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Imuchakk Assets Part 1 and 2 (job, Vodara,solo)

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Part 1:  1005 /1000 (stamina 150/150)

We had come to Reim under the leadership of are mistress and master Asisiak, she had matter to attend too after she had become a king vessel it seemed that a djinn had chosen to take her as its new master.

Of course with us coming to a new land, it was important for us to bring goods that we could barter and trade, such “exotic” goods at least how other people referred to them had a quite significant value in these lands and it seemed there were some who would be prepared to spend huge amounts just to get their hands on something that in their eyes was unique.

Though it always seemed other eyes peered on to us, like you were being watched by a pack of hungry wolves looking for a weakness in you, wolves would target the weakest target it would be wasteful to attack a strong target because of the damage you may take to your own forces.

But attacking Imuchakk forces would be quite risky, these big bulking individuals capable of causing significant damage with their fists even if they were disarmed, they towards above humans with ease, meaning targeting their heads in a melee would be significantly difficult.

Of course I was most likely the weak link in the chain, now half-bloods do exist in imuchakk but being the only human pure blood on this trip made me far weaker than anyone else, I wasn’t born or brought into their tribe by normal means, I was more of dragged in a net, beaten up by their chieftain for the purposes of “relocating” my shoulder and giving me a firm pat on my other shoulder.

That all happened because I took fancy too some big prey that could have provided adequate food for years, if it was salted down and frozen I would also be able to make numerous things, well that’s how it could have turned out, it turned out completely differently I dislocated my shoulder, ended up with an audience with their chief.

That’s how the whole thing ended up getting eaten in one big feast, I am lucky I guess I did get a Horn from the creature I guess it should carry a strong value and I also am still alive.

Also an audience with their chieftain, she is quite a beauty as well as strong and brave but of course I wouldn’t say that aloud id most likely end up dead but it is my aim to at least prove myself better in ways of thinking than the majority of their people.


I had to be on my post I couldn’t just skulk off somewhere, but eventually my salvation came I was being given a job other that watch duty, being the lightest as well as the smallest I could at least get up high and observe from the mast without it being prepared to snap.

My mission the Captain gave me was too do some scouting, it seemed he had fears the goods we were hauling could be attacked, it was expected being in tune with the wild you can feel the piercing stares as well as the will to attack and kill, it feels like a creeping cold that sits on your hairs.

Thus I was rather swiftly ejected from the boat, these guys could pick me up with ease by one hand and there was very little I could even do to stop that happening.

Thus I set off on my “day off”.

I could always indulge myself with this lands culture or foods, so I set about lurking around the stalls that traded fruits around the port.

I searched stall by stall purchasing fruits that looked interesting and giving them a taste, I found myself nibbling my way through a semi hard skinned fruit, that’s flesh was sweet as well as its juice as I moved it around in my hands.

Conversations occurred all around me, working my way ears pinging between voices and conversations people had, this place was loud far far too loud, your senses are meant to be extreme when you have to survive in the conditions we survive in, you need to be in your prime at all times one mistake can easily lead to death.

The Afternoon wore on as I worked my way through my fruit collection, voices changed and began to shift in tone.

“Boss wants us to raid in the middle of the night, get those big blue brutes when they’re tired”

This was my first sign that there was someone stupid enough to try attacking imuchakk people, their voices seemed to begin trailing off so of course the best bet was to follow them, they continued on about attacking between people shifting in and out and going for when people start to get into a good sleep.

It seemed at least there leader was somewhat smart in terms of thinking when to attack a group.

They arrived at a warehouse, shrouded in darkness in closed in and tight streets, I had worked my way to the rooftops it was far safer with more escape routes being trapped on the streets would be far worse, it would mean they had the advantage over the lay of the land, it was there territory and it wasn’t worth the risk to try hunting in their territory, the roof’s felt safer you had more vision and a better idea of your surroundings, also its far harder to get stabbed when you’re out of their reach.

The afternoon sun had set while ago, the eyes adjust focusing into the darkness learning and understanding it, it wasn’t long before a large group came out a few of there members with torches and lanterns.

“Lets move runts, no point dilly dallying we need to get this done now, remember the plan and lets make ourselves rich, remember the night of 3 days”

(Part 1 complete)

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Part 2: 1???/1000

The report was clear the captain wanted some of them eliminated that would make it easier by removing some threats from the occasion, he wanted it done soon. I would argue that was a stupid idea but that would most likely end up with another broken shoulder, so i bit my tongue using the faces i memories set out in the night to eliminate some of the bandits that were preparing to attack us.

I would use night as my ally and strike them from the shadows and above.

This meant the enemy had to keep its senses focused everywhere causing them to be overloaded meaning there defensive guard had holes and these holes would be were your forces could breach there line, you could say humans are much like the beasts that stalk in packs in are frozen wastes, the work in groups and come down with weapons that can cleave flesh from bone.

The only difference some of us don’t hunt in packs and you can’t see human eyes in the night, they won’t glow when light hits them they merge into the shadows unseen and can strike out without a hint of being expected.

With them breaking out the best bet would be to eliminate a group, this would hopefully damage there encirclement, by myself however it wouldn’t be possible to completely eliminate there chance of encirclement only damage it, being on my own I wouldn’t be able to wipe out large numbers of them, my advantage was shadow stalking and the element of surprise as well as the advantage from above.

I started with following the smallest of the large groups that first broke off, stalking them from above like some birds of prey would do to their prey that skulked along the ground.

These streets seemed eary and quite, everything dead as these men passed through not a word echoed, this land had become much like being stuck out in the frozen plains, all you hear are your own footsteps or that of your group, the sounds of insects and bugs going about their business as well as the sounds of the occasional creature that lives its life in the dark.

These groups worked their way street by street slowly splitting off into smaller and smaller sections, working my way along the roofs and occasionally shifting around dropping down into the street to bolt up onto the roofs of the shacks and huts that built up the roads.

Finally the groups had broken down into more manageable chunks groups of 4 or so, it was the safest bet to follow the smallest of these as well as the one that was on a more straight route, the more angled a route the more risk they might be strafing and be able to only get nicked by an arrow.

The plan was such, there was one larger individual in the group this man was the biggest threat as well as by the looks of it the leader, eliminating the leader should hopefully increase the chance the group cascades in to panicked state looking from where they are being engaged it was also important not to get caught by the guards of this city, it would be rather awkward explaining why you have just cut down a group of men and most likely end with you on the end of a blade.

I would have to strike soon it wouldn’t be long before they reached their position to attack from it was time to put them down and swiftly.
Slowly and quietly skulk your way to be in front of them to the side, put an arrow into the air a spitter designed to scatter fangs into the group of them, this would spray a number of fangs into them hopefully thus allowing for maximum distraction about where they are being attacked from.

Notching the arrow arcing it to a position to come down with their momentum to be splitting into its barbs towards the middle of the group but high enough to cause maximum spread over the group.

Next use one of my best arrows put it through the heart of their leader drop him quickly.

Notched “Barbed Spitter” and launched up into the sky, near silent just a twang merging into the sounds of the silence as it goes by.

Another Notched “The Maw”, shift and move countdown estimated time before barbs begin landing and launch.

With no knowledge of the incoming threat, there leader dropped face to the road the arrow cleaving deep into the back of his chest through arteries and his heart, it should be a rather quick and painless death.

Next the barbs began landing, 7 of the 10 landed in the 4 of them, two in the fallen leader, 3 in the one to the rear and one in each of his flanking men.

There light hit the ground, panic set into one of them.

The others stood firm, “what wa….”

Standing still and not moving was a weakness, a less specialised arrow imbedded itself in the chest cavity of the talkative one.

Quick draw again, fire aim home kill the next before they can scatter.

The unbroken survivor called out “guar…!!!!!” he too met an end.

The final dived towards there fallen leader kicking the torch about as he did fumbling at a container.

He did have the favour of seeing red before he met his end as well, his last words….. “red”

It seemed maybe it could be from the colour of the bow the sign of an Imuchakk all of which carry Red weapons as if it was there soul.

I had to be swift dousing the torch using a body and putting any of them who still breathed even lightly out of their misery, it was a dishonour to let something die slowly, if you must take a life make their death swift so they move onto the next.

Quickly grabbing as many of my arrows as I could, I had to get out of there as fast footsteps began to close in, it would be best to leave as little evidence leading to me as possible, I had my arrows at least and my barbs as long as there wasn't anyone with keen eyes i should be in the clear.

I rushed my way back to are ship, it would be smart to prepare for there attack and catch them by surprise when they did so, of course i doubt the others would be interested in such a scheme

Stamina 100/150
Standard Arrows   7/10

Techs used:
Name: Barbed Spitter
Tier: C
Cost: 20 s
Weapon Type: Shortbow
Class Offensive
Range: 30 m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 3 posts
-Speed 20 m/s
-10 metre radius
-10 barbed heads
-C - D tier damage
-C if 10 land one target
-D if less than 10 land a target
This arrow head ejects a cluster of barbed heads at high speed mid-flight, these heads are designed to burrow into enemies hide and flesh when they strike them.


Name: Maw
Tier: B
Cost: 30 s
Weapon Type: Shortbow
Class Offensive
Range: 40 m
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 5 posts
-Speed 25 m/s
-B tier damage
This arrow head can easily penetrate armour due to its material composition

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