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Racing a Big Kid [Job] [Finished]

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It was a couple of days after his induction into the tribe, with the rumours that a tribesman was only as could as his swimming ability, there seemed to be rather regular swim offs between the villages location near the sea on the ice cap and a glacier nearby.

The blue haired young men and sometimes women, took this place as a way to prove yourself by swimming through the infested waters which could be filled with many different creatures, some peaceful but there was just as many if not more creatures which would have fun tearing you limb from limb with their maws. This freezing water would leach energy if you stayed in it too long and getting out was just as bad as the edges of glaciers would be eaten at sometimes depending on the temperature of that day, meaning you could cause the ice you’re trying to get out onto to break and collapse.

The young of the tribe seemed to use this as a way to have fun and challenge each other, kind of to make a pecking order, some who were thin easily demolished the larger more menacing males with easy.

It wasn’t long before they got apprehensive towards the hunter being there, he wasn’t the common person to be in the tribe, only being there by pure luck managing to keep his head after he was captured for intruding on their lands even though he had been there for years, moving between the icecap and its glacial neighbours hunting prey across them.

Even the half-bloods that were few in the tribe, from a mixture of human ex-slaves, travellers and others which had ended up being pulled in the tribe as wives, husbands or mates of some tribe members. They were at least somewhat imuchakk so they may have been looked down on but they were still blood.

Unlike him he was pure blood human, a wanderer and a “trespasser”, one of the bigger more cocky males of the tribe a fresh hunter whom had only recently slain a rampaging unicorn as well. Wanted a piece of him, cockily pushing the Hunter about before calling him out to prove himself against him.

As the crowd of young tribesman acted like a crowd trying to peer pressure the event to happen, it was time to gain some respect to prove it wasn’t luck or something else that allowed him to defeat the Unicorn and gain its horn.

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The Bulking blue haired male had changed down to what was basically a set of underwear of sorts, the imuchakk had great resistance to the cold and the wet, unlike Kynan whom would normally be wearing animal pelts to maintain as much warmth as possible but he could handle the cold for some time just he couldn’t stand there like that permanently. He was in some sort of linens light but still clothed in some warm gear.

And it began the imuchakk plunged into the water rapidly setting off at speed before Kynan could start himself, slowly the hunter entered and began a backstroke towards the island, this was a play of strategy the idea was hoping the stubborn kid wanted to prove something but was no good himself.

20 minutes in Kynan continuing at his pace passing ice fish and other creature that swam beneath, passing an ice flow, the Imuchakk lay face down on it breathing heavily after burning himself out, the Hunter made his way to the island when reaching it as he reached it he placed his arms up on the ice as he sat waiting before he planned to get out.

The freezing temperatures had frozen the fabrics arms to the ice. Kynan used this to cleanly leaver himself up onto the ice and victory.

It was clear he was being watched by older tribal members of course no one would trust “some human”

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