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1News Board: Reim Empty News Board: Reim on 25/05/15, 03:31 pm

General Octavius Flavius announced the promotion of Captain Ayero Shiba to Colonel.

General Octavius Flavius announced the promotion of Captain Merrze to Colonel.

The Unity Corp has been spotted making public appearances, accompanied by their new mascot, the Sonic Wolves. Concerns rise as the mascots are being used to take down not only thieves, but also starving citizens.

Rebuilding is in full swing around Reim, with towns and villages undergoing repairs with help from the Workforce Program and construction beasts, known as Ravenous Smashers, along with funding from Kou restitution.

Fanalis Corps graves were found looted, the bodies missing. No suspects have been named at this time.

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2News Board: Reim Empty Re: News Board: Reim on 16/06/15, 09:26 am

The arduous task of turning Reim into a Republic has begun. Octavius, Roark, and Cassandra have begun considering candidates for the different Council seats!

Empire to Republic: The Changes Begin

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3News Board: Reim Empty Re: News Board: Reim on 05/08/15, 11:36 pm

After an attack on one of their own, the Fanalis Corps has enlisted the help of the Unity Corps to investigate the presence of the Black Spiders, a notorious slave trade group beginning to seep into the country.

General Octavius Flavius has also announced the promotion of Captain Endolf to Colonel Endolf!

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4News Board: Reim Empty Re: News Board: Reim on 18/09/15, 07:03 pm

Rumors of Roark's disappearance have been spreading and the Council is investigating the mysterious circumstances to determine his motives.

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5News Board: Reim Empty Re: News Board: Reim on 24/10/15, 12:33 pm

Roark has been taken by the Alchemists and the El Nagi clan has been seemingly decimated by an attack of mysterious Fanalis who appear to be part of the Fanalis Corps. Octavius and Lagi have been ordered to work together as the rest of the Council continue to try and solidify the country’s transition into a Republic.

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6News Board: Reim Empty Re: News Board: Reim on 24/12/15, 12:00 pm

The Council has begun to solidify its prospects for a Senate, though the disappearance of Roark is a setback. With Lagi’s recent discovery of not one but two children with his blood, the Council has realized that the King’s focus now needs to be on his family and his clan rather than the tedious tasks involved with running a country. The kidnapping of Roark will be another point the Council raises with Lagi about how unsafe it is for one in power to have family, especially defenseless children.

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7News Board: Reim Empty Re: News Board: Reim on 15/11/16, 09:48 pm

    Word has it that there have been multiple murders and disappearances in the small mountain city of Caliginosus. According to authorities they have hired  two people who are looking further into it.

  • Evil Arises

    Recently one of the smaller trade routes to Reim's capital has been under attack by bandits. Word has it that two bodyguards have been hired to make the trips safer. Hopefully, the hired warriors will be able to stop the source of bandits for good.

  • Carry On, Wayward Caravan

    This month the coliseum has been surprisingly active with new challengers. It's been a while since there had been activity in it, other than the usual fighters of course.

  • Zafar vs. Caelus
  • Zadi vs. Diana/Rima

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8News Board: Reim Empty Re: News Board: Reim on 03/12/16, 05:52 am

    The murders have finally come to a halt in Caliginosus. According to officials in the town, two young women came to the village and tracked down the multiple criminals that resided there.

  • Evil Arises

    A thief was spotted in a local market as they had tried to rob an elderly woman of her purse. However, the thief was stopped in his tracks by a strange bearded man, who proceeded to take him out quickly. The man then returned all of the stolen items to the elderly woman.

  • Conincidence!

    This month the coliseum has been surprisingly active with new challengers. It's been a while since there had been activity in it, other than the usual fighters of course.  

  • Rima vs. Clown Baby
  • Noir/Rima vs. Breaker/Shane
  • Rima vs. Esme
  • Rima vs. Shusara
  • Diana Corvus vs. Zai
  • Julius Virgil vs. Giana
  • Diana Corvus vs. Shusara

    Reports show that a strange bearded man took a nearby marketplace by complete surprise. One of the shop owners claim he "Just came out of nowhere!" and was able to sell triple the goods that are normally sold around this time of year.

  • The Devilish Charm of a Pirate!

    The number of bandits has seemingly increased over the year, causing most citizens of Reim to take extra precautions when doing anything that involved valuables. However, two strong men have been seen "wiping the floor" with one of the larger gangs. This has caused the fear induced by these criminals to go down some, giving some citizens peace at mind.

  • Thug Life

    A local farmer has been complaining that berry bushes around his farm had been "coming to life" and killing his livestock. Turns out he wasn't crazy at all, two young women, and a bum helped rid him of these pests once and for all.

  • Magical Berries

    A local bounty hunter guild has claimed to have put a stop to the women-only disappearances that have taken place recently. The only other thing they had to say about the matter was that they sent one of their best and not to worry about the situation any longer.

  • Notices of Death
  • Dead Drops
  • Justice Must Be Served

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9News Board: Reim Empty Re: News Board: Reim on 08/03/18, 08:05 pm

BREAKING: Reim to announce adopting new government. New Reimian council to be announced today regarding policy changes. Despite the longstanding tradition of being ruled as an empire, many in the empire support a regime change and governmental shift. A notable council position being replaced is belonging to Lagi El Nagi, former emperor of Reim and general of the Unity Corps, who disappeared suddenly and is considered dead. Much talk has erupted surrounding the disappearance of the leader of the Unity Corps and the hesitance the brigade had in replacing their missing leader. There have been reports that key members of Reim’s council are wary of their involvement in the council, entirely. Currently, the council positions are as follows: Octavius, representing the Fanalis Corps; Lucius Scorpio, leader of the Reim military; Artemis, provost and head of Reim’s education system; Cassandra, coordinator of Reim’s social programs; and Ophelia, who manages the empire’s finances and treasury. Replacing Lagi El Nagi is Roark, a member of the Unity Corps, and representative of merchant and trader guilds in the empire. A full transcript of Octavius’ speech can be found below:

“Today is a day to remember. It is a day you will tell your children, who will pass on the glory of Reim. From now on, you will not have to worry about other countries placing their own pawns into power. From now on, every single one of you has a voice that will be heard. This is our country, we fought valiantly. We forge a path toward a brighter future where we as a nation can grow and work together. We push on, knocking down every trial and tribulation. We decide how our country is ran. We decide who are leaders will be. We decide what is best for us, for our friends and family, and for our children. We are Reim.”

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