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1News Board: Kou Empty News Board: Kou on 25/05/15, 03:38 pm

Rebel groups in Kou beginning to form to overthrow Yoshiro’s rule, unhappy with the change in philosophies for expansion.

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2News Board: Kou Empty Re: News Board: Kou on 08/06/15, 06:28 pm

A volcano has made itself known deep in the Jade Dragon Mountains of Kou. With the emergence of this startling natural disaster has come news of odd happenings. Creatures have begun acting oddly, creating a dangerous situation for those citizens dwelling in the mountains. Along with this, the metals being mined have begun giving off noxious fumes, making it nearly impossible to gather the materials necessary to help resupply the destroyed weapons after the Reim-Kou conflict.

Emperor Yoshiro has put out a call for any brave enough to investigate the odd happenings and discover the root of the problem.

Investigating the Flow

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3News Board: Kou Empty Re: News Board: Kou on 05/08/15, 11:40 pm

A traitorous faction, intent on overthrowing Emperor Yoshiro, was exposed by a mysterious person to be planning.

Emperor Lagi investigates the presence of the Dark Hand and their spread from Reim to Kou.

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4News Board: Kou Empty Re: News Board: Kou on 24/10/15, 11:55 am

Eligos has been defeated by Ayero, with the assistance of Azix Niraj:
Eligos: The Chamber

Support for Yoshiro continues to vary between rebel and support groups:



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5News Board: Kou Empty Re: News Board: Kou on 24/12/15, 12:01 pm

A rise in the number of rebels have been noticed, along with whispers of a cult focused on the removal of eyes. Tensions are rising as Yoshiro must decide how to deal with these problems in his country.

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6News Board: Kou Empty Re: News Board: Kou on 17/11/16, 06:31 pm

    News Board: Kou Urgent1

    A local village recently took up arms and began to protest against the current emperor. However, it took a dark turn when the villagers actions suddenly turned violent. They began to throw their rocks at the guards, causing one of the guards to react violently as well. Causing a large scuffle between the two groups. Many innocent protesters died during this to the hands of Yoshiro's men. Suddenly, the previous emperor who was thought to be dead; Gao Yaun Zu appeared and managed to save what remained of the protesting village. As a declaration of war he announced that he was going to personally retake the throne from his son.

  • Kou Uprising

    A local inn claimed that they were haunted. However, it turned out it was actually the work of a magician simply turning people invisible. Two people went to investigate it and quickly dealt with the mage.

  • Invisible Ruins

    Many sources have claimed to have seen multiple Fanalis loitering around in the capital.

  • The Lightning Magician (Open,Social)

    A couple of guards overheard that some citizens of Kou were having horrible nightmares. Two travelers are then sent to inform a nearby monk who has dealt with this issue before.

  • Träumer

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7News Board: Kou Empty Re: News Board: Kou on 21/02/17, 10:01 pm

Tensions rise as many warriors side with civil war factions during unrest in Kou. Currently, Emperor Gao Yuan Zu has amassed a large sphere of influence, yet opposing faction led by son Yoshiro Zu received backing from many powerful officers, lending no insight into an assured victor in the civil unrest. Many are taking up arms in allegiance with either man with claim to the royal seat of Kou.

Quelling Flames
Beneath the Flames of the Civil War
Imperial Armor
Halting an Elite

However, despite the war, there have been humanitarian efforts to better improve the quality of life in Kou.

For the People
The Little Soup Kitchen

Rest assured, there seems to be an end to the war in sight. We must remain vigilant and safe during this time of strife.

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8News Board: Kou Empty Re: News Board: Kou on 20/11/18, 12:18 am

First off, several new drugs have appeared throughout the land of Kou and the amount of them being sold has increased even more. It is believed that these new drugs are being made and sold by a group known as The Dark Hand and one of their members known as Requiem Jinx. Witnesses have stated that this group is responsible for destroying a large group of drug dealers known as The Red Dragons. Finally, there have been several rumors that Requiem Jinx has been selling Salatis the warrior drug and battle beasts to the Kou army for their own personal uses in the war.

Other news in Kou, people thoughout the city has gone missing along with several dead bodies with two puncture wounds found in their necks. It is unknown what caused these but it is possible some new beast or monster has shown up in the area to be on high alert.

There have been several rumors of an angelic like being seen in the Jade Mountains.

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