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Ravaged Fields[Job]

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Job Name: Stealing Crops
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:N/A
Job Overview: One of the best ways to fuel a rebellion is to make the citizens think nothing is being done to protect them. Steal their crops without being caught and then return a week later to rile their feelings of discontent by pointing out how little had been done.

Empty bellies make for empty consciences. Following his little scene in a town close to the Kou capitol, Yakuroro headed out towards the largest province responsible for providing food to the entire empire. He did so with those words of wisdom in mind. The food source was also the source of the people's confidence in their leaders. If something were to happen to the crops then there would be a reaction in those who rely upon them. Ironically, this destination took him back to the estate that he had woken up in. Yakuroro had since learned that its owner was named "Soushui" but hearing the name caused him pain and he could not remember his connection to her or how he ended up in her basement. All he could gather was that she had probably been the women who's face he'd supposedly half burned off. It was unfortunate for her that her lands were so fertile and depended upon by the empire, but Yakuroro would have to impart further suffering upon her if she was still alive. Or perhaps it would only be to her people, either way, eggs needed to be cracked if Yaku was going to cook up a rebellion omelette.

Yakuroro waited in the wilderness until nightfall and then activated his Djinn Equip as well as the spell, Marx Vanish. Concealed by the obscurity of perfect illusion magic, the Imuchakk flew over the fields of Soushui's province and used Marx Replication to produce nearly two dozen cloned guards in Imperial Kou livery. The clones could move far faster than common men and made quick work of stealing carts and wagons in the dead of night. These would be used to hold all the crops they pilfered before hauling them out to the woods where a giant pit carved out of the ground using Marax's Greatsword would be used to store it all. Over the course of a single night, Yakuroro had single handedly stripped the fields bare leaving hundreds of farms with little more than seeds and a handful of trampled sproutlings.

Yaku allowed a week to pass before returning to Lady Soushui's estate where many disgruntled farmers had gathered to complain and demand that she do something about the problem with her magic. But the noblewoman never showed, her servants insisting that she was unwell and could not be seen. It was the perfect scene to capitalize on. The magician conjured a Marx Shadow of a disgruntled farmer Yakuroro had met back in the town here he'd killed some dissenters. The perfect clone was sent to the front of the mob in order to shout over them that it was not Lady Soushui they should be mad at. She was one woman and it was not her duty to guard the people from bandits. That responsibility lay with the Imperial guards, and yet none came to their rescue. There wasn't even a relief force sent to help them in the aftermath of this disastrous plunder.

Soldiers had in fact been sent to carry supplies to the people after all. Three caravans of supplies and extra soldiers to offer security to the region had been dispatched. However, Yakuroro anticipated this in sat in wait for them on the main road. As the sun rose and a beacon of hope approached Lady Soushui's province, Yakuroro stood in its way like a devil set on cursing their fates just as he had cursed his own. The Yakuroro from before would have never caused so much suffering for others for a reason so petty as his own vengeance. But this was a changed man. He had never felt empathy for the common masses in the first place, always protecting them out of a pragmatic sense of duty rather than an emotional drive. But now the sociopath was no longer bound by that duty. All that mattered was getting back at fate for making a tool out of him.

Each of the three caravans were met with a bloody fate at the hands of an invisible enemy they could not see. Yakuroro'd invisibility cloaked Djinn Equip made him the equivalent of death itself. An unseen reaper that claimed the heads of men with no regard for their families and dependants. The supplies the men had brought along were squandered and cast into the wilderness for the animals to have. No help would come to the people of Soushui's lands. At least none from the Emperor. That simply wouldn't do as it did not fit the narrative Yakuroro was patiently crafting. Like the farmers who's lives he had just ruined, the magician was painstakingly planting and cultivating seeds of doubt in the people. The famine of an emperor's good will could not be tolerated.

The clone did it's job of inciting the people well and in moments, their anger was turned from Soushui's mansion to the Emperor and his men. Countless farmers looked within themselves and found a self-justified reason to blame someone. If Soushui would not appear then that blame had to fall on someone else. Emperor Yoshiro and his forces were the next best targets. After all, this kind of thing NEVER happened when the old Emperor was still alive. When the borders were kept secure by an ever present army that was expanding into new fertile lands. The shadow created by Yaku led them to begin marching towards the capitol with intentions to riot and demand compensation for the damages suffered due to a lack of effort on the army's part to secure their borders. No one so much as questioned the fact that a mere day into their march, the shadow that had led them vanished into thin air, along with the Djinn Equipped King Candidate which had summoned him.

Yakuroro was off to another village to further his agenda even more. He could incite more farmers, or perhaps he could target factions within the military this time. Just thinking about it brought a sick pleasure to Yaku's lips in the form of a twisted smile. Fate would know his wrath.

Magoi: 230/300
WC: 1013/1000
Abilities Used:
Djinn: Marax
Type: Longsword
Theme: Perfect Illusion | Light + Sound
Chant: "O' Djinn of Mischief and Deceit! Let my will bend reality and grant me the power to fool even the wise! Dwell in my body and let your power be unleashed!"
Flight: 15m/s
Cost: 20 on cast; 10 per post
Cool-Down: 8 posts
Appearance: The full Djinn Equip of Marax gives the user a rather menacing visual appearance. Their skin turns blue like that of a djinn and their body becomes clad in a dark purple armor. The head is covered in dark purple shadows making it impossible to see ones face save for six glowing eyes turned 90 degrees like the third eye most djinn possess. The weapon that comes with the djinn equip grows to be a total of 7 feet long with 1 foot dedicated to the handle. The illusory haze that was once surrounding the blade is replaced by the dark purple shadows covering the user's head. These shadows rise off the edge of the sword which now has jagged bits sticking out almost reminiscent of the branches on a rampaging unicorn horn.

Name: Marx Canvas
Tier: B
Cost: 30 Magoi | 15 sustained
Type: Perfect Illusion
Class: Supplementary
Range: 30m
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 5 posts; Sustained +1
Description: This spell allows the user to recreate the surroundings of an area up to 15m in diameter so long as it is within 30m of the user. The surroundings do not truly morph or change as it is all just a big illusion, however the illusion is not limited to visual stimuli. The caster can also produce illusory sounds in the surroundings as well. A B tier light or water spell can distort this illusion for the turns that they are active.

Name: Marx Replication
Tier: A
Cost: 20 magoi | 10 sustained
Type: Perfect Illusion
Class: Offensive
Range: 40m
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 3 posts; Sustained +1
Description: When cast this spell allows the user to create illusory clones made partially solid. The user can clone anything 15 to 20 times so long as its scale does not exceed 5m. These clones can be of objects or people and are capable of dealing D-tier damage. D-tier damage is also all that is required to destroy one of the clones. If a clone moves 40m away from the castor it fades into nothingness. Each clone can move around according to the castor's will at a speed of 20m/s. At the start of the users sustained turns, the number of replicas will replenish to 20.

Name: Marx Shadow
Tier: A
Cost: 40 magoi | 20 sustained
Type: Perfect Illusion
Class: Supplementary
Range: 40m
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 7 posts; Sustained +1
Description: This spell creates a perfect copy of the user or another target they have seen before. If the user has heard the targets voice the copy will replicate it perfectly as well. This clone has the durability of an A-tier ability and can move at 25m/s dealing A-tier damage once per post to any enemies it attacks.


Thank you all, for everything.

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