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Fishing Bears

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The Port seemed to kick into yet another issue, it seemed that the Fishermen were having issues with losing catches, it seemed they had been attacked and had fish stolen by a bear.

By the sounds of it this bear was rather abnormally large, possibly due to its large diet on fish and easy prey seeing as they had already been caught made it easy for it to bulk up, but to be at its size it would also have to be an adult as well as a male most certainly.

However with the fact it was focusing on one food in particular in its diet it would be an easy target.

The issue with bears was there thick hide, you wanted to kill them swiftly before they could close on you and fight you hand to paw, for one swipe of those claws could cause some serious damage and if they got a hold of you, it would be doubtful that you would survive the confrontation.

Bears were animals that shouldn’t be underestimated they could continue on shear adrenaline and still close on you and come in for the kill, there roar could well be capable of freezing someone solid with fear if they were not prepared mentally.

The best idea for the plan to eliminate the bear would be to use its favourite food source as bait, draw it in on the smell of fish filling the air and keep everything as natural as possible so that it has the least suspicion of a plot against its life.

The next issue would be breaching the beasts hide, the best bet would be to use a “Maw” a tooth from the jaws of the Rampaging Unicorn aiming for back when it drops its head to feed, have the arrow penetrate into the body cavity, this should cause mass damage to the organs and could well drop the creature.

Aiming for the head would be high risk should you miss or it catch the skull at the wrong angle it could do little damage and just pee the bear off, the angrier the bear the more of a threat it would be that’s why killing it swiftly was Vodara’s aim.

If you could rupture its Heart, Stomach or Intestines it would at least weaken the creature or right kill it after some time, the more vital the organ you hit the better, if the arrow hit the spine it could well put the animal out of action in a near instant.

As usual any hunt was a waiting game you would stake out your prey and wait for them to come to you, disguising your scent and your markers to help make you as invisible as possible, hiding in plain sight, downwind of your target never faltering, it was the waiting game you had to have huge patience one slip could cause your death.

You had to trust your instincts.

The Arrow was drawn the “Maw” tip prime, with little sound the creature dropped at least it died with the pleasure of eating its favourite food.

Though to survive in this world you could never let your guard down.

The Pelt and Claws should serve correct for the bounty as well as have some value


120/150 stamina

Name: Maw
Tier: B
Cost: 30 s
Weapon Type: Shortbow
Class Offensive
Range: 40 m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 5 posts
-Speed 25 m/s
-B tier damage
This arrow head can easily penetrate armour due to its material composition

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