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1News Board: Magnostadt Empty News Board: Magnostadt on 25/05/15, 03:35 pm

Noir Ecryola has been granted entrance to the 2nd Kodor!

Tribes in the Great Plains begin recovering after being released from Kou rule, though slavery continues to be a booming trade.

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3News Board: Magnostadt Empty Re: News Board: Magnostadt on 24/12/15, 11:59 am

Slave traders have noticed a decline in their numbers and have slowly begun to bulk up their security, uncertain of where the threat is coming from. In the halls of the Academy, students continue their studies but are taking to focusing a bit more on the outside world, the conflict between Reim and Kou reminding them that they could not expect to be excluded from the dramas of the world. More focus is being placed on students learning not just the theoretical application of the rukh, but the practical use of battle magics. Several older students have been sent to the previous site of Buer to study the effects of a dungeon on the local area and to see if anything could be learned once the dungeon was gone.

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4News Board: Magnostadt Empty Re: News Board: Magnostadt on 17/02/17, 01:14 am

Magnostadt Academy sees record year in matriculation of new students: many young, aspiring magicians apply to specialized magical school to receive training under prestigious professionals in field of magic. Magnostadt citizens who are not citizens of the college were at first skeptical of this rapid influx of magicians entering the college, yet opinions have changed to appreciate student body. Many students have taken odd jobs around town to improve the quality of life for Magnostadt citizens:

Local Farmers Grateful for Cow Guards

Grateful Cattle
A Tale of Two Owls

Crime-Fighting Students Stop Trafficking Operation

Merchant's Strife I
Merchant's Strife II
The Trouble With People I

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5News Board: Magnostadt Empty Re: News Board: Magnostadt on 11/06/19, 12:51 pm

So here is what has been happening in Magnostadt!

First of there is a new outpost in the land. This outpost is one of the few thay is completely excepting to the non magical variety and completely welcoming to those visiting the country.

Koval Estate Job

Also, there have been stories of a underground, black market auction being interrupted and disturbed by a couple of people who got away with two valuable items that the auction was selling.

The Day of Fate

There have even been sightings lately of a unusual storm passing through some areas.

Screaming Thunder Across the Sea

Finally, after several years another magician has passed the 1st Kodar Test. After defeating her two combatants, Noir has now joined the top class of Magno.

A Master Made by Magic

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