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Road of Favor (1) (Job/Chain/Voda/Feha/Tai)

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After their deal had been discussed and Marcus sorted about writing up a formal writ, there was a few “favors” that needed being doing, it seemed he had issues of his own that plague his trade route.

It seemed between a mixture of bandit and dog attacks, his influence was being affected and one of his competitors was using the issues that were occurring to increase his influence over the money trail in the area.

Increasing the size of business he could perform increasing his standing money, increasing his power in this land, though Vodarara didn’t really care for this places money, he could see at least that it was there way of deciding who had power, whom has the money has the power to control those around them, unlike Imuchakk where at least ability somewhat mattered of course blood and your bloodline counted somewhat as well as not being a poacher like he truly was technically in their eyes at least.

The logical way to proceed with this type of operation would be to go with one of the smaller caravan’s something that you could disguise what was on it or at least hide the personnel on it making it look like there was a decreased guard count, may help draw in any predators that actively seek to hunt and attack what is on the routes, they shouldn’t attack anything strong unless they were desperate beyond belief.

Thus it would be best if himself and the group where at least disguised to blend in with what most caravan runners would look like, rather than what they look like now, Vodarara wrapped his bow to cover its colouration and to hide it for this very reason.

When they set off it would be Dawn, the trip was only a short one with only one night camp that would be made before the destination would be reached and there was always a chance they wouldn’t be attack if the dogs had already picked up prey the same day or the day before.

It was a rather nice area this snowy region, there route consisted of a path that was mainly cold plains for the majority of the journey, at least it was somewhat tracked it was a more crucial road however they would have to break off this route and head up through a more mountainous pass this should well attract anything that was planning to predate on the group as it was working its way to its destination and with a number of carts they couldn’t put up a defensive ring, so it would be an easy target for anything hungry to try and pick off what was there, with only a small group there a creature with the element of surprise could well easily eliminate or put a unprepared or not very well armed group out of action.

Though even with such a beautiful location, Vodarara couldn’t truly relax, his motto was always that relaxing will get you killed, you can’t let your mind dull and to lose track of what’s going on around you because you never know when something will come to strike you down.

Though when you would die was already decided you wouldn’t get a choice about it if you were going to die you were going to die and there was nothing that was going to stop it, but you can live your life the way you wish, seize what you want with your own hands no matter what it is, decide what you wanted to do and what your plan was, though he would say he wasn’t a selfish person he remained with his mainly quiet and lonely life in the mountains, forests and ice plains of Imuchakk, it was a rather unique life, a world that was perfect.

Though there where trails and challenges and of course large giants that could pretty much beat you down with no effort.

Vodarara would continue his march to keep what was technically his home even if he wasn’t really that welcome by the people, a home is something you protect, something you maintain and those wilds where his vigil, a vigil which would end whenever his life expired and one remerges with the land itself, you just become another chunk of meat for those that survive on the waste to feed on, to nibble at ones bones, but there was nothing wrong with going down fighting.

Either go down in a blink of an eye or go down hands covered in as much of their blood as you can.

They worked their up the mountain path in till there rest point this would be there night rest.

Vodarara said “ill take first sleep shift, you two on guard”

Well by sleep shift Vodarara wouldn’t really be truly sleeping, in his way of life you couldn’t truly sleep.


Brief for the other 2:

Basicly post what you see during the day prior to making camp then you two post for the start of the battle etc etc.

Then if theres something left ill kill it then i do a little wrap up bit ok.




It had reached his shift and the night had so far passed uneventfully, the others had hit the hay and went to sleep though it would feel like a long time in till day break at this rate in the very least with seemingly very little of a challenge occurring maybe they had scared off what was lurking here or they just weren’t interested.

Well it wouldn’t be long in till the choose to show up at least, when the dogs got in close Vodarara had sat in pitch darkness using the moon light as the only light to see.

There eyes aglow with the light most animals where easy to spot and pick out with the right light at night, though humanoid eyes where different invisible it was sight vs scent, he could not outmatch a hounds scenting ability.

Shifting around quiet making steps pairs of eyes, it seemed like dinner was bringing itself here tonight.

Vodarara noticed an ”Arrow” and let it fly, the little sound produced followed by a little sound of a thunk and the eyes descending into the ground.

Though now would be the creatures assault they were in attack positions for a surround logic would be for them to put down the active target which was himself.

Vodarara launched another ”Arrow” as the dogs closed in another crumpled over into the floor, these creatures where weak compared to dog.

Followed by a 3rd leaping towards him, Vodarara ”Tactical Reposition” himself as he prepared another Arrow at point blank range into the stomach of the dog.

Though the 3rd would not be the last as a final attacker emerged as it attempted its pitiful feral assault it received a quick boot to the face (Melee Attack]

This would end the scrap these feral, thin mutts could do very little compared to wolves.

It would seem the others would get a meal of feral dog in the morning, though Vodarara would rather stick to his own rations, these mutts could be infected with anything.

The rest of the night and day would pass uneventfully.

WC: 348


3*Standard Arrow Used
1 Melee Attack
230/250 Stamina

Tac Repo:
Name: Tactical Reposition
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Stamina
Weapon Type: Dodge
Class Dodge
Range: Self
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 Posts
Speed: 20 m/s
Description: The Hunter repositions himself at 15m/s up to ten meters away.


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