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Bargain Value Goods[Job|Solo]

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Job Name: Stealing the Goods
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The armory is suffering, so supplies are constantly being shipped around. Help the rebellion out by stealing a shipment!

Enemy Name: Trader
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: Trader moves at 5 m/s and deals C-tier damage with his bo staff.
Parry – Trader moves his Bo at 15 m/s to parry up to B-tier damage
Whack – Trader moves his Bo at 15 m/s to strike an opponent, inflicting C-tier damage.

Yakuroro had taken sufficient action against the new Emperor so far. His little "play" orchestrated near the capitol would sow distrust in the nearby villages where rumors of how Yoshiro sent his guards to slaughter dissenters. In addition, he ensured that a number of mouths would be hard to feed by snatching away the crops Kou relied upon within Lady Soushui's province. With mass amounts of land being given back to the plains people, that farmland was far more valuable than it had been in the past. Surely it would strike a heavy blow to the food supplies across the empire. But this was not enough to topple a government or oust an existing emperor. There was need for the people to rise up in rebellion of their own free will.

Thankfully, that step had apparently been taken already without Yakuroro's help or interference required. It was hard to say how long the rebellion had been organized or even how organized it was. But rumors in taverns and back alleys told the Imuchakk that one had been stirring up trouble for the new establishment. If possible, Yakuroro would prefer to avoid direct contact with a member of the rebellion, however he also wanted to gauge their effectiveness. It was important to know whether or not he could leave them to their own devices. If it was merely a gathering of common rabble then they could hurt the cause more than help it. But if it was led by smart men women who understood how to bring down an unwanted ruler, Yaku might just be able to accept his current efforts as being enough help.

It would be best if the rebellion had some former military personnel among their ranks. Preferably some of the survivor's from Reim whom were likely trained in the very act of holding a coup within a country who's local forces are hostile to them. Alas, there was no easy way to get in contact with the leaders of such a force. Especially if they were the kind of people Yakuroro knew would be most effective at getting the job of ousting Yoshiro done. As the Imuchakk pondered over the issue he realized more and more that it was likely a futile effort to get into direct touch with them. In the off chance they were captured, any connection with the rebellion would become a dangerous liability for Yakuroro. His general image in almost every country was a positive one. If possible, Yakuroro wanted to keep it that way as it would make moving around much easier.

Still, the blue magician wanted to do something to support the rebellion's efforts. It was a gamble to throw resources at a group he had no knowledge of. But at the very least, there was a chance that the bet would pay off and make the time investment worth his while. Yakuroro would move to help the rebellion soon...but he would leave the country immediately after. The more entangled in Kou's affairs Yakuroro became, the more committed he would have to be towards crushing Yoshiro's reign. To be honest, the Imuchakk did not think himself properly equipped or prepared to accomplish this. It frustrated Yaku to admit this to himself, but as an individual unaffiliated with any country he only had so much power. The freedom of movement it afforded him was nice, but if Yakuroro wanted to stand against the current of fate he would need the weight of a reliable anchor to prevent himself from being swept away.

WC: 591/1000


Thank you all, for everything.

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Kou was too unstable for Yakuroro to gather power and to be honest, he wanted to put as much distance between himself and that blasted mansion as possible. His head still hurt whenever he thought about the woman and beast he'd seen inside upon waking. So the blue magician resolved to assist the rebellion forces indirectly while he still could before fleeing the country for greener pastures. Thankfully, there was no shortage of ways to help an underground movement whose goal was the downfall of a presiding emperor. Sabotaging the standing military, rousing the public to their cause, bribing and blackmailing corrupt officials while killing off the ones loyal to the sitting ruler. But most of these would require a level of involvement that Yakuroro would rather avoid.

After considering his options, Yakuroro decided that the best way to go about assisting the rebel cause was with supplies. Not just any supplies either. It was one thing to hand goods and services to the enemy of your enemy. But it was another matter entirely to steal from your foes and give the bounty of his efforts to those that would oppose them. This is just what Yakuroro would do. During his time on the road he noticed that there was no shortage of supplies being shipped between cities as Kou struggled to repair the damage dealt by some kind of monster. Upon hearing that particular rumor, Yakuroro could not help but chuckle. He was that "monster" after all. Self admiration aside however, it was a good thing for Yakuroro that after all this time they were still recovering from the attack. The supply deliveries would give the Imuchakk a fine chance to secure some goods for the rebellion.

Yakuroro began by leaking information to the usual gossipers in every village he came across. In one week's time, a large bandit raid was being planned on the Empire's supply routes. If the rebel forces were even half as smart as Yakuroro hoped, they would get wind of this rumor and see the opportunity it presented. If they rid the world of bandits, the people would be of mind to support them more. All the better if they could get some of the empires supplies in the process. Regardless, Yakuroro didn't really have any knowledge of impending bandit attacks. After all...he was far more refined than a mere bandit. Not to mention that he had no plans of stealing the supplies for himself. No, he would attack a caravan and then leave it sitting for the rebellion to find.

To pick a target, Yakuroro asked about where recent rebel activity had been sighted. Using a map, he looked for any areas of concentration of incidents and then picked a trade highway closest to them. Then he picked a location that would be favorable for Yakuroro. No vantage points for the act to be spotted by a guard post or a rebel scout. But close enough to one of the areas of rebel activity that the left goods could be found easily enough before a Kou soldier or civilian not sympathetic to the rebel cause found them. Once everything was decided upon, Yaku set out on foot first before using his Djinn Equip while unseen in order to fly to his destination.

Oh how life without a flying carpet was inconvenient...

Upon arriving, Yakuroro sat in wait among the trees by the road watching for the arrival of a supply caravan. When one began to turn around the bend on approach to the valley the road ran through, Yakuroro activated his Marx Shadow spell in order to create a perfect clone. The clone was of one of the previous Kou Emperor's personal guards that he had seen during his infiltration of the Kou palace while testing out Marx Vanish. The fake soldier marched out from the tree line and into the middle of the roach with his arms crossed as he waited for the caravan to approach. It was five wagons long and seemed to be manned by peasants for the most part with only a few guards as escorts.

"Halt, in the name of the Emperor."

The clone said as the lead wagon rolled to a stop. The trader heading the caravan reined his oxen to calm them and raised a brow at the soldier. "What's the meaning of this? I've got to have these to the capital by sun down today." He looked perturbed that the delay was taking place. The guards for the caravan approached as well in case there was a problem up front. Yakuroro smiled to himself beneath the blue flame face of his Djinn Equip as he summoned Marx Replication in order to have a retinue of 20 other soldiers emerge from the woods to surround the guards.

"You are all to dismount and return to where you came from on foot. There are rebel forces waiting up ahead. We'll take custody of the supplies and ambush them."

Yakuroro wanted to end this without bloodshed if possible. Most of the caravan personnel, including the guards, weren't about to disobey an imperial order or get in the way of a plan to deal with the rebels. They reluctantly began preparing to leave and begrudgingly returned home on foot. The trader leading the caravan, however, refused to leave.

"I was hired to do a job and I'm going to finish it."

He said stubbornly. Yakuroro tried to remove him by force with the replicated soldiers, but the Trader lashed out with a Whack from his staff. The soldier he hit burst into light due to the damage. This shocked the trader but he kept his cool and realized immediately that something was wrong. The others leaving the area might have still been in earshot if he yelled. The trader was about to shout when suddenly the world spun. The shadow had flown past him at 25m/s and beheaded the trader before he ever knew what happened.

Yakuroro then had his clones man the caravan to take it down the road a bit further until he was sure none of the others came running back to get something they forgot. Once he felt confident of this, Yakuroro had the clones carry the Trader's body and head into the woods to be buried before they all vanished in bursts of light along with their creator. They left behind nothing but a set of 5 wagons filled to the brim with supplies for the next rebel scout to pass by to claim.

Magoi: 220/300
WC: 1681/1000
Djinn: Marax
Type: Longsword
Theme: Perfect Illusion | Light + Sound
Chant: "O' Djinn of Mischief and Deceit! Let my will bend reality and grant me the power to fool even the wise! Dwell in my body and let your power be unleashed!"
Flight: 15m/s
Cost: 20 on cast; 10 per post
Cool-Down: 8 posts
Appearance: The full Djinn Equip of Marax gives the user a rather menacing visual appearance. Their skin turns blue like that of a djinn and their body becomes clad in a dark purple armor. The head is covered in dark purple shadows making it impossible to see ones face save for six glowing eyes turned 90 degrees like the third eye most djinn possess. The weapon that comes with the djinn equip grows to be a total of 7 feet long with 1 foot dedicated to the handle. The illusory haze that was once surrounding the blade is replaced by the dark purple shadows covering the user's head. These shadows rise off the edge of the sword which now has jagged bits sticking out almost reminiscent of the branches on a rampaging unicorn horn.

Name: Marx Shadow
Tier: A
Cost: 40 magoi | 20 sustained
Type: Perfect Illusion
Class: Supplementary
Range: 40m
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 7 posts; Sustained +1
Description: This spell creates a perfect copy of the user or another target they have seen before. If the user has heard the targets voice the copy will replicate it perfectly as well. This clone has the durability of an A-tier ability and can move at 25m/s dealing A-tier damage once per post to any enemies it attacks.

Name: Marx Replication
Tier: A
Cost: 20 magoi | 10 sustained
Type: Perfect Illusion
Class: Offensive
Range: 40m
Duration: Sustained
Cool-Down: 3 posts; Sustained +1
Description: When cast this spell allows the user to create illusory clones made partially solid. The user can clone anything 15 to 20 times so long as its scale does not exceed 5m. These clones can be of objects or people and are capable of dealing D-tier damage. D-tier damage is also all that is required to destroy one of the clones. If a clone moves 40m away from the castor it fades into nothingness. Each clone can move around according to the castor's will at a speed of 20m/s. At the start of the users sustained turns, the number of replicas will replenish to 20.


Thank you all, for everything.

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