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Bonk the White Wolf [Solo/Misson/D]

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1Bonk the White Wolf [Solo/Misson/D] Empty Bonk the White Wolf [Solo/Misson/D] on 21/03/14, 11:48 am

Kára Fox

Kára Fox
It was Kara first active day in Rein after spending three days stick to her tavern and general area, she had just gotten dressed wearing a medieval dress garment that is pink and black. Along with it she wears two sleeves that are both black in color that reach all the way up to her biceps. All this along with two black boots that come up to her calves that are medieval inspired. when kind of randomly she had two people knock at her door in different intervals first being Stephanie a young woman about Kara's age who was a local bar/tavern singer looking to get away from a few people in her life for a little the second being an invite from someone from the Colosseum in the form of a loud mouth messenger who had to read the entire message instead of just handing her the letter.
After a little bit of time Kara followed by Stephanie would make her way to the Colosseum with only 40 minutes to spare to the time she expected and was passing the request board and noticed a mission named Hunt The White Wolf .

Kara would skim read the mission and work out it was just simply go to the location defeat a white wolf and bring his body to the client and get paid. Kara knew her speed and abilities and had calculated the time it would take to do the mission based on her Knowledge of wolves, hunters , the general area suspected, the location of her self and the client and worked out if she left now running she could completely the mission, get paid and make it the Colosseum in time for her meeting with the person who had invited her to the Colosseum.

Instantly Kara would say "Stephanie wait here i will be right back" she would make a smile on her face grabbing the poster with the mission on the bored and started running at full Fanalis speed in the direction the job had placed the area the White wolf might be located at. when approaching the last few buildings leading to the gate and wall she shout to the guards Open the gate ...Mission ... 10 minutes and the guards would open the gate allowing Kara to charge on through which she did.

within 5 minutes of running around the area she would find the wolf in her sights and would implement the ability adrenaline rush allowing her to move even faster than before, so she could get into close quarter combat before the wolf could do anything but prepare a battle stance, she would follow through with a serious of blunt attacks of Punch and Kicks to Wolf face avoiding jaw and ending things by using her hands to grab the foxes mouth pushing together and land a powerful kick directly to the neck while twisting killing the Wolf instant without leaving any marks to the fur.

She would then pick him up and run to the clients address to get paid she would get paid and then return to Stephanie who was waiting for Kara's return to head to the Colosseum.

529/500 word count.

Ability used = Adrenaline Rush

Name: Adrenaline Rush
Tier: D
Cost: 10 stamina [5 stamina sustain]
Weapon Type: n/a
Class: Speed Buffs
Range: n/a
Duration:Deactivated or can't be sustained
Cool-Down: 2
Description: Caster blood starts pumping faster , causing them to get a bit of a rush inside there body
Allows Caster to move at 15m/s

90/100 stamina

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