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The Art of Stealth (Secondary Spec Training, Vodarara)

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The Art of Stealth, the use of weapons that are unconventional and somewhat unique, Vodarara was a hunter that worked on surprise and logically the more surprises he had up his sleeves the better off he was in terms of combat, he could use it to pull of more and unique tricks and plays that he hoped that many enemies wouldn’t be able to keep up with.

Vodarara spent much of the day first designing and coming up with ideas on weapons or things that could be used as unique and unconventional weapons.

Things such as explosives and mixtures of powders, pastes and chemicals all that could possibly be used to lethal effectiveness if mixed to the correct mixture, hitting the right location and being used it the correct way.

He also researched what he could in Reim, Reim’s arena had all sorts of whack jobs in it there may be some older notes on the techniques people used or the weapons and styles they used in combat.

The mixture of these researches helped Vodarara work on different designs and ideas to help him formulate different weapons schematics and designs that could be used in combat to get the upper hand on enemies, things like hidden weapons that could be deployed when needed though this would require metal which Vodarara would rather avoid using if he could.

Vodarara’s main designs for weapons he had finalised idea wise where wired, the idea if used right and if he could get used to the use and trained enough with them to be able to complete a full surround of the enemy with a wired weapon, allowing him to put what could look like projectiles behind the enemy into their blind spots, where after he could bring them back into the enemy which would make them hard to notice as well as allowing for some more nasty tricks and tactics that could be used to devastating effect if it was combed with things like different types of poisons maybe to paralyze or introduce sickness into an enemy to cause them issues.

Of course there where disadvantages to being forces to close quarters but it would be far better than going up against a melee weapon wielder within close quarters with a bow.

If he used two wired projectiles in each hand, it would mean he always had a spare or an extra to use to other effects and uses as well as just another reserve.

His Secondary Weapon idea revolved around using a gauntlet like tool that could have a weapon like a blade swing around to use if he was forced into close quarters melee fighting, if it could be deployed it would mean he could fire his bow without if getting in the way and if he was forced to he could then deploy a blade to block and engage a hostile if it was hidden well enough it could be thusly deployed and also aid with a sudden surprise on the enemy if he dived them and enter what he would refer to the gauntlet, taking risk but hopefully putting an enemy off balance.

The third reserve ideas came around explosives, these carried high risk but then if you’re down and out and you need to take a threat down with you there may be no other choice.

Highly reactive satchel’s that could cause dents in enemy morale and will to fight as well as if deployed while still alive and active you could use different things to allow you to escape from combat to gain more range or to break apart locations to help prevent an enemy reaching you.

These ideas allowed Vodarara’s head to go wild with random plots and madness that these things could be used for to in sue when your desperate enough to use them, though he would rather not use these tools unless he had to, a bow was a much finer creation an weapon of elegance and perfection, A weapon that allows you to maintain the wilds, these where just things that could be used to save ones hide in battle against humanoids or creatures that are more able in battle and when your boxed in and trapped by many of them, you never want to go alone without other reserves and abilities that could be pulled out when you most need them.

It was a sort of motto for him to never go unprepared for as many eventualities as possible or situations that may arise out of nowhere.


Stealth Spec Training




Vodarara had acquired himself some lead weights, which were used in the method of fishing that was used in this region, it seemed they didn’t spear fish as the Imuchakk did.

He would tie these weights onto the wire and use them as practice to be able to get used to the weight as well as the movement in the wires as well as their tension and reaction to then pull them back in.

The wire spool would run into a hollow ring, it was about working its tension to spoil it back pulling a small inner section out and causing it to recoil once momentum became lesser enough to pull the wire backwards.

One wire had to be shorter than the other for either ringlet, one would be used to sail behind the target this was the longer one and thus would spool back later than the front one which had a shorter wire.

It was an odd feeling there was far more activity in moving the fingers and stretching them off in awkward ways to be able to hold and throw them with a pattern in mind, many a time it would end up landing wrong or the weight losing its aim and spinning out or the wires ending up tangling around each other.

It was all about timing if the wires where sent flying to close to each other they could easily tangle, too late and the longest one wouldn’t get a decent distance length ways as it went high and if the shorter one went to low it would hit the ground thus stopping its momentum dead in its tracks.

Of course in battle if your weapon became stuck, tangled or locked you’d have to ditch it, it wasn’t worth the risk of getting yourself dragged in by your target, if they got you tangled it could cause all hosts of issues for you trying to get clear of something that would most likely be quiet hacked off by your actions and if you couldn’t dodge them your life would most likely end up being forfeit in that fray.

Though if an attack like this went to plan it could well cause issues for many an opponent if they couldn’t block four different locations at once, if working with a team it would well lead to a great combination where they can finish an enemy whom tries to get out of the trap.





Though Vodarara did start thinking on other terror, the idea of stealth many would say would be not being at all spotted by your enemy but could you really just say not being detected was all there was to being stealthy, was it the person as a full body entity that had to be stealthed as if invisible to the world around it or could it be something else entirely.

What if it wasn’t a blade one used but their own fists, many would expect a human in this world of red heads and blue giants that could smash ones bones with ease, wouldn’t that be one of the most unexpected maneuverers, one could use in combat to surprise there enemy in battle ?

There were people who would wear things to protect their hands, logically some may think a bow user may be using one to protect their hands, the fingers and the hand are important to an a bow user without them they can’t hold or even shoot a bow with very low amounts of loss to the hands.

This might make someone suspect there hand is of concern, if It was to be worn of the least dominant hand, the left in Vodarara’s case maybe he was closed and had no retreat options in the case of dropping his bow, these split seconds may buy him the time to strike an enemy while they have to rebalance, this could be what you could call stealth.

The ability to get your enemy to become unbalanced, override their ability to comprehend what was going on, give them so many different things to concentrate on that they have so many decisions to do at once it could even cause them to freeze or lock up leaving massive opening, which could lead to massive damage to the enemy.

Many threats you could say have guards, be it armoured plates, shields or an area of influence with their weapon or body parts.

If you could get in under a guard or in between a guard in a way to disrupt it one could cause massive damage as long as they didn’t get locked or stuck into combat.

Vodarara had also been looking at researching magical tools, it wasn’t something he really wanted to resort to but he had seen ridiculous power since he had done a small amount of travelling that was necessary to do duties that would allow him to pursue a certain sense of revenge.

Vodarara of course wasn’t one to follow an idea of honour in combat, he obviously avoided using poison on his prey because it could very well cause major damage to the meat which he would eat to survive.

But if you’re up against people you aren’t normally eating them, well unless you really need supplies then you could eat them but normally there waste meat which gets in the way, so using poisons against them isn’t so much to worry about.

These weapons Vodarara was having to develop to deal with the humanoids that seemed to grow even more exponentially around him, even though he did make some sort of allegiance or acquaintances with some of them, be it of his own will or to keep his head.

He would class 3, The Witch that lived in the Forest, The Blue haired Chief, Then the Half Blood Blue.

Other than that Vodarara didn’t really bother that much with people, at times it was more from necessity or to make use of a creatures abilities.

Vodarara just really wished that those that he did have to put up with would at least grant him some respect, he had most likely had to deal with far more things than they ever had.

Vodarara would like to challenge some of them just to test their ability if he knew he was capable of at least possibly winning in the types of fights they perform. It was clear that if one was to randomly attack a high ranking chieftain of those giants, it would mostly end with lots of people attacking you and well he didn’t plan to leave his home so he would have to follow those rules in terms of battle.

This was part of his training for being able to at least have some fun.

WC: 719





Vodarara had at least completed his theory now however, it would take time to put everything he designed with his rather active mind and to get everything to work out but he believed he at least could over time put the resources to it to complete his objectives.

Though he saw around him a weird change in many people, he at least longed for the ability to return and guard his home, allow it to grow safely and carry out his lifelong vigil in till the string of his time ended.

As long as those he at least believed where of the best choice for this time to make sure there was at least some extra cover over what was his home, he would make sure the Vigil would watch over them in some forms at least.

Vodarara wondered what the future would bring, what was lying on the horizon.

He had felt changes in those two of the people he at least called acquaintances, like that sight that was that grand showy palace in the storm.

Even he would have to possibly rely on an odd power something that he didn’t really wish to use but against creatures that where appearing it could well be necessary.

At least with new study and new technique, these days and weeks of study, planning and theory may one day prove useful.

WC: 229


Secondary Spec training complete


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