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It was yet another morning on the boats that filled the port, Imuchakk moving around continuing to trade off new wares that came in, it had become mainly a main group whose families had begun to base themselves on the boats while others ferried in the goods from the ice packs far off in the north.

It would be expected that a killing was being made from this situation, though there currency here, Vodarara doubted would be of much use, Barter of items was more effective in the Ice Lands, where what you needed carried a higher value than what you didn’t need.

The subtle swaying of the ship continued day and night and overtime it was somewhat ok to get used to it, at least down at the ports there was a sea breeze but the heat was still rather stifling, It seemed the Imuchakk were fine with the weather but Vodarara didn’t seem as adaptable most likely he assumed due to he being a Human of lands of Snow and Ice and thus nearly always being wrapped up unlike the Imuchakk who could most likely go nude in the cold of their lands.

It was yet again Vodarara would feel the “love” of his comrades, well he was technically a poacher who by some miracle still had his head nicely attached to his shoulders.

It seemed his assigned duties involved being left to fend for himself, it seemed that the others “ALL” happened to want to go out and have a day off but why did they only get days off, Vodarara had child care duties……

This Child care involved Imuchakk Children far bigger than human born children and also they were far stronger and far more advanced at such a young age.

Today would end with some injuries that was a certainty, though it could be a saying your bones get used to the regular injuries, it would be likely this body would be worn into death by the time of its 30’s at the latest, most likely earlier at this rate.

Now there wasn’t many of them but these little monsters could escape at a moment’s notice, Vodarara had a plan, he would requisition some rope secretly from the store and use it to secure the beasts to the ship, this would prevent the ones capable of already walking from being able to escape as quickly, who then could be netted and hauled back and retied.

This was true child care, be brutal and make them fight for their freedom.

It was rather easy to get the ropes on them food was a great distraction that was something that took Vodarara all of 5 seconds of seeing Asisiak to know.

It was rather amazing that with simple food you could keep these creatures quite, it was far easier to deal with the naïve little beasts rather than there parent’s.

It was late when they returned, the returning caused a disaster, when a number of them moved at once in the same direction the rope tore free its metal ring from the wood, thus Vodarara found himself pinned to the main mast with rope being tightened around his chest.

Thus that ended that day……

WC: 537


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