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The Poached Informant (Vodarara,Open)

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Vodarara had only just returned from his trip trying to arrange supplies from Reim’s traders whom may want to make use of the goods from Imuchakk, however Reim had begun to crumble and if anyone fled they could try attempt fleeing to Imuchakk, with the issues even we have at the moment it could cause greater damage to the ecosystem than the natural damage that has occurred, it was of priority to prevent anything like this occurring at all the Imuchakk where easy to deal with as fishers they didn’t predate on the animals on the ice fields as much, but if there was to be a large influx of humans they may start hunting the animals that where regrouping.

It was important to inform the Chief at least to this situation, it seemed that they had made sorts of deals with these nations and if they caused issues for the Ice Fields, Vodarara couldn’t accept that.

Though he would not approach her directly, for the sake of his own health as well as due to his level in terms of respect from these blue haired giants.

Though this operation would involve slight vandalism of a tent and then patching it up.

Vodarara had prepared the Letter of Information:

For The Chief

If it was noticed one had disappeared, I had been attempting to procure supplies rather to counter the need of needing to predate on any of the Ice Fields Species, for a counter to the Damage.

It seems however I have to call it a failure for now, I have made contacts as well as coming across Tai Black whom seems to have a new air to him since I last had contact with him.

Reim however seems to be in a struggle its self-there seems to be an instability arising due to what they call “Governance” against the leader’s whom are said to have taken over that nation.

It could also be of means to take advantage of this situation.

As well as

It may be of note that if any fled here it could cause instability to the wilds.

Though I don’t show my face as I’d rather keep my head.

Also I suggest improving ones security…..

….. The Poacher

Vodarara had a plan to hopefully cause the letter to gain the chief’s attention, in the night after observing any watchers movements, he slowly snuck to the tent, he still had some knowledge from the time and he had been captured and beaten before.

Once he got close enough he would make a small incision, slowly opening a hole in the tent, into that on this night of a new moon, he would then insert a Platter of what he saw a delicacy, treated meat of a very specific animal.

On top of this was a cross-section of plant matter to stop the Letter getting damage by the meat’s juices.

After this was done he would set about:

Quickly repairing the gap he had made.

Then Fleeing into the darkness of the new moon.

WC: 494

(The after this is Vodarara's chain of thought, not actions as of yet, kinda in the middle of placing the "bait" and Note)


Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Asisiak rose and greeted the day, it seemed the brisk winter had set in on the tundra and her tent carried a chill as her fire had begun to dwindle. While putting more logs on the fire, she arched a brow to see a note that had fallen onto her stack of wood. Looking around, she noticed a small hole that had been repaired on the wall of her tent and she snorted before unrolling the note and reading it.

It was from the poacher that had joined their clan and a mild shock washed over her face before she looked more in-depth at the information. It seemed he had been trying to procure other trade arrangements for the tribe but had failed. She chuckled and shook her head. The silly man did not realize they now had the gold to trade with whomever they chose, but he had made an effort, which was commendable. She had already heard rumors of the troubles in Reim, but even those desperate to escape the rising tensions in that country were not desperate enough to brave the icy colds of Imuchakk. They had received another new ship of men from the Workforce Initiative and they were finishing up the work necessary to get the tribal nation back on its feet. After they were done, her agreement with the Marquis Niraj would be fulfilled and the Imuchakk people would once again return to their isolation.

She knew some might miss the interaction from the Reim workers, but the majority of the tribe were glad that their homes would return to normal soon. She hummed in thought, eyeing the note. If the poacher was willing to put in effort, perhaps she had judged him too harshly. She called in one of her guards, giving them instructions to discreetly watch Vodarara. Perhaps if he showed he was interested in helping out more, she could perhaps offer him thanks… or at least not dislocate his shoulder the next time she greeted him.

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