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Trait Template/Systems

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Traits System

On Magi World, each character can potentially be a completely unique build. While there might be two warriors side by side, their character attributes and play styles might be completely different with neither being able to copy or reproduce the other. This is made possible through traits.

Traits are features, attributes, or perks obtained as you rank up your character and the classes they possess. You make create your own custom made traits, but there are also general traits that you may choose from.

[b]Trait Name:[/b]
[b]Trait Tier:[/b]
[b]Trait Requirement:[/b]
[b]Trait Description:[/b]
[b]Trait Effect:[/b]

General Traits:

Gaining Traits

Trait Points
In order to obtain traits, you must spend trait points. The value of each trait depends on its tier. For each tier the trait goes up, the cost goes up by one, so the costs are as follows:

D-tier: 1 point
C-tier: 2 points
B-tier: 3 points
A-tier: 4 points
Ω-Tier: 5 points

As you rank up you obtain trait points. However you can also gain them from your class. You gain one trait point for each tier of your class including D-tier. So each character starts with 2 trait points. If a character is maxed out in ranks and class ranks with three classes, they would possess the maximum number of trait points possible outside of special means for a total of 17 trait points.

Special Means:
In rare cases, staff may reward players with traits based on In-Character developments. In these cases, the trait does not cost trait points.

Some events might also offer Trait Points as a reward, however the effort required to obtain them will almost always be high.


Thank you all, for everything.

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