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Trees and Tigers [Job/Solo]

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Job Overview: The Capitol is in dire need of wood to help rebuild after the damage done by a mysterious magician during the Kou-Reim conflict. Go out to the mountains and help chop down trees. Beware the dangerous wildlife!

Enemy Name: Tiger Cubs x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Tiger Cubs move at 6 m/s and deal D-tier damage with claws and teeth.

The past few weeks of helping out had done much in helping Kioshi hone his body. Hauling in supplies and crops had strengthened his back a great deal, even if it had left him sore. He had not worked himself this hard since his time serving his mandatory service to the military. He had taken a day off to visit a bath house, sinking into the steaming water filled with revitalizing minerals to refresh his muscles. He did not know how long he was in the water, but by the time he climbed out, he was wrinkled and relaxed, his muscles nearly singing at the gentle treatment. Afterwards, he made his way to the tavern he had taken a liking to, giving a very small smile to the group of men he had met while helping with the armory.

They waved him over and he took an empty seat, ordering up a cup of tea. The men were tossing gossip and news across the table, talking about the progress of the armory and other stories. When the talk turned to word of work, Kioshi perked up slightly and listened as they spoke about a timber village in need of assistance. Eager to continue pushing his body into a stronger condition, he spoke softly across the table.

“Do you think they would accept my help?”

After a round of good-natured laughter, one of the men slapped him on the back.

“Oh, I am sure they could find use of you, even if you aren’t as strong as us. If you keep this up, you might get there soon enough, though. Tell you what, you can tag along tomorrow and we will find you something suitable, hm?”

Kioshi nodded before quickly draining his cup of tea.

“Then I suppose I should get some rest. I will see you bright and early, gentlemen.”

He waved off the teasing words of the men as he made his way to the room he had rented. Sleep enveloped him quickly, gracing him with dreams of blue eyes.

Kioshi met the group of men early the next morning, looking more awake than any of them. A small crowd was beginning to gather in front of the tavern and soon a large wagon pulled up, hitched to four strong horses. One by one, each of them climbed into the wagon and found a seat. There were nearly ten of them total and once everyone was seated, the driver of the wagon snapped the reins. The wagon lurched into motion and Kioshi meditated as the others visited or finished waking up. He had never been one to talk much but none of the other men seemed to mind his quiet nature. The wagon did not have a cover, so when it began to drizzle, there was nothing to protect the group. Luckily, it was not a downpour, just a gentle mist making the air damp and slightly chilly. The temperature dropped slightly the closer the came to the village responsible for supplying much of the timber in the area. The trees blocked out much of the sunlight, leaving Kioshi with chilled bumps on his arms. He did not worry about it, knowing he would soon be working up a sweat that would protect him from the chill.

Once everyone had climbed down from the wagon and joined the other workers, the foreman began handing out directions, making sure to be specific about what types of trees they would be cutting and which ones to avoid. Each of them were also warned about the wildlife in the area. The selective nature of how they gathered timber was done in a way to minimize its impact on the surround environment, so it was not unusual to run into wolves, tigers, bears, and large birds of prey. Kioshi listened to the instructions before moving in the direction he had been assigned to. He would be working with a couple of others to take down trees and move to dump them in the river for transport down to the capital.

Hefting the axe experimentally in his hand, Kioshi tucked Hana into his waist band so it would be handy should they encounter anything unfriendly while also being out of the way of swinging axes. Once he had a grasp on the weight and balance of the tool, he went to work, swinging the axe into the large trunk of a tree. It was easy to fall into a steady rhythm, swing, chop, loosen, and repeat. He lost track of time as he worked, glancing around occasionally to see the progress the others were making. He was not lagging behind too badly, given his lack of experience, which relieved him. When the tree had reached its breaking point, another man came over to help use a rope to pull the tree the rest of the way down. With a sickening crack and thud, the tree fell to the ground, luckily not hitting anyone. However, Kioshi was not expecting to see four furious tiger cups come rolling out of the branches of the tree and he heard the other man give a curse.

With a swift motion, Kioshi pulled Hana free from his belt, ready to use it if need be. Part of him hoped the tigers would retreat further into the forest, as he had no desire to harm the local wildlife, but Fate was not on his side this day. Two of the cubs recovered first and immediately pounced towards him. Kioshi found a steadier footing on the ground and twisted his blade slightly, using Stunning Blow to distract the first cub and then twisting his body to slash at the second pouncing cub. The wounded tiger gave a yowl of anger at being injured but realized it had overestimated its abilities and began to slink off. This gave Kioshi a chance to twist his blade back to the first cub, cutting down the side of the cub.

He was intentionally keeping himself from killing the cubs, hoping that the cuts would be enough to deter the cubs and make them run for the hills. The other two cubs were shaking off the shock of tumbling from the tree and were glaring at him. When the third came charging at him, he used Swift Step to move to the side and avoid the attack before using the hilt of Hana to strike the tiger in the temple, making it yowl loudly before it shook its head and charged again. This time, Kioshi used his blade to cut into the side of the tiger, giving a soft yelp when he felt sharp teeth dig into his calf. The last cub had bitten down on his leg and he gave a loud grunt before kicking the tiger in the head, sending it tumbling away. The final cub recovered from the kick and went running after its siblings.

With the tiger cubs now not an issue, Kioshi went over to help the other man up off the ground. He had fallen while trying to back aware from the cubs and gratefully accepted the hand Kioshi offered. Together, the pair rolled the tree down to the river and watched it splash into the water and bob with several other logs. They only took a moment to admire their accomplishment before returning to their assigned area and working until the sun was gone and they could not see to chop. By the time they stopped, Kioshi had several large blisters and his back and shoulders were beyond sore. It seemed another trip to the bath house was in order.

[Stamina 180/200]

Abilities Used:
Name: Swift Step
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Stamina
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: Kios uses a swift shift in weight to move at 10 m/s in any direction up to 5 meters away.

Name: Stunning Blow
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Stamina
Weapon Type: Katana
Class: Supplementary
Range: Close
Duration: Instant
Cool-Down: 2 posts
Description: Kio uses the hilt of his katana, moving at 10 m/s, to slam into an opponent’s temple, dazing them and reducing their movement speed by 5 m/s for 2 posts.


Trees and Tigers [Job/Solo] CTMy3cr

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