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Calling in the Exterminators [Job/Plot/Solo]

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Job Details:

Job Name: Investigating the Black Spiders, Pt I
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Unity Corp
Job Overview: Sly has tasked Bahir with investigating the Black Spiders. The first step will be gathering information on possible bases in Reim. Track a small-time slave trader to his base and search his office to find relevant information. Do not steal the files, memorize the information or write it down and leave without leaving evidence you were there.

Bahir sat at the oak desk in his Unity Corps office. He stared at a few of the reports that he had started to receive from his agents. A sigh emerged from the fanalis as he let the papers down. He leaned back in his chair, rubbing his temples on the right side of his head. This whole thing had become a bit more of a headache than he thought it would be. With Lagi having outlawed slavery and slave trading in Reim, the few of the people that did actively continue their slave trading in the country were highly skilled at being covert. His own spies had problems finding the few leads that they did. This, unfortunately, only told Bahir one thing: I need to amp up their training. He thought to himself as he stood from the desk. The long haired fanalis made his way towards the door before he heard a single knock. A sign of one of his agents coming to report back to him.

Bahir opened the door to look upon the face of one of his agents. The spy looked shocked as the King's Shadow was already at the door ready to meet the man. He quietly handed Bahir a piece of paper: his report. The fanalis quietly read over the information on the piece of paper and a grin spread across his lips. "Good job." Bahir patted the man on the shoulder as he walked passed him and made his way out of the palace. He received information about an auction route that there was a lesser known slave trader traversing lately. There weren't any signs of him with any slaves, but it was enough for Bahir to act on.

The King's Shadow was on the move in no time. Making his way to the previously discovered path. He looked from his left to right, looking for a place to really hide out and stalk his prey. Bahir spotted a nice spot inside of the leaves of a nearby tree that he could use. The problem would be finding a way to quietly slip from the leafy height to trail the man. He grinned at the challenge but decided to play it safe and make sure that he completed this mission without failure. The man moved next to the tree and kneeled down into a thicket using his Shadow Blend to blend in with the shade that the tree was casting over the area.

There he waited. The vigilant eyes of the spy roaming the area for another twenty minutes before he finally noticed a bit of life. on the seemingly abandoned road. He began to figure out why it took so long for this road to pop up in his reports. He hadn't even known about this route. It was supposedly an old communication route that Reim only allowed access to by Military Officials in need of supplies or reinforcement. Hm. Gonna have to start checking all of these pathways now. He thought to himself as he watched the figure approach and head down the road. Bahir studied the man's characteristics, comparing them to the description in the report he was given.

Perfect. He thought as he concluded that the figure before him was the exact same as the description he was given. He watched the man and waited until the man was at least ten meters away from him before moving from his spot, tailing him. The tail was strangely relaxed. The man was fairly confident that there wouldn't be anyone looking into his actions. Bahir could only determine that he had used this path an uncomfortable amount of times. Why else would he be so confident that he wasn't being tracked. Either way, Bahir took advantage of this man's comfort. He followed the trader until they came upon a building. Bahir eyed it and assumed that it was abandoned until the man walked into it.

Bahir stood outside of the building in hiding until the sun set and began to rise again. With only a short rest. He awoke just in time to see the man leaving the building once more. Remember... no contact... He thought to himself as the man passed his hiding spot and down the road. It wasn't long until the man was out of sight and Bahir made his way into the building. The spy looked around as he walked through and explored the building. He saw posts with chains wrapped around it, stocks, and a large desk. Bahir narrowed his eyes and walked over to the desk, ignoring the obvious, but empty, slave holding areas.

The fanalis stood over the desk, skimming over the documents on the desk. He was looking for anything that he could use in aiding his overall objective: finding Remus and the Black Spiders. Then he saw it. He saw the term spiders and arachnids being used over and over in one of the letters. He focused on the letter and grinned, figuring that he found exactly what he needed. There was a meeting taking place going on later that week. Perhaps he would be a bit more valuable to me without having confronted and contained him. Bahir scouted the rest of the building without touching anything, showing his professionalism.

Bahir cracked his knuckles and went to the door of the building, scoping out the area to see if there was anyone around that may see him leaving the place. When he was satisfied that there wasn't a threat to his mission, he made his way back towards the palace. Let's see what this is all about in a few days...
Word Count: 930/500


Calling in the Exterminators [Job/Plot/Solo] XhmcID2Calling in the Exterminators [Job/Plot/Solo] ZvsP1Sc

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