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Another day at the bar [Solo]

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Aayla was starting to see more and more days spent away from Jericho since their job to the slavers outpost on the river. She assumed she had scared him enough that he chose to not involve himself too much with her self imposed missions. That was fine with her, the more freedom she had to do what she wanted, the less she had to worry about when it came to getting caught. While Jericho and Daisy were great companions and useful assets, she sometimes felt it was better to act alone. All consequences were her own, and nothing bad would happen to them if she got herself caught or killed. She felt much more free this way.

She walked into the tavern she usually attended every day to pick up her jobs, offering a small wave to the bartender as she entered before moving over to the request board. There were already so many interesting little jobs posted up for her to do, and with each she felt like she got closer and closer to accomplishing her goals.

“Finding a lost puppy… spying on an ex husband? Erk… farming turnips..? What on Earth kind of requests are these…”
The young Fanalis would huff lightly under her breath as she looked over the many requests posted in similar fashion. It seemed there would be nothing of interest today, all of these small jobs that offered no real satisfaction. The money would be nice of course but otherwise, there would be little point to taking on any of these.

She would reluctantly pick a job off the board at random before moving to sit at the bar, stuffing the request into her pouch and retrieving a few coins to offer the bartender.

“Just an ale today please, Wheetly.”
She would say kindly, offering up a light smile to which Wheetly returned, placing a mug of ale in front of the young red head.

“Just one dove? Well alright, I can’t say no to that pretty face.”
He began with a chuckle, moving away from her to serve another of the customers that had just arrived at his bar.

“Ooooooooy! ‘Nother round for da hoose! Hahaha to celebrate Emperor Yoshiro! And ma fwiends who fought so hard… fer ‘im!”
One of the drunks announced, to which there was a mixture of cheers and growls at his enthusiasm. It seemed that not all were very pleased with this man's claim to Yoshiro rising to the throne of Emperor, and a sense of dread began to grip Aayla’s heart as she felt the newly arisen un-easiness in the room. Something bad was going to happen, she just knew it…

Snapping her out of her dread was a hand that looped around her shoulders, an ale swishing dangerously close to it’s rim and threatening to spill all over the Fanalis. Aayla didn’t move, but her eyes became daggers as she eyed the very same drunk that had made the earlier announcement. All around her she could feel the other patrons watching her closely... the air thick with malice and danger.

“Ayyye pretty lady… y’know with *hic* Empror whass is name, I could wisk ye home an’... *hic* no one would say a t’ing! Not a one! But, Yoshiro isss…. Hiss different. Yeah. He’s gonna fix dis rotten country! He’s gonna make everythin’ better, for me, n’ you pretty lady. You support Yoshiro right? You wan dis country ta be good?”
The man seemed to drone on for so long, Aayla had time to remove his arm from around her shoulder and turn in her seat to get a better look at the man. So far, it only seemed to be his liquor making him act as he was, as he didn’t seem to be making any more advances towards her. She had to admit though, for all his drunken rambling… he had caught her attention.

Aayla knew very little of what happened with the Kou hierarchy, as ever since she had escaped her life as a slave, she hadn’t paid it much mind. There were other things she needed to accomplish. Although, if this Yoshiro was everything this man claimed he was then perhaps her mission would be that much easier… perhaps if she proved her worth to him, he would accept her request to abolish slavery and make it illegal. It would free so many slaves in one fell swoop…

“Well, I’m afraid I’ve turned a blind eye to things for a long time… You’ll have to fill me in on the details, before I can say I do or do not support Emperor Yoshiro.”
She would say carefully. She could just see Wheetly turn his head to her, now watching her carefully as the drunkard put his hand on Aayla’s shoulder and guided her back towards the table he had been drinking at with his friends.

“Of course! Of course! Such a wee lass, you need to be informed! Yes yes alright! Well, you know…”
The man began, only to be cut off by one of the women at his table. She would literally place a hand on his mouth to shush him.

“Maybe you should let those of us that are coherent  give the history lesson Shang.”
The woman insisted as she led him to sit down, hand still on his mouth as he was clearly still babbling behind it. It wasn’t until his butt hit the chair that he stopped talking, letting the woman take over.

“Nice to see young kids like you so interested in political matters.  My names Lan, I’m enlisted as a guard under Yoshiro. What’s your name?”
This woman wasn’t so quick to jump into the story, instead measuring up Aayla before she went and released too much information, even though most of it was readily available. Aayla could respect that, there was no harm in being too caution.

“My name is Aayla ma’am. I work as a mercenary but I mostly just take odd jobs here and there.”
She explained all while making sure to not go into detail about herself. Lan eyed her carefully before nodding and leaning up against the table as if to close the gap between the two of them.

Lan began going into detail in regards to the Emperor and his son, talking about everything from their methods of ruling, to the civil war that had taken place and all of the civil unrest that followed. Lan left out a lot of details regarding the battle itself, but it wasn't anything Aayla would know about anyways. It was a long story, one that took the better part of an hour to go over, and Aayla listened carefully, taking in every bit of information like a sponge would soak up water. She was unaware of any lies, or misinformation being fed to her, instead chosing to trust this woman as she spoke.

It seemed she had assumed correctly when she thought that the Emperor's son, Yoshiro, was much more kind than his father had been. Perhaps her plan could work… perhaps  she could  convince him to pass a law to abolish slavery. It seemed her mission was changing, and these would be the first few steps into a new, uncertain future for her…

“Miss Lan… do you think, well I mean… It’s always interested me to become a guard. More like a body guard. Do you think it would be possible  for me to help Mr. Yoshiro?”
Aayla asked shyly, her cheeks turning a light shade of red as she spoke, feeling as if the company would simply make fun of her.

Instead, the group seemed rather pleased with her and her decision. The drunk would cheer loudly, alcohol swishing in every direction and Lan would extend her hand across the table.

“Anyone who wants to become an ally of  Yoshiro, is an ally of mine. I’ll get you introduced to the Captain then if that’s what you want. You might not be a guard right away but we can get you started on your basic training!”
She said excitedly. Aayla’s face seemed to brighten up at her words, reaching over the table and taking Lan’s hand into her own, shaking it as she accepted her offer of aid.

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