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Supporting a Ruler [Job/Solo]

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Job Overview: Emperor Yoshiro has taken control after the death of his father and siblings. Many people are nervous about his new ideals for the country. Help him out by talking to at least three citizens about the more peaceful country the new Emperor plans to form. Things you could speak about include his desire to unify under peaceful terms, his plans to focus more on improving standards of living within the borders of the country, or his firm stance against corruption in the ruling classes.

Through the odd jobs Kioshi had been picking up while on vacation from his guarding duties, he had been socializing much more than was normal for the man. This was beneficial, although a bit uncomfortable for the quiet man, as it allowed him to get a better grasp on the situation in his home country. He could practically feel the uncertainty that was like a haze around the country as Emperor Yoshiro began making changes to his father’s tyrannical rule. One night found Kioshi in a small tavern surrounded by three other men he had helped out a few days before. They were built larger than him but had been good-natured when he had volunteered to help hauling wood from the river. They had taken a liking to the introverted man and his dedication, appreciating that he was helping out in whatever way he could.

The conversation slowly drifted towards the recent change in rulers for the country and Kioshi found himself in a place to offer input. Through his normal guarding duties, he had been privy to some of the plans the Emperor had planned to enact. None of the information he had gathered was particularly sensitive, so he felt secure in sharing it with the men who had adopted him as a friend. When one of the men mentioned the withdrawing of troops from the Plains, another man mentioned his worries about the tribes on the Plains retaliating.

“But would it not be better to have them side with us because we offer something back? Now, we do not have to worry about them rebelling simply because we were usurping their land. They are not organized enough to pose a threat to us, it is true… but unity through peace is an honorable goal, is it not?”

The men gave a hum of consideration at his words. It was so unlike what the previous Emperor had engrained in the minds of the Kou people but these were not military men. After they had served their required amount of time, these men had returned to their homes to find professions outside of killing and invasions. It had been their silent way of signaling to the previous Emperor that they did not support his conquering.

“What about the damage we have already done to those tribes, though? While they might not be able to launch a large scale attack on Kou, there are many farms that border the Plains, and they will be in danger. While it would have no significant impact on the capital, it still impacts the families there. I have family out there…”

Kioshi nodded in understanding, but offered soft words.

“Emperor Yoshiro would not abandon those villages or leave them without protection. It is why we are rebuilding the armory, why there is still a required military service once a boy comes of age. He does not intend to leave us defenseless, he is simply trying to lessen the number of enemies we have. It will not be immediate, of course, but even small steps will eventually get you to your goal, right?”

Another of the men spoke up, his voice raised slightly to be heard over the din in the tavern.

“But what about those that have lost their family homes because they were given back to the tribes?”

“While the Emperor may have granted the lands back to their rightful owners, he has also made efforts to maintain peace with them. If our people are asked to leave, he has offered them ample compensation to find new homes. It is inconvenient and homes are sure to be missed, but there is plenty of land within our own borders to offer them. He has also been trying to focus on improving the lives for the less fortunate that unfortunately goes with any large empire.”

The men gave a collective him of consideration before the last man spoke up.

“And what is to say he won’t turn out just like his father? Perhaps this is all just a ploy.”

Kioshi gave a small chuckle and shook his head.

“Have you not seen the number of trials he has been holding? He is slowly trying to weed out those with power that would abuse their privileges. It is not a fast process, nor a guaranteed one, but he is making strides in trying to reduce corruption. He even worked with Emperor Lagi from Reim to weed out someone with ties to a rather unsavory group that seeks to take advantage of the turmoil within the country. I know I am just one man, but I like the direction he is trying to take here. He is trying to give Kou a strong, stable core to build on for the future, but that takes time. What say you, gentlemen? Is it not better to show the world our best face instead of our worst?”

Kioshi saw that they were interested in what he had to say, but were not immediately swayed. If nothing else, at least he had planted the seeds of hope in their mind. Maybe, as time went on, those seeds would flourish and spread to the minds of others.



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