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Here poochy! [Lagi/D rank solo]

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1Here poochy! [Lagi/D rank solo] Empty Here poochy! [Lagi/D rank solo] 23/05/15, 03:32 am



“Arf!” Yea yea, I know stalin. I now…..” “Lagi was bathing  one of the dogs that he took in his care. The general wasn’t above unity corp assignments; he was going to do them too. That was the fundamentals of setting an example. “Hey Stay still!” Lagi was scolding Stalin, but the dog was too busy trying to be cute and catching one of the  bubbles wit his paw. Lagi made a big mile  and washed the soap off of his  furry little ears. “ Orie got out of Lagi’s ear and tried to jump In the bat too, but she got trapped in the bubble.” Orie chan,  you wanted to bathe with us too?” Lagi popped his girl out of the bubble and put orie on his head as he continued to bathe Stalin.

Stalin was eating special el nagi food that was provided  from the c to maximize gains  and th nutrients that a creature can receive from one meal. While Stalin was eating Lagi looked to a list of things to do for the day, though he was approached by four thugs  that seemed to be specially challenged if they think they could challenge lagi. “Give us ur monerryyy!!” Lagi  snapped his fingers and his pooch used howl on one of the dumb thugs to immobilize both of his arms,  and bit him in the leg with d rank power. “Ahhh!!! I can’t feel my arms! Get it off! Get it off!!!” While that thug rolled around screaming as stalin harassed  the thug. The other thee attacked lagi in order to maul him by using shake down. With a deep breath, lagi used breathing blast and wiped them all out in one go.  Afterwards, Lagi whistled and stalin started to pea on his own defeated thug and walked back to lagi, wagging his tail. “That was rather crude…. Bad dog.” Evn though Lagi said that, he still petted the dog with a big grin.

Lagi and the pooch spent the rest of the day together afterwards.

ruler gem- emerald of ashanti - Lowers mission word count by 50% at omega tier.

Name:Breathing Blast
Tier: B
Cost: 30/15
Weapon Type: Lungs/Stomach/Chest
Class: Offensive
Range: 30 Meters
Cool-Down: 5 Posts
Limbs: Lungs/Stomach/Chest
Description: Lagi can imitate a basic yoga breathing exercise and turn it into a weapon. By taking in air with his lungs in unison with his stomach and chest by using the proper form, Lagi can blow out a powerful gust of wind. His stomach would expand depending on the amount of air he takes in and the strength of the wind is B rank damage and travels in a cone as far as 15 meters with a diameter of no more than 15 meters.. The speed at which lagi takes in and expels air is at 20 m/s.




Here poochy! [Lagi/D rank solo] CrChE3t

Here poochy! [Lagi/D rank solo] LBbFjDO

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