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News Board: Balbadd

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1 News Board: Balbadd on 24/10/15, 12:38 pm

Dantalion has opened and Contenders have begun their journey through the newly raised dungeon.

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2 Re: News Board: Balbadd on 24/12/15, 12:01 pm

Dantalion still stands as a beacon to draw adventurers into the wilderness of one of the few truly free countries of the world, but in the back alleys and in the cover of darkness, treachery awaits as corruption begins to reach its fingers across the city. With no way of telling how far the plague of greed and violence spreads or who might be infected, beware who you interact with, lest you be dragged into a plan to cause conflict and distrust between world leaders.

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3 Re: News Board: Balbadd on 04/12/16, 09:13 pm

    Countless families were killed overnight in the capital of Balbadd. Some had thought it was a sudden plague, but what was once a rumor grew into the more horrifying truth. One of Balbadd's very own politicians, Yahya Zakaria, was behind the massive slaughter that night. City guards, and even citizens broke into his house during a large riot, finding a lifeless body, and sufficient evidence that Yahya had been accepting money from The Kou Empire, leading people to believe that Yoshiro the Emperor was actually the one behind the slaughter. This began to cause sudden panic and disarray as the people of Balbadd started to lose trust in Kou. Shortly after this, the people of Balbadd had decided they needed to fill the vacant cabinet member roles immediately. It wasn't very long before the following members were elected to help guide Balbadd back to glory.

    Raza Imam, Balbadd's new money advisor.
    Juda Mustafa, Balbadd's new royal bodyguard.
    Samina Dania, Balbadd's new educational advisor for the children.
    Zia Naji, Balbadd's new military advisor.
    Atiya Shayma, Who would see to Balbadd's public relations, and city guards.

  • The Plan and the Target
  • Black Death Spreads
  • Planting the Blame
  • Whispers Through the Night
  • The "Truth" Revealed
  • Proper Candidates
  • Persuasion

    A young girl, cloaked in bright purple robes expressed her true feelings about the brewing war in Kou. She managed to draw in an incredibly large crowd with her inspiring words, causing most people to cheer for her during the performance. However, there were still a lot of civilians that disagreed with what she had to say. This rally could prove effective, as it might encourage more people to join a side in the war.

  • Her Story Begins

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4 Re: News Board: Balbadd on 08/03/18, 08:02 pm

Reports of individuals all across Balbadd mysteriously vanishing in the night have increased over the past year. Many civilians in the country and instituting their own curfews, hoping to keep their children and family members safe to avoid being captured by what some locals call “the spiders.” Not much information is available regarding who “the spiders” are or where they operate, but many in Balbadd fear for their safety in this tumultuous time. In particular, many Fanalis children have gone missing, many Fanalis families grieving for the loss of their sons and daughters. As part of an investigative effort to locate these individuals, please contact the nearest news office regarding these disappearances so that we may assist in finding these lost souls.

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