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News Board: Imuchakk

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1News Board: Imuchakk Empty News Board: Imuchakk on 25/05/15, 03:41 pm

Asisiak announces the country is recovering well and no longer needs assistance from outside trade. The Chieftain does stress the need for continued efforts on a local front, however, including hunting and rebuilding.

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2News Board: Imuchakk Empty Re: News Board: Imuchakk on 09/06/15, 11:46 am

Since the rise and fall of the dungeon, Cimeies, in the icy mountains of Imuchakk, some odd things have been happening. Areas typically used for sources of plentiful fishing are now barren. One of the local village Chieftains has found it seems to be centered in an area disturbed when the dungeon fell.

Asisiak has put out a call for brave Imuchakk warriors willing to investigate the disturbance.

Icy Disturbance

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3News Board: Imuchakk Empty Re: News Board: Imuchakk on 05/08/15, 11:43 pm

A group of people have been investigating strange happenings in the tundra at the request of the village Chieftain.

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4News Board: Imuchakk Empty Re: News Board: Imuchakk on 24/12/15, 12:03 pm

The blight on the shores continues to ravage the local economy, forcing numerous villagers to seek out assistance from other local villages. Asisiak has begun testing more contenders to be in her rebuilding Sabretooth Warriors in hopes that they will be able to vanquish whatever is harming their way of life.

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5News Board: Imuchakk Empty Re: News Board: Imuchakk on 16/11/16, 09:01 am

    A young Imuchakk girl went missing after attempting to travel through the mountain pass. Luckily, her grandmother worried and sent a strong warrior to go look for her. He found her buried under snow and ice, and was able to pull her out and take her back home, safe and sound.

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    A villager's dog went missing, so she hired someone to go find Scruffy for her. The dog was found being held captive my a couple of vicious Sno-phers. The warrior quickly took care of the enemies and rescued to dog. The dog only had a few minor injuries, and is now on its way to fully recovering.

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6News Board: Imuchakk Empty Re: News Board: Imuchakk on 04/12/16, 05:34 pm

    It's that time of the year again, most Imuchakk will take advantage of the Rampaging Unicorn migration to hunt them down. However, the importance of this event is the fact that this is when they lay their eggs, resulting in the Rampaging Unicorn population to increase, allowing the Imuchakk to continue hunting them without worry.

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