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Dirty Fighting (Vodarara, Training, Private)

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Vodarara had planned to improve his offensive close quarter’s abilities his idea was to mostly be able to escape from combat he had no interest in staying anywhere near anything grasp and would rather proactively avoid getting caught in a fight where he would have an extreme negative against his chances of surviving it.

Forests were the best place for this, if you used fallen trees and the landscape you could run the gauntlets to test yourself, some may say he is a coward for sitting back avoiding the roar of melee but it was the quickest way to death that way, it was easier to be able to run rings around your enemy and thus avoid leaving them any chance of being able to strike you down.

It was no point estimating you would never end up having to fight in close quarters against anything, one can gather enough scars to prove that isn’t the case, though those it would be best to say are only small fry, something far stronger more powerful that has the speed to close you is far more of a threat something you have to use its own momentum to be able to avoid and put ground between it and you, Vodarara had no fear to play dirty well in his eyes it wasn’t dirty it was how to survive, though it could be said some may call it dirty tactics.

Vodarara used tall stumps as the best form for jumping something, you wanted to be able to go over it and then hit it hard enough to at least put it off balance, if something was off balance it was vulnerable, It wasn’t the best test subject for a humanoid however.

A stump around two metres in height, its shape of course was wrong it was only a part of a tree, it had no shape or form, Vodarara would move by Jumping up onto it and then using it to then use other pieces other launch platforms to bound between different targets, it wasn’t always going to necessary for him to focus on one target it was just an escape pattern to tell the truth.

It was devised from 5 push offs of different objects using gathered momentum to keep yourself up to speed rather than risking losing it.

It took himself some to work out his final method, Fox Foot it was really truthally to be like the animals of the wild, it was something that was to be used to avoid and would need additional assistance to be truly an offensive combination……..

Fox Foot Training

WC: 408/250

Next up Cut and Draw




After Vodarara had finished his jumping practice, he set about having a break of course this break would be productive. Though it was his first priority to take a small snack breaking into some dried meat and some dryed fungi this was his snack to keep him going for today, it was something he was used to so it didn’t bother him that much but other beings maybe they would struggled to eat such things as they wouldn’t have been cultured to it as much as he had been.

Vodarara planned to work on some mixes of venoms and fungi to add to one of his knives, it made sense to dedicate knives to rolls more than just survival skills such as harvesting the skin and meat of prey, if he dedicated some knives to use in combat and coated them in toxins that could then be used to slash at something, of course he didn’t want to use toxins that would stay in the flesh for long it wouldn’t be useful to poison ones-self and thus these needed to be less powerful or toxins that were at least far less effective and only had a limited affect.

Vodarara decided to look at paralyzing toxins rather than those that cause things such as organ failure or ones that could cause a creature to be subject to vomiting or with the runs, as there could always be the risk that this could be transferred if you had to then eat the meat of the creature that was killed with it and thus it wasn’t worth the risk of becoming infected with such things, such things could easily lead one to death.

Using ones pestle and mortar, slowly crushing down fungi and glands working them down into powders the moisture of glands help to keep the spores from spreading to far as they are worked down into a more sticky powder of course such a powder wouldn’t be very affective for coating, one couldn’t coat the blade directly but would need to coat the inside of the sheathe that protected the blade and oneself when moving, thus the paste had to be more runny but not runny enough that it would flow out quickly, this process would be done by slowly adding addition fluid to the mixture, for this he decided to make use of watered down animal blood mixing it into the mixture to make it more fluid.

Once this was completed Vodarara had to remake the sheathe it would need to be in two halves each half coated on the inside and then secured together with the paste that he used on his arrows, after this it the knife could of course be put into the sheathe and then tested to see if it would stick onto the blade of course this would require regular replacement and filling thus it would likely only provide the occasional use if not once or twice.

Now it was of course preparing a method of attack as if he was being forced to engage a humanoid in melee, Vodarara began his practice using a stump to move around it, he would aim to get behind the target then making a rapid strike drawing the blade slashing and quickly putting the weapon back before withdrawing himself.

Cut and Draw

It would take him some time to at least be happy that he had somewhat memorised the technique…..

WC: 572/500

Cut and Draw Training


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