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1News Board: Heliohapt Empty News Board: Heliohapt on 25/05/15, 03:43 pm

Seeds of suspicion has grown as rumors of the High Priest of Anubis, Akhenaten, spread throughout the city. The rumors claim him to be unfaithful to both gods, and illegal dealings occurring in the shadows.

Mysterious deaths in Heliohapt, in which the victim's eyes are missing, have been reported.

Missing people have been reported as well, though thought to be unconnected with the mysterious deaths.

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2News Board: Heliohapt Empty Re: News Board: Heliohapt on 05/08/15, 11:42 pm

The sacred Black Temple has been mysteriously destroyed, with no leads to the instigator.

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3News Board: Heliohapt Empty Re: News Board: Heliohapt on 24/10/15, 12:02 pm

Bazaar-Golden Pyramid-Black Pyramid all rebuilt after the Great Slave Auction disaster.

Black Temple being rebuilt.

Movements from the cult of Apep are becoming more widely known.

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4News Board: Heliohapt Empty Re: News Board: Heliohapt on 24/12/15, 12:02 pm

The Black Temple has been destroyed, leaving pilgrims and priests at a loss for where to worship. Though they are trying to rebuild, the shifting sands and instability in the area is ensuring that the process is slow. Those that are hoping to refresh themselves find themselves turned away, as the interior of the Temple is not accessible.

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5News Board: Heliohapt Empty Re: News Board: Heliohapt on 16/11/16, 08:40 pm

    The Historical Society recently hired a traveler to explore an ancient tomb to retrieve some forgotten artifacts. After descending inside, he managed to retrieve a statuette and some ancient scriptures.  The Historical Society was thrilled by these finds and paid him handsomely.

  • Rites and Ruins

    A recent environmental survey done by students has proved incredibly helpful to scholars, who of course are always seeking for more knowledge about the land.

  • Helping the Land

    A large group of bandits have been lurking throughout the desert sands recently, stealing just about anything they can get their hands on. A powerful warrior was finally hired to take care of said bandits, leaving the desert a little bit safer.

  • Mercenary Chain

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6News Board: Heliohapt Empty Re: News Board: Heliohapt on 11/06/17, 08:23 pm

R E Q U I E M   J Y N X

Reports of a mysterious libation have circulated through the underground markets of Heliohapt, contributing to an influx of drunkards parading the streets. Taverns and “taverns of ill repute” are enjoying a boon in business as the city’s other delights are left barren. Could this be linked to the disappearances of slave owners of late? Word on the street says that is doubtful as the new drink, “El Ragu,” being served around the city is merely just some new cocktail that has recently skyrocketed into the most popular drink of choice.

Yet, the numerous disappearances of our citizens of Heliohapt is alarming. Sources say that “Requiem Jynx” is cropping up, peddling a mysterious strength-enhancing drug known as “Salatis” to all sorts of people. Regardless, keep vigilant for the missing persons, or anyone who might seems suspicious and steal you away!

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7News Board: Heliohapt Empty Re: News Board: Heliohapt on 08/03/18, 08:04 pm

BREAKING: Heliohapt royalty has possible ties to expansive human trafficking organization. Reports show the young pharaoh agreed to facilitate trade with Balbaddan company. Insider sources explain that economic decline is the reason for this new deal. However, since the dungeon erupted a year ago, Heliohapt’s slave-labor market was galvanized due to foreign interference. Knowledge of this Balbaddan company is limited, with sources claiming they know only of the organization trafficking in considerably large quantities. More on this story to come, but the general consensus is that the young pharaoh may have stepped into a deal without getting all the facts.

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