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White Coat (Job/Solo)

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While in port and within his time off, Vodara had heard rumours about there being a White furred Wolf that had been hassling farmers and the like with its pack, This would be odd a White coated wolf shouldn’t be expected not in a place like this, The colour of your coat would help with camouflage so being white could lead you to stand out making you an easier target.

It seemed that Officials wanted this wolf eliminated as it had begun to pick off more and more and would begin to effect there food production, A bounty had been set on its head to bring back its pelt as proof of its death.

It could be that a Wolf of the Ice Fields had been smuggled over into Reim or had been collected somewhere else and been brought over as a pet for some rich noble and that it had managed to escape and of course once it started causing issues it would make no sense to claim your pet has escaped thus it would be abandoned as it would most likely start getting in the way of the local packs, however it seemed that if this hypothesis was correct that must have caught a rather powerful and strong wolf that was able to take control of one of the local packs.

If it hadn’t been in charge long, Vodara believed it could be possible to topple its power by destroying it and at least pushing back the pack scattering it slightly which should allow suitable ability to escape before he would be overwhelmed by the pack, Reim wasn’t his grounds so hunting would be different, he couldn’t use his knowledge as much as he usual would.

The best bet would be to look at its last hunting locations work out its cycle and lay in wait for it to strike at its next prey and eliminate it there and then.

The farmsteads of Reim, the wolf would shift its pattern around avoid large groups attempting to mass against it and eliminate it.

The best bet would be to make it easy and tempting weaken an animal use it as tempting bait, an animal that gets hungry by having to extend its reach will make a mistake at one point, this is a waiting game to see who’s patience wares down first.

Of course Vodara wasn’t having to worry about food, just watch watch the fields shift, night and day, with its white coat even in low light it would be easier to spot than the other wolves, a bigger and more obvious target this was like a gift on a platter placed right in front of him.

Even if he had to wait a few days….

It took a while but eventally the wolves were drawn in, The White the unique of the pack, it was a shame to have to put down such a majestic creature but at least it would be killed quickly with use of a [Maw] the wolf hit the ground quickly and satisfyingly scattering its pack for now.

The Pelt was fine if a little ragged from being in these poor conditions it was not a wolf that Vodara recognised so couldn’t have come from Imuchakk territory maybe somewhere else with snow.

This pelt should fetch a fine price and my reward……



Name: Maw
Tier: B
Cost: 30 s
Weapon Type: Shortbow
Class Offensive
Range: 40 m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 5 posts
-Speed 25 m/s
-B tier damage
This arrow head can easily penetrate armour due to its material composition

120/150 Stamina

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