bucks rising up it would be good to allow new blood to blow in, removing the big boy from the herds would allow for balance to regain.

An arrow flew sticking into the body, the creature wouldn’t fall instantly it would run, you would track its trail of blood, but you had to close quick if you were too slow then predators would close in and you didn’t want to try fighting a wolf pack it would be better to give up the prey.

The creature fell, the hunt complete, the packs would move in, you never take anything you take a good chunk of it when you have a long distance to traverse back to your base or home, the rest is left as a distraction and bait.

Vodarara had hoped his time in the wilds had helped him improve, he didn’t want to lull into a world where he relaxed too much, if you drop your guard because you feel that you don’t need to be on guard, you will most likely regret it in your last moments.

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