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The Grand Duelist [Job/Chain/Solo]

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Job Name: Performing Battle
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Reward: [ 3,000 Huang | 50 EXP ]
Job Prerequisites: -
Chain Reward: [3,000 Huang | 50 EXP]
Job Overview: In a regional area of Kou, an annual festival is going on. They're looking for anyone willing to help out. They've decided this year to have some casual sparring as entertainment for some older audiences. They're opening up a sign-up sheet for anyone who wants to spar. However, there is a clear notice reading: No killing or badly injuring. Treat this as a casual sparing match. Participants are required to use the provided wooden training weapons[1].

    [1] These deal D-Tier damage. Various weapons for various classes available.

Opponent [ 1x ]:
Enemy Name: Opponent
Enemy Tier: B-Tier
Damage Required to Defeat: It is unnecessary to defeat the foe. Merely engage in-combat to complete job. However, they will surrender after an accumulation of C-Tier damage, or if they are disarmed.
Description: A skilled and experienced fighter, but they're just here to relax and enjoy themselves. They are a human who can run as fast as a D-Tier fanalis. While usually, their blows deal B-Tier damage, since this is just a casual sparring match, they will only deal D-Tier damage.

  • Guard: D-Tier | The user braces for impact with their sword out in front of them, guarding their chest and stomach. May defend against D-Tier damage.

  • Slash: D-Tier | The user steps forward with one leg. Using this momentum, the user brings their weapon forward to slash at the foe. Deals D-Tier damage.

  • Forehead Knuckles: D-Tier | Forming a two-fingered knuckle hand, where the contacting force is the first and middle finger curled up with the fingers barely touching a tucked in thumb, the user thrusts their arm forward to hit the foe's forehead. Deals D-Tier damage.

  • Deflect: C-Tier | A simple move in which the user redirects an attack using their blade to naturally lead the opponent's blade away. May defend against C-Tier and below damage.

  • Stomp: C-Tier | The user stomps on their foe's foot, deals C-Tier damage.


Man, the costume that the bald man put Mori in is tight and well-insulated. A plus side to which being that despite the chills of the night, Mori could stay completely warm from resonating body heat alone, but the problem with it was that Mori was completely deaf; the suit also was really itchy for some reason. Regardless of it, Mori seemed to have stumbled across the wrong crowd in his half-blind state, the suit’s large boxy mask blocking a majority of his vision, his only sight of the outer world being two thinly cut eye-slits draped over with a black veil.

Walking amongst the crowd, Mori was still doing his job of scaring the populace when he would see someone not turned towards his attention-drawing appearance when someone suddenly grabbed the upper bicep of the young monk and pulled him in a certain direction. Not being able to turn his head completely, he was not able to see who’d been moving him, but due to the strong grip and wide hand, familiar to him from the same hand grabbing his shoulder earlier, Mori just assumed it was the bald man. Outside his suit, he’d hear the mutterings of something something “Minh, wh..*muffle muffle muffle* doing?. Something show.” Before Mori knew it, something was forced within his hand and he was pushed forwards.

Not being able to handle his footing due to the disillusionment of the costume, Mori would fall face-first within the dirt of the arena. Throwing whatever was given to him aside for a second, Mori would reach up and place both hands upon the head of his costume, before lifting it up and off, or atleast the head/mask portion of it, of his head. Looking around, Mori would be in a completely unfamiliar area, he’d really lost track of where he was in this sprawling gem of a city. Encasing him was a crowd of people, almost making a large team huddle for a sports event, standing side-by-side, chanting for something, but the shouts were so mixed he couldn’t make out what they’d been saying.

Continuing his spin, Mori would eventually lay eyes on someone else who’d been trapped within this little circle with him. It was a caucasion man with a handlebar mustache and a large black goatee. He was average height, but he was wearing clothes that even Mori could tell were not native to this land. His hair was clicked back into a ponytail, only a couple of loose strands freely swinging infront of his forehead. Within this man’s hands was a sword, not just a regular one though, one made of wood, one that you’d give a child so he wouldn’t chop his fingers off if he were to toy with it and on the ground infront of Mori, assumingly what he’d thrown on the ground before, was one of similar origin.

“EN GARDE YOU DEVILISH BEAST!” the man with the goatee would shout in what would seem like a serious tone, but it seemed to erupt laughter from the crowd around Mori. The caucasion man would then step forward and thrust his blade towards Mori, poking the end of the dull training sword to the chest of Mori’s costume before retreating back to his side of the “arena.” Getting the idea and losing the look of initial confusion, Mori would pick the arming sword off of the floor and mimic the movements and action of his opponent.

Picking up the flow of the crowd and what was happening, drawing from the knowledge of the spars back at his temple, Mori would play the part and let out a ferocious “Roar,” as he recklessly charged in the direction of the swordsman as a brainless monster or animal would. Mori’s sword was waving carelessly within one of his hands at his side rather than prepared to strike, and with a criss and a cross slash from mister goatee and a “clever” sidestep, Mori would comedically fall to the ground and play dead.

The crowd, despite originally wanting a real fight, were satisfied with the result and raised into an uproar of cheer for the swordsman, almost as if it were tradition to see the midnight beast vanquished! Mori would later that night find money tucked in the various clefts and folds of his costume.. Apparently he did a good job.


The Grand Duelist [Job/Chain/Solo] 0aef5a2c43bf04a1c8fb8a580c2a9560
Name: Bo Staff
Tier: D
Material: Bamboo/Wood
Appearance: The appearance of the bo staff is similar to a sliced piece of bamboo one might find within a bamboo forest. It is treated with a substance that promotes strength within the plant, and has a wooden filling of sorts glued within it’s hollow. Lengthwise, it stretches to 1.8 meters. The ends are both cylindrical with a diameter of 3 cm.

Abilities Used:
(Paste Here)

W/C: 726/500

Magoi: 160/160
Stamina: 65/65


The Grand Duelist [Job/Chain/Solo] HItJnKJ

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