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Note of Intent (Vodarara, Travel)

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(Vodarara had left note with the trader, due to the change of circumstance it would be best to wait before any deals where fully complete)

It was time to leave this place, it wouldn’t come of much effect to gain any trade while Reim was beginning to collapse in on itself and with to close a link it could cause a flood of people or people whom were aiming to escape to somewhere else for safety.

It was easy to manage animal populations with just the Imuchakk around due to there lack of hunting the animals and rather being fishers by nature which meant they took less from the land as you would expect from people of their stature and diet.

If people from these lands came they would most likely start targeting the land based animals killing and taking them to eat which would begin to effect the ecosystem, Vodarara felt it was best for him to return and guard what was his duty as a wilder of the lands, it would possibly be of interest to suggest or at least drop a note off to inform the Chief of the rising situation in Reim and how he had discovered this was going on.

It would take a while to return but it had to be done at full speed it was time to return to the ice where he belonged the land that was really his home, even if he was hated and was unnatural.

WC: 222/400

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