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The Fallen White Mane (Vodarara/ProffJob/Solo)

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Since the avalanche, Vodarara had to do many things, there had been a great cascade and effects on the landscape and the wildlife that lived within it since these events had occurred and Vodarara had left for a while to Reim to assist with trying to eleviate any hunting on the animals to allow them to regain their territories and strengths as the disaster wasn’t natural, Vodarara doubted any animals knew it would be coming and its scale was far bigger than nature would normally bring.

The Imuchakk at least where primary fishermen rather than hunters but of course they still hunted but at least it was still a small amount of help on restricting stress on the ecosystem and wildlife of the ice plains and the forests and mountains, though with the damage it had caused there was huge issues with some wildlife that had seemingly lost their cause or the groups either separated or completely wiped out, with animals that become desperate or lose themselves they can start to effect groups or animals that are trying to recover causing huge damage to newly founded and recovering packs as they begin a wandering movement through territory moving animals around when they were starting to settle down on area’s that could support them.

It had come to Vodarara’s attention a number of animals were starting to effect the habit and they needed to be put down, though this suited Vodarara well.

During the event, Vodarara had lost a large number of his supply cache’s under the snow and thus was needing to rebuild his outposts and hideouts as well as his stored and preserved supply caches that he had spread around the land that was Imuchakk, all of these hidden in little hidden zones he had explored and found while hunting or searching for new things that he had missed in his years on the icecap.

He had already come up with some primary spots of interest, with the landscape changes of the rising of the dungeon had caused, he had taken interest in a hot spring hidden within the mountains and forests.

Though his objective for his operation was to eliminate a rather pesky wolf, it had started attack large numbers of animals and scattering reforming packs as well as it had begun to start affecting trade routes and the Imuchakk’s travelling this wolf seemed to be smarter than the others maybe an old leader of a pack which had been felled by the avalanche and was thus trying to regain its territorial area by its self and attacking anything that got in its way.

From the information he had gathered it seemed this wolf had not weakened like many others had, thus was also holding the majority if not all of its original strength and thus could well be a major threat.

Its area was large, but the best bet would to be focusing on the area’s it took primary interest in where there was numerous breaches or movement into its territory.

If Vodarara’s plan worked he should be able to ambush the creature, Vodarara preferred ambushes it was safer and easier to put enemies down that way that never knew you were coming and thus could be slain with ease.

It would become a stake out a beast hunting a beast whom was most likely hunting another beast, at least this wolf should provide some much needed resources as well it was a real shame that the creature was not doing so well and hadn’t merged with other wolves, the strength of this wolf would have been very useful to the gene pool of scattered wolves if it could be merged into a distant pack but it was far too late for that now and there would be little if not no chance of that happening.

So the wolf would have to become meat and hide.





Vodarara found himself spending a number of days tracking following the trails and foot prints, looking for the estimated sizes and moving as much as he could within its range.

Prints weren’t the best thing to follow they could be changed and effected by the wind which could make them appear completely different, it was much easier to track the animals faeces and droppings if you could find them, the fresher they were the closer you are and you could also inspect them to see what prey they had recently consumed.

Though Vodarara would only track during the day, it wasn’t smart to play with the wolves and animals at night, Vodarara’s own dark vision was pretty damn good at least that was his opinion but depending on the moon it could majorly effect it and you were never going to be better off of the animals who’s eyes glow in the dark from light, you could say weaker dark vision gave humans the advantage of no eye glow from light, we were good stalkers but a wolf would still by far out class you by any standard, quicker and stronger and sometimes near silent.

Before the night fell, Vodarara would dig himself a snow hole and haul up in there for the night blockading off the edge of the hole and setting up traps before tucking up into a bedroll after eating dried and smoked foods, these where what sustained him on hunts, he tried to avoid carrying lots of fresh food for a long period of time due to the fact it would by far give of a powerful scent to creatures with stronger abilities of scent.

It took him a good fair number of days to track down the main hunting area of the wolf, from now on it would be a stake out waiting, observing and using any vantage possible to get the upper hand on the enemy, using local plants and other ingredients to aid in camouflaging of one’s scent, wrapping of the bow in white cloth to hide its red colouration, sitting still for long periods wrapped in the furs that he wore watching over the landscape for signs of movement with eyes like a hawk in till you could get a bead on the enemy from there on you make your move and prepare for the grand hunt, using the winds to aid you.





The creature was rather interesting, large broad backed and a thick white hide, a rather grand creature for this type of situation, it had dealt with the circumstances well and was a rather odd presence in terms of an aura it felt like it gave off, one could say the more inclined they are with nature the easier the can see, well the best way to put it would be feel such a thing.

It seemed a creature could change aura’s it seemed to have occurred with some humanoid’s he knew they were by far different from when Vodarara had last met them it felt like an odd change though it wasn’t like he could put a finger on it but it was slightly tingly a presence which didn’t feel all that normal, but nothing that he knew about that could answer those odd feelings or doubt in his mind when near those presences.

Vodarara skulked his prey following it at a distance but enough to at least keep himself within range, slowly making carful steps and movement while sticking to staying downwind of the creature to help further hide himself from the creature’s scent.

It would take time before Vodarara would have the chance to strike you needed to grade the wind, the angle and the timing you wanted to aim for the heart put it down with one strike if possible, at least you wanted to avoid spoiling the meat as much as possible, it would be ruined if you ruptured the organs.

Vodarara would take aim with a ”Maw” a fang of bone and tooth from a grand beast, it should be quite useful and powerful enough.

The arrow would fly through the air lodging behind the forelimb shoulder of the wolf, passing into its flesh, however it seemed to creature could still just about manage to move of after being struck by such a shot and headed off.

Vodarara would have to track its blood trail to track it down and possibly shoot at the creature again to make sure it had at least fallen, it seemed this stubborn creature wasn’t going to let itself be a very clean kill.

It would be a shame if it managed to deal damage to its fine pelt in the mean while.

It would take some time to close the distance the wolf had moved but following a blood trail was easy as long as he could track the creature down before some scavenger picked it off.

Once Vodarara had located the wolf, he would finally engage it putting a ”Standard Arrow” into the wolf’s upper chest near to the other arrows penetration point to help negate any large damage to other organ’s with the creature’s body cavity.

At the end of that day, Vodarara would skin and collect the meat of the creature for storage, it would be near enough a crime to put anything to waste, though some scraps would be left for the scavengers, thus is the circle of the world.


Stamina 220/250
Standard arrow 1 used

Name: Maw
Tier: B
Cost: 30 s
Weapon Type: Shortbow
Class Offensive
Range: 40 m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 5 posts
-Speed 25 m/s
-B tier damage
This arrow head can easily penetrate armour due to its material composition


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