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Finding the Nest [Job/Solo/Plot]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Investigating the Black Spiders, Pt II
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Unity Corp, Pt I
Job Overview: After going over the information you gained from the trader, you find there is a meeting set between him and a contact with the Black Spiders. Arrive before both men and find a good place to eavesdrop. While listening to the meeting, find out where one of the bases for the Black Spiders is located and gather information on how you might infiltrate the group.

A few days had passed, and the fanalis assassin was waiting as patiently as he could. The sight of his students and the other members of the Unity Corps stepping up their training pleased him to no end. He felt as though he was actually going to be leaving behind a legacy with this group of soldiers. The fanalis stood in the courtyard, presiding over the days training. He watched as his captains displayed a fighting prowess that sparked excitement within his breast. The fanalis's muscles began flexing. He uncrossed his arms and put his left hand on the handle of his Serpent's Kiss. Tightening his grip on the handle in an attempt to quell his excitement. It wasn't very successful, however, as he found himself drawing th eblade slowly and walking out into the combat area. "Good job, men! Now. Who's going to spar with m--" "Colonel!" Bahir was stopped in his tracks as he turned to see one of his privates at the entrance to the courtyard.

This private wasn't one of the standard Unity Corps members. This man was a member of Bahir's intelligence network, one of the talented men that he found a few months before. The man's presence there drew Bahir back from his carnal nature. He was a bit surprised in himself. Ever since he began training with the gladiators and Garret on his swordsmanship, he found his fanalis nature to seek out a good fight growing stronger. The Second-in-Command of the Unity Corps gathered his wits and sheathed his blade. "Carry on." His voice was assertive, yet it was still casual. It refused to show the frustration that he had in himself at the moment. Bahir walked over to his agent and listened to the man's report. It was time to start moving. His captains had an idea that something was about to go down and stopped their sparring, walking over to their Colonel.

"Shadow?" Bahir looked at his five captains and raised his eyebrow. I may need a bit of help with this one.. He thought to himself as he smiled at the men and woman. "Shade, come with me. The rest of you, ensure training goes as planned." The captains nodded to their Colonel and the one designated as Shade followed Bahir as the fanalis left towards his office. Once they reached his office, Bahir went through a rather complicated process. He used an assortment of gels to darken his skin and change his eyes from the burning crimson to a rather aquatic green color. He also tied his hair into a ponytail and dyed it to the point where his hair was a silver color instead of the blood red that was given to him from his heritage. Shade followed suit, employing the same gels and dyes that bahir used. With a change of attire, the two men resembled a pair of Heliohapt merchants.

The two men walked towards a small restaurant closer to the sector of Reim that was populated by the larger merchant guilds of the country. The two spies stopped and made casual conversation. Bahir taking a more sidekick role in this part of their mission. Bahir didn't know much of anything about trade, but thankfully Shade was well versed in the matters. The two walked away with multiple possible deals, even though they had no intention of following up on them. The two did, however, enjoy how the majority of the people in the area happened to name drop almost instantly. Mentioning officials for the Reim government as their own personal clients to try and entice the two spies into buying materials that only the most privalleged of men in Reim owned. Tch. Politics. Always someone trying to buy their way into an advantage. He mused thinking about the merchants who would try to find exceptions for themselves due to political ties and backing.

After almost an hour of walking through the crowds and conversing with different merchants, Bahir and Shade spotted the man that they were here for. The slave trader that Bahir had trailed a few days before. The man was here due to a meeting that he had set up. Bahir was interested in this meeting for the man, but it wasn't the main reason why he and Shade searched him out. Using the crowd as a cover, Bahir and Shade weaved through the multitudes of people while keeping their eyes locked on the slave trader. The trader finally stopped as he met with a man who was dressed rather lavishly. Bahir turned to Shade and put his hand on the man's shoulder and handed him a slip of paper. "Go to this building. Set yourself up in an area that is out of sight. Use your training. Don't get caught." Shade nodded and instantly left the Merchant Guild Sector.

While Shade was leaving, Bahir continued to watch the man, recognizing the man that the trader was speaking to. Since Lagi had been in Kou, Bahir would act and interact with the current council in his stead. He watched them review candidates for Reim's new council and this is where the man's face was familiar. The disguised fanalis moved a bit closer and focused, tuning everything out from his enhanced hearing save for the conversation that the men were having. It became clear to Bahir that the man was bargaining with the slave trader. Agreeing to push for the relegalizing of the slave trade if he and the Black Spiders were able to get him a seat on the council. The bustling crowd was loud enough that the only ones able to hear their conversation were the participants and the eavesdropping fanalis. Bahir took this information and sank into the crowd, waiting on the slave trader to make his way to his next meeting. The actual reason why Bahir would be justified in following him still.

Shade made his way to the meeting place that Bahir had instructed him to. The spy scaled the building and found a small window that was cracked open. He slid it back and slipped into the building as quietly as he could. The operative was blending in to his surroundings, which happened to be the rafters of the building at this time. He didn't have to wait long for any kind of interest to happen, though. A man in a strange outfit walked into the building. He was wearing a hood that had a spider on the lower section of the back of the hood, so Shade wasn't able to identify the man. He mentally cursed the night because of this "failure" in his mind. He still followed Bahir's orders though. His top priority right now was to observe the man and learn what he could. Mostly, the purpose of the meeting that Bahir had instructed him to eavesdrop on.

It wasn't long before the slave trader entered the building. Shade watched on as the men conversed. Shade expected his mentor to enter the fray as well and provide a bit of back up, if necessary. Unfortunately, Bahir had yet to make his presence known to the man. Perhaps the fanalis hadn't even trailed the slaver and entrusted this part to shade. Shade didn't allow his thoughts to distract him. This was his moment to prove himself to the Shadow. The men spoke about deals made with different officials vying for senate seats in Reim. They also spoke of another meeting. This one dealing with picking up a few slaves from a base on the outskirts of Reim, a little ways passed Portsmouth. Shade committed this information to his memory, wanting to give a full report to Bahir once this was all said and done.

Minutes passed and the two men left the building. Shade remained in his position for a while, ensuring that the two men were gone and not coming back. After a sigh of relief, Shade dropped from the rafters of the building and landed in a kneeling position. The next thing he knew, he heard someone land behind him. The spy turned and drew his dagger instinctively, holding it towards the source of the sound. When he turned, he saw no one but his mentor Bahir. Shade blinked a few times, confusion riddled across his face.

Bahir chuckled and pointed upwards. Shade didn't secure the very method he used to enter the building. The operative smacked himself on the forehead before Bahir patted him on the shoulder and motioned for him to follow him. It was time for them to prepare for them to debrief each other and figure out exactly what was going on between the Reim officials, slave traders, and this group called the Black Spiders...
Word Count: 1300/500



Finding the Nest [Job/Solo/Plot] XhmcID2Finding the Nest [Job/Solo/Plot] ZvsP1Sc

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